Red Post Collection: Star Guardian 2022 Teasers + Theme, TFT animated trailer, Sivir Rework Details, and more!

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Tonight's red post collection includes a look at the Star Guardian 2022 social media teaser and official orchestral theme, a new TFT animated trailer for Dragonlands, a tentative changelist for the Sivir rework hitting the PBE soon, and more!
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Star Guardian 2022 Teaser

The Star Guardians are set to return soon! Check out this new official event teaser:

"A new day is just over the horizon. Star Guardian returns on July 14."

As you might imagine, the video teaser is chock-full of eastereggs!
second tweet added an image with the caption 

        "It’s been a while–Welcome back to Valoran City! 💫 #StarGuardian returns July 14."


Star Guardian 2022 Orchestral Theme

Following Monday's teaser, the Star Guardian 2022 Orchestral Theme went up on Tuesday!
See youtube description for artist and musician credits and you can use [THIS LINK] to track the song down on your preferred app - Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube Music, Amazon Music, and deezer.

Blown Away| Dragonlands Animated Trailer - TFT

"When Pengu meets a mysterious swordsman, they must depend upon a new dragon friend to help. Let your imagination take flight in Teamfight Tactics: Dragonlands, out now."


Sivir Rework Details

Sivir's midscope update will be hitting the PBE soon and RiotRayYonggi has shared details and a tentative changelist over on twitter - including video of change that allows Sivir's W to double back onto targets it's already hit.


  • Tickets for the 2022 LCS Championship in Chicago, IL  go on sale on soon!

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