Red Post Collection: Renata Glasc Champion Theme, Patch 12.4 & TFT: Neon Nights Notes, & More

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With 12.4 out on live, tonight's red post collection is catching up with Renata Glasc's champion theme, the launch of TFT Neon Nights, brief look at the 12.4 LoL & TFT patch notes, a new expansion & Arcade event on LoR, and more!
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Renata Glasc Champion Theme

With her release coming in 12.4, the champion theme is up for Renata Glasc, the Chem-Baroness!

LoL Patch 12.4 Notes

Patch 12.4 is out on live! Check out the full patch notes here, including our new champion Renata Glasc, several upcoming skins, balance changes, and more!\

"Patches are like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get—unless you read the patch notes, that is. (Speaking of surprises, we have a new author today!) 

This patch the Chem-Baroness Ms. Renata Glasc begins her corporate takeover of the Rift. We also have a few buffs for Kalista, Lucian, and Xayah to freshen up the current ADC assortment among other balances. Meanwhile in top lane, things have been a little tense with our enchanter friends, so we have some support gold income changes to help address the current situation. Lastly, be sure to keep your heart rate in check as we introduce a new set of stunning Shockblade skins! 

And over in TFT, Renata Glasc, Silco, and many more join the updated TFT roster during the mid-set, Neon Nights. Read more about the update over at the TFT patch notes here!"

As mentioned in the notes, the new skins for this patch will be released on February 17th.
"Admiral Glasc, Shockblade Qiyana, Shockblade Shen, Shockblade Kassadin, Firelight Ekko, and Brave Phoenix Xayah Prestige Edition will be available February 17, 2022."

TFT: Neon Nights launches in 12.4!

TFT Neon Nights is hitting live in patch 12.4, including new units (including Silco, Renata Glasc, and Zeri!) updated traits & augments, new cosmetics with multiple new little legends and arenas, a new pass, info on ranked emotes, and more!

"Welcome to Neon Nights! 
Sun’s setting on the first half of Gizmos & Gadgets, but it’s brighter now than ever before. Neon Nights is here, bringing new Augments, cosmetics, units and more. So plug in your neural link cause it’s time to download the latest info, using the following links for the new cosmetics, the augmented Augment roster, and the new traits and units! Woe there, be careful not to blow a circuit theorycrafting your best comps just yet, cause there’s plenty more changes to get into with these patch notes! So keep your batteries charged and I’ll break it down for you with all the cosmetics and new stuff at the top, and the changed/returning stuff at the bottom."

Here's the Gizmos & Gadget Ranked Stage II cosmetics shared in the patch notes:


  • Here's a look at an Elise VFX update now testing on the PBE:
  • Here's a couple of bugfix tweets from Rioters across the web:
  • The 2022 Clash season is here and inagural Ionia Cup kicks off February 19th! Check out a full schedule [here] and the Clash FAQ [here].
  • With 12.4 going out to live, KenAdamsNSA tweeted a reminder on the previously announced Mythic Content overhaul

Other Riot Games

Last up we also have new patches and content for LoR and Wild Rift!


The newest A Curious Journey expansion & Arcade Battle event heads to live in patch 3.2.0! Check out the patch notes for full details or keep scrolling for a quick rundown of what's new, cosmetics, and relevant articles, & more!

  • Patch Highlights & Cosmetics:
    • Four new champions, including Galio, Gnar, Udyr, & Yuumi, &  two new mechanics, formidable and attach.
    • Several new arcade Champion Skins (full art & video previews available in notes!) - including Arcade Anivia, Arcade Quinn & Valor, Battle Boss Ziggs, Arcade Gnar, Arcade Hecarim, Battle Boss Nocturne, and Final Boss Veigar.
    • New Final Boss arena
    • New Guardians - Storm, Dark Storm, Hector, Voxel Chip
    • New Card Backs

    • New Emotes
  • Event Overview: Arcade Battle highlighting the free & premium pass rewards and a heads up on what to expect from the event - including premium pass owners can unlock the Final Boss Veigar skin by completing a special quest to defeat a super powered Final Boss Veigar!
"Tl;dr - Starting in patch 3.2.0, we’re beginning to sunset Expeditions by removing the weekly cap on fully-rewarded runs, which also means Free Play is no longer available due to the lack of a weekly cap. Expedition Tokens are also being removed from the Weekly Vault and the new player 7-day login bonus. In May, with the release of patch 3.8.0, Expeditions will no longer be accessible, so be sure to spend your remaining Expedition Tokens before then."

  • Wild Rift Patch 3.0A  headed out this week - including new Infernal Kennen & Dragonslayer Olaf skins and a slew of balance changes.
  • Yuumi Champion Overview

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