Rise of the Sentinels Teasers

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Teasers for the next event, Rise of the Sentinels (7/8 - 8/10) were released, showing off a look at new skins and a new champion!
Continue reading for a closer look of the teaser images and details on how to find the hidden image yourself!

First up, here's an image from the League of Legends twitter, showing off a "Ruined" Shyvana:
"The flames of Ruin ignite in Rise of the Sentinels, coming July 8."
Here's the second teaser image, featuring Viego, Thresh, Senna, Lucian, Gwen, Vayne, Graves, and the latest champion, Akshan!

This image is downloadable by solving a series of puzzles at a Sentinels of Light landing page.

*Spoilers below this point!*

Solution (highlight to see!):
  • Click on Viego's hand in the mural on the wall. It will take you to a page showing a music box.
  • A variation of Gwen's theme will play from the music box, and a text box opens.
  • Over on to Gwen's biography, a line you need to highlight to see was added, showing "8<-8<-8<-8<-".
  • Entering this reversed (->8->8->8->8) bring you to welcome page for Sentinels.
  • Inspecting the page, we find a hidden note:
"To the Sentinels— 
In the event of my death, I appoint Akshan as my successor, to inherit my weapon and keep Shurima protected from the forces of undeath.
May you one day find us, 
  • Entering "Akshan" into the text box bringsyou to the teaser image and the dates July 8th - August 10!
Look for more on the new champion and new skins later this week in the 11.14 PBE cycle!

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