Red Post Collection: Patch 12.2 & TFT Notes, Porcelain Skins Theme, TFT Dev Drop, & More

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Today's red post collection includes the Patch 12.2 & TFT notes, the Porcelain skins theme and A Hero Awakens Cinematic, a TFT Dev Drop, and more!
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Patch 12.2 Notes

Check out the Patch 12.2 Notes:
"Zip, zap, and zoom with Zeri, the Spark of Zaun, in patch 12.2! 
This patch, we're introducing an electrifying new personality to the Rift, plus a ton of champion balance changes. There's a champion refresh for Janna in the forecast as well as more item, dragon, and rune adjustments, too. 
The Lunar Revel event is also in full moon swing this week! Celebrate the Year of the Tiger with us with special events including the return of ARURF, exciting missions (with reduced points requirements), and beautiful new Porcelain, Firecracker, and Prestige skins. Happy Lunar New Year! 
Tacticians from across the Convergence are also gathering to celebrate the Lunar Legend Festival with a new event, Gifts of the Golden Lantern. Read all about the event and more at the TFT patch notes
Withered Rose Zeri will be available January 20, 2022. Porcelain Protector Ezreal, Porcelain Lissandra, Porcelain Amumu, Porcelain Lux, Porcelain Lux Prestige Edition, Porcelain Kindred, Firecracker Sett, Firecracker Diana, Firecracker Teemo, Firecracker Tristana, Firecracker Xin Zhao, and Brave Phoenix Xayah Prestige Edition will be available January 26, 2022."

[Full Patch Notes Here!]


Porcelain - Official Skins Theme | Lunar Revel 2022

Here's a look at the Porcelain skins theme:
"Listen to the official Porcelain theme for Lunar Revel 2022. 
Music by: Jean-Gabriel Raynaud and Cedric Baravaglio
Orchestration by: Nathan Einhorn
Dizi, Xiao, Alto Recorder, Shvi, Contrabass Flute: Pedro Eustache
Violins: Mark Robertson, Katie Sloan, Paul Cartwright
Executive Producer and Music Supervision by: Riot Music Team"


A Hero Awakens | Lunar Revel 2022 Cinematic

"What secrets lie beneath the shards? Join Porcelain Protector Ezreal as he unleashes a mythical power."

Lunar Revel 2022: Changes to Event Missions

Here's Riot Ahrisoo with a look at changes to event missions ahead of the Lunar Revel 2022 event - "We're easing some of the requirements for Lunar Revel 2022 event missions."
Back in December, we made some changes to the way event mission points are earned, starting with the Debonair event. Our goal was to make League events more focused on League games, as well as to better respect your time. 
However, we missed the mark on that second part—the technical hurdle of not having a point "rollover" mechanic unintentionally slowed down token rates, which truly was not the goal. Debonair event pass owners received a special mission for extra rewards accordingly, and we've made adjustments for this next event. 
Token Bank missions have been reverted to the old system until the rollover problem has been addressed, and all other general objective requirements have been lowered by 15-40%. Keep reading for details on how to earn event rewards during Lunar Revel 2022 
Lunar Revel 2022 Token Bank Missions

Token Bank missions, as always, can be repeated any number of times throughout the event. We're reverting these to the original per-game token basis as follows until we have a system in place for points to rollover between repeatable missions. 
League of Legends
Teamfight Tactics
*LoL Co-op vs. AI and TFT Hyper Roll games will not count toward Token Bank Missions during Lunar Revel 2022. 
**Tokens earned through these are added to the token bank for non-Pass owners, whereas tokens are added directly to the player for Pass owners. 
Lunar Revel 2022 Orb Mission

The Orb Mission will continue to use the time-based points system, and the requirements have been reduced by about 15%.
Lunar Revel 2022 Milestone Missions

The Milestone Missions will also continue to use the time-based points system, and the requirements have also been reduced by about 30%.
Lunar Revel 2022 Weekly Wins Missions

Weekly Wins Missions will also continue to use the new time-based system, and the requirements have been reduced by about 40%.

Happy Lunar New Year! Wishing you all good health, good luck, and good LP in 2022.

Just in case you need it again, here are the rates for the time-based points for the Lunar Revel 2022 Orb, Milestone, and Weekly Wins Missions described above.

League of Legends
Teamfight Tactics


"Faced with a series of unprecedented challenges, Riot Games and their team of partners rally to bring Arcane to life on our largest global stage: the Worlds 2021 Show Open, presented by Mastercard."
  • Here's Riot August with changelist for Ahri hitting the PBE soon:
  • MFA has been added to Riot accounts!
  • Here's a teaser image for an upcoming Porcelain cinematic:
  • The Universe was updated with a new story:

TFT Corner

Here's the latest in the TFT corner:
"Welcome to the Lunar Legend Festival!
The Lunar Legend Festival is here, and with it comes a new TFT event, Gifts of the Golden Lantern, where we’ll get to help Tacticians from all over the Convergence by gathering gifts, solving riddles, and lighting lanterns. I almost forgot to add that we’ll get some great gifts ourselves from our favorite Tacticians at the event. There’s also a bunch of new ways to celebrate the Lunar Legend Festival with new Tacticians, bundles, and the extravagant Golden Tiger Market! But aside from all that (which is a lot), we’ve also got a whole patch of balance changes with continued adjustments to trait augments, a rather exciting change to Portable Forge, and more balance tuning. 


"A new event, large mid-set roster swap, and the future of TFT! Check out everything coming in the future in the latest Dev Drop!"

  • Here's the latest from the TFT Twitter:


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Legends of Runeterra

Wild Rift

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