10/20 PBE Update: TFT Gizmos & Gadgets Testing, New Tacticians, & More

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The PBE has been updated! As we continue the 11.22 PBE cycle, today's patch includes continued TFT testing, new Tacticians, and more!
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(Warning: PBE Content is tentative and subject to change - what you see below may not reflect what eventually gets pushed to live servers at the end of the cycle! Manage your expectations accordingly.)

Table of Contents

TFT: Gizmos & Gadgets Testing

Here's the latest changelist for TFT set 6 from Riot Mort:
"October 20th PBE Patch Notes 
-Built Different
---Attack Speed: 30/45/60% >>> 40/60/80%
---Movement and Attack Speed: 40/60/80% >>> 50/75/100%
-High Roller
---Tier: 2 >>> 3
-Instant Injection (Chemtech)
---Tier: 2 >>> 1
-Knife’s Edge
---Attack Damage: 30/45/60 >>> 35/50/70
-Lifelong Learning (Scholar)
---Tier: 1 >>> 2
---Ability Power: 3 >>> 5
-Shrug It Off (Bruiser)
---Tier: 1 >>> 2
-Sunfire Board
---Damage: 40% max HP >>> 30% max HP
---Duration: 16 seconds >>> 12 seconds
-Wise Spending
---Tier: 1 >>> 2
---XP: 1 >>> 2 
---Spell AD%: 150/170/200% >>> 170/180/200%
---Spell Base Damage: 120/150/250 >>> 125/175/250
---Bug fix: Deceive’s critical strikes no longer benefit twice from critical strike damage
---Mana: 35/70 >>> 50/90
---Mana: 0/100 >>> 40/120
---Spell Damage: 275/450/1337 >>> 225/375/1337
---Spell Damage: 225/300/2000 >>> 250/325/2000
---Spell Damage: 80/111/180 >>> 75/100/180
-Tahm Kench
---Devour will now deal 35% of its damage to units that are immune to crowd control
---Stat Gain by Unit Cost: 5/7/8/10/11 >>> 5/8/11/14/17 (multiplied by 15 for Health)
 ---All offensive units will now grant AP. Tahm Kench can no longer gain AD through Glutton
---Combining Tahm Kench into higher star levels now adds all of the bonus stats from each combined Tahm Kench together rather than taking the highest of each stat
---Can now feed Tahm Kench during combat phases if he is on the bench
---Attack Speed: 0.7 >>> 0.8
---Mana: 0/75 >>> 0/70
---Spell Damage: 250/250/777 >>> 250/275/777 
---Dragon Attack Speed: 0.6 >>> 0.8
---Dragon Armor & MR: 60 >>> 100 
-Fixed a bug where Yone would heal more than intended
-Fixed a bug where Yone’s clones would spawn clones 
-Fixed Yuumi Woodland Charm clones not gaining mana while attached
-Fixed Yuumi's Woodland Charm clone not granting the Cuddly shield to attached allies
-Fixed an issue where Yuumi would rarely attach to a unit that wasn’t her nearest ally at start of combat
-Dragon’s Claw’s item cube glow on PC is now blue to match its new art
-Fixed incorrect Gold Mine visuals on Dark Star, Odyssey, and Spirit Blossom arenas
-Fixed flipped Gold Mine issues on Odyssey arenas
-Fixed a bug where ZZRot would crash the game
-Tahm Kench has SFX when you are able to and if you successfully feed him a unit
-Fixed a bug where Tahm Kench would retain his stats from Glutton when sold back to the shop
-Garens weapon no longer jitters on the ground during his celebration animation"


And the Hyper Roll changelist from MinionsRPeople2:

