Red Post Collection: 12.5 LoL+TFT Notes, Riot's Week Off in March, Rengar 12.6 changes, and more!

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Tonight's red posts catches up on the latest news and articles from the past few days, including the recent 12.5 LoL & TFT patch notes, info on Riot's break and 12.6's timing, context on the Rengar changes slotted for 12.6, and more!
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Patch 12.5 LoL & TFT Notes

Next up we're catching up with the 12.5 patch notes for League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics! As mentioned in both sets of notes, patch 12.5 will also be live for longer than usual and 12.6 is set for March 30th.

As usual, we've included the intros and infographics for each and follow the links for full notes!

LoL Patch 12.5 Notes

"It’s patch 12.5, beelieve it! 
This time around, we’ll bee doing a relatively light patch! There will bee some nerfs to stronger champs like Ahri and Gwen, while some champs like Samira and Seraphine support will bee getting some buffs. We’re also taking some of the sting out of Hullbreaker’s power for ranged champions and, most importantbee, we also have some additions to the Bee skinline this patch!

As a heads up, patch 12.5 will bee live for one month, with 12.6 going out on March 30. Don’t worry though, we’ll still beekeeping an eye out for any urgent issues that may pop up. Read more about why in this article here!. And, if you need a refresher on the patch release dates, check out our Patch Schedule for 2022 here!"


As mentioned in the patch notes, the upcoming BZZZiggs, Heimerstinger, Nunu & Beelump, and Orbeeanna will bee available on Thursday, March 3rd!

Teamfight Tactics Patch 12.5 Notes

"Welcome, Neon Knights! 

Or is it Knights who say Ne-on? Regardless, welcome to patch 12.5 which will be live for a full four weeks instead of the standard two—but we’ll get to that shortly. Despite our larger than usual balance change, many critical balance changes for patch 12.5 were delivered early last week in our 12.4 mid-week patch, so be sure to check those out if your looking for info on our swift acting nerfs to Hextech, Innovator, and other overperforming units. That said, we’ve made a ton of changes to keep Neon Nights feeling strategically diverse through balance adjustments, a focus in Augments, and, well, just keep reading for that third thing!"
With 12.5 being a longer than usual patch, the MINIONSRPEOPLE2 and the team shared a new article titled "TFT Patch 12.5: Why the long patch?" detailing their balance & mid patch plans over the next month:
"Patch 12.5 will be live for four weeks allowing us to connect, reflect, and goal set.
Patch 12.5 will be live for four weeks (instead of the usual two weeks) as all of us at Riot connect, reflect, and discuss our company-wide goals. For more on why we’re unplugging and how it will impact all of Riot games, click it here.

Now that you know we'll be somewhat AFK for a little bit, let’s talk about our plan to create a healthy and stable meta for our four week patch, 12.5:

Patch 12.4 mid-week update: Here’s where I reveal that the plan is already in motion *fiddles fingers*. On February 22nd we went live with a very large mid-week patch, hitting the most powerful and played compositions with nerfs to Hextech, Innovator, Rek’Sai, Sejuani, Ekko, Vex, Zac, Irelia, Renata Glasc, Sivir, and Silco. While this mid-week patch was a necessary addition to keep our release patch of Neon Nights as balanced as possible, it also allows us to break up some of the larger changes that would have otherwise had to wait for patch 12.5. And even better, the mid-week update gives us time to look at how the meta shifts and judge whether or not those changes worked—precious data that can give us a head start on patch 12.5.

Patch 12.5 goals: Our goals with patch 12.5 are to open up as many viable strategies as possible so that players have a lot to explore and uncover throughout the long patch. So in addition to a long list of nerfs, you can expect more buffs than usual in this patch. Because the more ways we have to play during this longer patch, the better! In addition to opening up more units and traits, we’re also placing a heavy emphasis on Augment balance, with a series of nerfs to overperforming combat Augments, buffs to some of the fun but struggling Augments, and the reintroduction of High Five, which can only appear as your third Augment and gives you five random 5-cost units!

Patch 12.5 mid-week update: By adding more changes than the average patch, we hope to create a fresh experience that’ll make these four weeks full of exploration and top fours (hopefully). In doing so, we are aware of the risks of changes going awry. For example, maybe our Brand, Draven, and Zeri buffs bring Debonair from “D” tier to “everyone in my lobby is contesting me” tier. Well, we’ll be closely monitoring for situations like this during the first week of the patch, and we plan on reacting quickly with a mid-week update if anything triggers our balance (and imbalance) senses. If we end up deploying a mid-week update, it will go live by Tuesday, March 8th at noon Pacific Time. Be sure to follow our Twitter or check the patch notes for more updates.

