PBE Preview: Ruined & Sentinel Part 2

Posted on at 8:58 AM by Aznbeat
A new PBE preview is up on Riot social media! Ruined Miss FortuneUnbound Thresh and Sentinel Graves, Pyke, and Rengar will be hitting the PBE in the 11.15 cycle!
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Splash arts for each skin were shown off as well:

Ruined Miss Fortune

Unbound Thresh

Sentinel Graves

Sentinel Pyke

Sentinel Rengar

KateyKhaos provided turnaround shots for each skin:

She also noted the PBE was a day later than usual due to the recent holiday:
[1] "Due to the Monday holiday, the new PBE cycle will kick off a day later than usual; Wednesday rather than Tuesday."

[2] "PBE feedback threads will go up on r/LeaguePBE tomorrow as well. In the meantimes, please feel free to leave feedback on the turnaround threads. I'm QA for Ruined Miss Fortune only!"
Look for more on these skins when they hit the PBE later this week in the 11.15 PBE cycle!

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