PBE Preview: Anima Squad (Jinx+Prestige, MF, Riven, Sylas, Vayne) & Ashen Knight Pyke

Posted on at 8:30 AM by Aznbeat
New PBE Previews are going up across Riot social media! New skin previewed for this cycle  include Ashen Knight Pyke and a set of Anima Squad skins for Jinx (+Prestige), Miss Fortune, Riven, Sylas, and Vayne.
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First up is the Anima Squad PBE Preview via LoL Twitter - new skins include Battle Bat VayneBattle Cat Jinx (+ Prestige Edition),Battle Bunny Miss Fortune, Battle Bunny Prime Riven, Battle Wolf Sylas.

and Ashen Knight Pyke was also previewed in a separate tweet:

Preview Mirror:

Look for more as the 12.6 PBE cycle kicks off later today!


Here's a few turnarounds from the /r/LeaguePBE threads!
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