How you can help: This part is easy. Just play and experiment right when 12.5 goes live! The more games we can analyze, the better data we can collect to respond with a swift and effective mid-week update if needed. So get out your TFT big-brain and try to break the game, cause we’ll be waiting with tools in hand if you do!"

Riot is going AFK for a week in March

As referenced above,  Riot Games has announced they will be pausing normal operations for a week in March.
"For a week in March, Riot is pausing normal operations to connect, reflect, and discuss our goals during a series of company-wide meetings.

We’ve been growing a ton and this will help every Rioter around the world stay on the same page to keep delivering the best possible experience for players. Because these meetings are Riot-wide, for one cycle in March, some games are making changes to their normal patch cadence. 

Be on the lookout for communication from your favorite game team as we get closer to March. We wanted to let you know ahead of time that this break is coming and we’ll be back to regular patches soon. 

Hopefully your favorite champion (or agent, comp, build, or deck) is in meta heading into March. You’ll have double the time to enjoy it before the threat of the nerf hammer looms again. 

Similar to when we go AFK during our mid-year and end-of-year breaks, we want to send a special thanks to the live operations, anticheat, and security teams who keep everything running smoothly 24/7/365."
As mentioned in the patch notes, this will make the 12.5 LoL/TFT patches longer than usual and set 12.6 to release on March 30th.

Rengar 12.6 changes & context

Over on Twitter, RiotPhlox shared a 12.6 Rengar changelist and additional context on those changes:
and here's the context from the rest of the tweets in the thread:
"This was a pretty difficult project since, in my opinion, Rengar has some pretty awkward mechanics right now especially with W and Passive. I think W not flowing into any assassination combo is a definite feels bad for a lot of his builds.  
"Same with the weird earflicks around Ferocity generation. It's very unforgiving and makes him very bush reliant (some of which is a good thing).  I think for both of these mechanics there's a better version out there, but they're not easy to get to and the cost is high.


"I settled on making sure I could get something out there that would make Rengar feel better to play rather than just keep sitting here hoping to find time to try to get some magical version of the character that might or might not actually be more fun. 


"There are still some bugs on PBE and some of the old ones haven't been fixed yet, I'll try to do a pass on them over the next few days. Do let me know if there are any other smaller sized feel-good changes I can slip in. I hope we're leaving Rengar in a better spot!


"Bonus: The Q crit changes are so that when playing low%  Crit Rengar you're not just yolo hoping for a crit to be successful, and left out to dry if you don't get that 20/40%. This also means we can tune crit builds directly, if they're shit we bump up the number and vice versa"


"In Gizmos & Gadgets: Neon Nights, science and style go hand in hand. That’s why we’re excited to announce the #TFTGlowUpContest, where you can design a hot new chempunk or cyberpop look for your favorite Tactician for a chance to win in-game prizes and a virtual meet and greet with illustrator Fortune K!"
"Hey there tech enthusiasts and deadly poison gas fans! Jeffrey Doering (aka Nekomaru) here today to talk to you about the dangers of aggression-inducing chemicals and adding them to your video game systems. As the primary engineer on the Renata Glasc pod, I’ve been working with Blake “Squad5” Smith (the game designer behind Renata) to bring the Chem-Baroness to the Rift for the better part of a year now. Much of that time was spent on the nuances of her ultimate and the new form of crowd control it introduces. In this article, I’ll cover how we went from a hacky prototype spell to a game-changing ultimate that’s built to last."

  • Concept arts for Battle Bunny Miss Fortune & Battle Bunny Prime Riven shared by artists on social media!

Other Games

Here is a quick look at what's going on in a few of Riot's other games set in the world of Runeterra!

Legends of Runeterra

"The Path of Champions 2.0, Runeterra Champions, Worlds 2022, free Arcane Jinx & Vi skins, quality of life updates to existing skins, Pulsefire, highly-requested reworks to older champions, and more! With the exception of Worlds 2022, which is coming later this year, you can expect all that in just the first half of 2022. We won’t be going over every single item here, but let’s dive into the details of some of the bigger topics at hand."


"We’re taking a short break between our usual patch cadence due to a Riot-wide AFK period, read on for more info here

This patch, we’re focusing on bug fixes while we prepare for major balance updates and Magma Chamber + Infernal Cosmetics coming in patch 3.4.0."

Wild Rift

  • Wild Rift Patch Notes 3.0b - including more balance changes, an upcoming event starting on 10th, and new Malphite & Pantheon skins.

Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story

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