Red Post Collection: Patch 12.14 & TFT Notes, Quick Gameplay Thoughts 7/15 & More

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Following a our new PBE cycle, tonight's red post collection is catching the Patch 12.14 & TFT notes, the latest quick gameplay thoughts post on mid-scope updates, a dev video on an upcoming Aurelion Sol gameplay update, and more!
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Patch 12.14 Notes

Check out the Patch 12.14 Notes:
"It’s a Bird! It’s a plane! It’s a Star Guardian? Nope, it’s patch 12.14 bringing you your biweekly dose of gameplay changes and updates! 
This patch includes several healing targeted updates to bring League’s hyper healers (and their items) to justice. We’re also making some adjustments to drakes, Elder Dragon, and Rift Herald as well as a few runes and summoner spells. Lastly, we’re welcoming the second half of everyone’s favorite high school superheroes, the Star Guardians, to the Rift this patch! Fight on Star Guardians! 
Everyone nowadays is a high school superhero, but I'll tell you what, back in my day we had a handful of gold coins, and some powerful Dragons to buy. Speaking of, you can learn all about our changes in TFT: Dragonlands at the TFT patch notes here
Star Guardian Akali, Star Guardian Quinn, Star Guardian Rell, Star Guardian Taliyah, Star Nemesis Morgana, and Prestige Star Guardian Syndra will be available July 28, 2022."

[Full Patch Notes here!]

Devs Spill the Beans: Aurelion Sol Gameplay Update

"Producer Rob “Riot KingCobra” Rosa talks about why he loves Aurelion Sol and what’s in store for the Starforger’s gameplay update."

Quick Gameplay Thoughts: 7/15

Here's the latest quick gameplay thoughts from Riot August on mid-scope updates - "Defining Mid-Scope Updates and their goals."
"If you’ve been following League news recently, you may have seen us use the term “mid-scope updates” a few times. We wanted to take some time to explain what you can expect when we announce that a champion is getting a mid-scope update. 
What is a Mid-Scope Update? 
Simply put, mid-scope updates are substantial updates to champions that could include updating some of their abilities, as well as animations, visual effects, or sound effects that need to be adjusted. Unlike a VGU, mid-scopes don't adjust a champion's model, voice overs, or lore. These updates take a lot more time and planning than regular patch balance changes to get right, which is why you don’t see them all the time. 
Selecting a Champion 
We typically look to give these updates to champions that have lost a bit of their shine over the years or have become problematic for the game. For example, Olaf is a champion that has been quite difficult to balance in pro play – oftentimes being overpowered in pro and underpowered in regular play. His clear speed and ability to run down ADC’s made him pro-oriented and his playerbase was shrinking, so we knew we had an opportunity to reimagine Olaf with a mid-scope update that addressed these and other issues. 
Update Goals 
Our goals with mid-scopes are to polish up how these champions feel, better define their strategic place in the game, and most importantly cater to players that love them. This could mean players who are already playing these champs (Ahri), players who used to play them but no longer do (Swain mid), or people who WANT to play them but can’t due to things like pro play balance issues (Olaf). 
It’s also worth noting that when we approach these updates we always try to strengthen the champion theme and fantasy that players love, not reinvent them. However, we can’t do this without feedback from all of you to make sure we’re hitting the mark. 
An example of when we didn’t hit this mark was with the Taliyah update. Originally, we deleted her Threaded Volley and replaced it with a brand new spell. While this new spell got great feedback from testers, Taliyah players mentioned that it didn’t “feel like Taliyah.” After hearing this we quickly pivoted and found ways to improve upon her current Threaded Volley to make it more fun and usable to players in a way that felt authentic to the original champion design. So please, let us know your thoughts on mid-scopes as they hit the PBE! 
Ultimately, our hope is that when YOU hear that YOUR champion is getting a mid-scope update, you’ll be just as excited as we are! 
Looking Forward 
Though we’ve made significant updates in the past to champs like Xin Zhao, Tahm Kench, and Wukong, we made the mid-scope update process more formal for champs like Ahri, Swain, and Olaf. Historically we made mid-scope level changes as the need arose, but by defining what a mid-scope is and setting goals for what good looks like, we can start doing these updates more proactively, meaning more champs get upgrades – and we still have a lot of champs we’d like to get to! As we get more comfortable doing these types of updates, we’d eventually like to reach a point where we can ship them to you more frequently because there are a lot of champions we want to help find renewed life in League. 
As always, thanks for reading and see you on the Rift!"

Making of Everything Goes On w/Porter Robinson | Star Guardian 2022

"From the skies of early ideation to final sound lock, Porter Robinson details his musical journey behind “Everything Goes On," the official music video for Star Guardian 2022."

Teamfight Tactics Patch 12.14 Notes

Here's Riot Prism with the TFT Patch 12.14 Notes:
"Welcome back Nomsy enthusiasts...and the rest of you I guess. 
We've got a big patch today, but don't be fooled by its length! Most of our word count comes from an Attack Damage rebalance. It may look intimidating, but it impacts a largely invisible system in order to dampen the impact of basic attacks from 3-star units whose power should come from spells instead of autos. General rebalancing of auto attacks is a theme throughout this patch, but there are also power changes to our Legendary Dragons that’ll make them feel more LEGENDARY, and a few nice quality of life system changes. 
Wow, lots of changes going on in this patch, but the most important one is right here: Rodger “MinionsRpeople2" Caudill ⇒ Rodger “Riot Prism" Caudill 
Don’t let the name change fool you, I’ll still be memeing and dreaming with you along the way—so let’s get to it! 

[Check out the full Patch Notes here!]



  • Here's Riot Mikouz with a thread on the changes and optimizations on the in-client Star Guardian event:
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  • Worlds 2022 Dates & Seeding
  • New Prime Gaming capsule is now available for Subscribers!

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