"Gizmos & Gadgets HYPER ROLL Adjustments 
-Removed Radiant Item armories.
-Added Augment Armories at the following rounds:
-Some Augments will be disabled in Hyper Roll for gameplay fluidity and balance purposes. 
General Adjustments
-Still Hyper, but slightly less Hyped: Little Legend movement speed decreased from 200% to 175%. 
Item Armories Adjustments
-Adjusted item armories to the following rounds to accommodate Hextech Augment timing:
---3-1 (Component Armory)
---4-2 (Component Armory)
---6-2 (Component Armory)
---8-2 (Completed Item Armory)
---9-2 (Completed Item Armory) 
Item Armory contents have been adjusted.
-Component Armory:
---70% chance of 3 components.
---20% chance of 3 components + Neeko’s Help or Loaded Dice
---10% chance of 3 components + 1 Spatula.
-Completed Item Armory
---75% chance of 4 items (1 offensive, 1 defensive, 1 utility, 1 random)
---15% chance of 3 items (1 offensive, 1 defensive, 1 utility) + 1 tailored Emblem.
---10% chance of 2 items (2 random) + 2 tailored Emblems. 
Economy Adjustments
---Starting Gold: 8 ➞ 2
---1-1: +0 ➞ +0
---1-2: +0 ➞ +0
---2-1: +2 ➞ +4
---3-1: +3 ➞ +8 (Minimum gold by 3-1 is now 14 instead of 13).
---3-1: +3 ➞ +2
---4-1: +4 ➞ +6
---4-2: +4 ➞ +3
---5-1: +5 ➞ +7
---5-2: +5 ➞ +4
---6-1: +6 ➞ +12
---6-2: +6 ➞ +5
---6-3: +6 ➞ +5
---7-1: +8 ➞ +16
---7-2: +8 ➞ +8
---7-3: +8 ➞ +8
---8-1: +9 ➞ +17
---8-2 (and subsequent rounds): +9 ➞ +9
---Total Gold Increase: 85 gold minimum ➞ 107 gold minimum.

Round Time Adjustments
-Reduced the planning phase for no-armory combats from 30 to 25 seconds.
-Added 5 seconds to the first round of each stage starting at 3-1.
-Added 10 seconds to 8-1 to better support late-game roll downs.

Hyper Roll Trait Adjustments
-Yordles: The Yordle (3) trait gives two bonus Yordles wherever the standard version gives one.
-Mercenaries: The luck of your Mercenary dice is based on your Tactician’s remaining health rather than the size of your loss streak. The lower your health, the better the dice. 
Unit Adjustments
-Tahm Kench gains twice as many stats from eating units."

TFT Tacticians

Files for new Little Legends are now on the PBE! No assets are available just yet, for now we have names, variants, and descriptions:
  • Duckbill
    • Duckbill likes to keep their hopes high. That's why they invented the Hopecopter 3000!
  • Honeybuzz Duckbill
    • Ever the optimist, never a buzzkill.
  • Delivery Rush Duckbill
    • Pineapple belongs on pizza, no matter what Pizza Time Gloop has to say.
  • Pajama Party Duckbill
    • It's their pajama party, and they'll cry if they want to.
  • Sugarcone Duckbill
    • Sugarcone Duckbill is always sweet, even when they're in a sour mood.
  • Zaunite Duckbill
    • Here to put a wrench in your plans.
  • Piltover Duckbill
    • Got a problem? Let Duckbill take a quack at it.
  • Goodest Duckbill
    • Saving the multiverse, one good deed at a time.
  • Gloop
    • Gloop's beatboxing skills are unmatched. Wait... those are just snores.
  • Honeybuzz Gloop
    • Battle? No thanks, Gloop will stick to their hover pillow. Er... literally.
  • Hextech Gloop
    • The power to do anything, the motivation to do none of it.
  • Fireborn Gloop
    • Fireproof, but not tired-proof.
  • Arcade Gloop
    • Retired DDR champ, emphasis on the tired.
  • Sugarcone Gloop
    • Stuck in a perpetual sugar crash.
  • Pop Groove Gloop
    • Pop Groove Gloop has the talent to make it big, but none of the drive.
  • Pizza Time Gloop
    • They'll stick anything on their pizza. Anything EXCEPT pineapple.
  • Piximander
    • Piximander's beauty routine costs an arm and a leg. But don't worry-- they regenerate.
  • Honeybuzz Piximander
    • Buzzing with affection, stinging with rejection.
  • Shimmering Piximander
    • When you're the last of your kind, you stop being kind.
  • Rio
    • Loves long crawls in caves and edible flowers. Dislikes sinister plots and fake friends.
  • Fruity Tooty Piximander
    • Fruity, tooty, and just as snooty.
  • Hextech Piximander
    • The pursuit of knowledge demands you ax-o-lotl questions.
  • Chemtech Piximander
    • The only one who's "endangered" here is you.
  • Spotted Piximander
    • What's black, white, and stealing your carousel items?


  • Here's a look at Jinx & Jayce VFX changes that are now testing on the PBE!

Balance Changes

NOTE*: The PBE is a testing grounds for new, tentative, & potentially experimental changes. Be aware that what you see below may be relative to other changes from earlier this cycle! These are not official notes and may be incomplete.

Context & Notes

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Check out [THIS PAGEfor a comprehensive list of the new content & changes currently on the PBE as a part of this cycle or catch up with the individual update links below !

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