Red Post Collection: 12.6 Balance Preview, TFT 12.5 Mid-Patch Update & More

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[UPDATE 3/25: Added updates from a few 12.6 PBE cycle threads!]

With Riot finishing up their recent break, tonight's red post collection is catching up with a 12.6 balance preview, the 3/23 TFT Mid-Patch Update, an announcement of the new Ruination novel, and more!
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12.6 Cycle Content Post PBE Updates

Several of the 12.6 PBE cycle's /r/LeaguePBE threads have been updated with several post pbe updates, including several changes to individual commemorative prestige edition skins!
Ashen Knight Pyke:
"Post PBE update: 
Here are the updates the team made for the skin,:
- New model and textures for list visible on Taunt (ctrl+2)
- Phantom Undertow (E) stun SFX adjusted to have some higher pitch part
- Ghostwater Dive (W) is now more complex visually
Also for visibility, wings on his Chroma are now also recolored to match the rest of the outfit.
Thanks for all the comments and suggestions!"
Battle Bunny Prime Riven -
"Post PBE update:
We made a small change and added rabbit feet pattern to her feet underside :)
Thank you for the comments & feedback."
Battle Wolf Sylas:
"Post PBE update:
We decided to go with a small addon:

- added wolf howl SFX to Hijack (R)."

Commemorative Prestige Edition Skins - 

"Post PBE cycle update (3/25/2022)

Hey All! Sorry that I kept you waiting this long but we hit some obstacles while working on these updates, and I wanted to bring you final info. Sadly, due to mentioned problems most of these updates wont show up on Live in 12.6 but will go through with 12.7 release. I also included some notable bugfixes for issues mentioned in this thread.
Please just note that the changes mentioned below are marked as final, so we no longer take more feedback.
Thanks for all commenting, even if we decided to not follow up with some feedback!

Changes that are up and will be shipped in Patch 12.6

Prestige Arcade Caitlyn (2022)

- new textures on the model, shifting her to purple from all gold/yellow

Prestige Star Guardian Neeko (2022)

- hairs recolored to pink/blue

- her frog friend now also has unique colors

- restored glow on her tail (bugfix)

- one of her crown element is no longer flipping on its own (bugfix)

Prestige Valiant Sword Riven (2022)

- we added some more glow on her sword

Prestige K/DA Evelynn (2022)

- lashers now glow in pink when empowered Whiplash(E) is ready (bugfix)

- claws are now shining in pink and leave ping trail (bugfix)

Changes that will be shipped in Patch 12.7

Prestige K/DA Kai'Sa (2022)

- her visor is now uniquely textured

- weapons while using Supercharge (E) are now purple

- hair are now more purple

Prestige Battle Academia Lux (2022)

- kaychain on the staff is back

- cyan color is now more popping and different than from older skin

- hair are now brighter

- hair clip is now polished

Prestige Bewitching Miss Fortune (2022)

- changed secondary color from green to purple/pink

Prestige K/DA Akali (2022)

- fur on shoulders is now white

- Overlay during Twilight Shoud (W) now matches new pattern on leggins (bugfix for 12.6)

Prestige K/DA Ahri (2022)

- hair color are now shifted towards dark purple

- tails are now tinted in purple/pink

- her skirt is now white
Prestige Bloodmoon Aatrox (2022)

- skull pauldron eyes are retaining red color when in World Ender (R) form

Prestige PROJECT: Irelia (2022)

- hair switched back to color of original skin to alleviate readability problems

- Cape and blades have their transparency restored (bugfix for 12.6)

Prestige Firecracker Vayne (2022)

- her coat is now partially colored in light red

Skins unmentioned above are not receiving any design changes."

12.6 Balance Preview

Here's Riot Phlox with a balance preview for 12.6:
Here's the 12.6 patch preview! We'll be back to normal schedules come next patch (hopefully)

How's it look to y'all?"

TFT Mid-Patch Update

TFT's 3/23 mid-patch update is rolling out to live and the 12.5 Patch Notes have been updated with the bugfixes - some of impact the power of traits and units!

"March 23rd, Bug Fixes

With regional finals starting this weekend, we want to make sure that a few of the most impactful bugs are fixed before patch 12.6.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing True Justice (Enforcer Augment) to benefit more from damage amplification than intended.
  • VIP Draven no longer keeps his bonus Attack Range and Armor Penetration after Debonair is deactivated.
  • Irelia is no longer locked out of generating mana when she is crowd controlled during Bladesurge’s recast animation.
  • Corki’s Bombardment no longer fizzles if his target dies during his cast animation.
  • Socialite 2,3, and 5 no longer grant more damage amp than intended"

Over on Twitter, Mort shared more context and a few thoughts on the changes.

Ruination Book Announcement

The Orbit Books Twitter announced a new book by Anthony Reynolds, Ruination!
Here's the full press release, make sure to check back in September for the drop!


  • Speaking of the Mythic content overhaul, here's Riot KenAdamsNSA with thoughts on the upcoming changes:
  • You can now earn RP through Microsoft Rewards:
  • Riot Games invests in Fortiche Production:

Other Games

Wild Rift

  • Here's a look at Psychic Detective Senna, available at the end of the Wild Pass S6:
  • Even more new skins are headed to Wild Rift! Here's a preview of Blood Moon Shen & Warden Karma:
  • The Season 5 reward skin is Glorious Crimson Evelynn:

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