5/5 PBE Update: TFT Ranked Reward Little Legends

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The PBE has been updated! As we continue the 11.10 PBE cycle, today's patch includes a look at the Triumphant & Victorious Protector, and more tentative balance changes!
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(Warning: PBE Content is tentative and subject to change - what you see below may not reflect what eventually gets pushed to live servers at the end of the cycle! Manage your expectations accordingly.)

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TFT Ranked Reward Little Legends

Image assets for the Triumphant and Victorious Protector were added to the PBE:

Triumphant Protector

Victorious Protector

Balance Changes

NOTE*: The PBE is a testing grounds for new, tentative, & potentially experimental changes. Be aware that what you see below may be relative to other changes from earlier this cycle! These are not official notes and may be incomplete.

  • Lucent Singularity (E) damage increased from [60/105/150/195/240 (+60% AP)] to [60/110/160/210/260 (+65% AP)]

  • Prowling Projectile (Q) 
    • base damage lowered from 50/90/130/170/210/250 to 50/80/110/140/170/200
    • base empowered damage lowered from 60/115/170/225/280/335 to 60/100/140/180/220/260

  • AD based on missing health reverted from [0-10%] to [0-15%]
  • Healing increased from [25% AD +8% missing health] to [25% + 10% missing health]

TFT Traits
  • 4 unit 
    • Dragonslayer AP increased from 70% to 80%
    • Other unit AP increased from 40% to 50%

  • 4 unit MR increased from 180 to 200

  • 6 unit damage blocked increased from 75 to 90

  • 4 unit
    • AD increased from 130 to 140
    • Health increased from 1300 to 1400
  • 5 unit 
    • AD increased from 160 to 180
    • Health increased from 1600 to 1800

  • 3 unit damage reduction increased from 25 to 30 
  • 4 unit damage reduction increased from 35 to 45

TFT Champions

Tier 3
  • Bonus AD increased from 90/100/120% to 90/100/130%

  • Ability damage lowered from 200/250/500 to 200/250/450
  • Secondary damage lowered from 100/125/250 to 100/125/225

  • Percent of AD increased from 400/450/600% to 400/450/650%

  • Damage increased from 300/400/700 to 300/400/750
  • Bonus true damage increased from 30/40/70 to 30/40/75
Lee Sin
  • Ability damage increased from 250/350/750 to 250/350/900

  • Ability targets increased from 3/4/5 to 3/4/6

Tier 4
  • Damage lowered from 500/650/5000 to 450/600/5000

Tier 5
  • Ability damage increased from 400/550/7777 to 400/600/7777

  • Number of wolves reverted from 3/3/10 to  3/4/10

Context & Notes

1) Here's Riot Scruffy with a 11.10 PBE Balance changelist:
"11.10 Preview with tentative changes: 
Irelia is bumped because we think we can do better work with a bit more time, and updated jungle accessibility list is here."

He added:
"Two small adjustments on 11.10 after the feedback: 
  • Lux E 60-240 (+60% AP) >>> 60-260 (+65% AP) 
  • Goredrinker Healing per champion hit 25% AD + 8% missing HP >>> 25% AD + 10% missing HP (other changes removed)"

2) Beardilocks posted a feedback thread for Kog'Maw VFX and SFX changes testing on the PBE - "Kog'Maw Visual + Sound effects Update"
"Hi y'all! 
Similar to the previous VFX updates we’ve made in the past (Ziggs, Thresh, Lux, etc), we're working on updates to the Visual Effects (VFX) of another champions whose spell effects are in need of some love. Our aim is to get their VFX to current League standards and improve gameplay clarity. In Patch 11.10, we'll be releasing a VFX Update for everyones favorite void puppy, Kog'Maw! 
Just like the previous ones, since these are smaller updates geared toward sprucing up some of the oldest members of the roster, they aren't in the same prioritization conversation as to how we decide who gets a VGU (where we take model, gameplay, and thematic into account too!): they do not affect any other timeline, and are simply dev passion projects. 
However, in this circumstance a character artist took the opportunity to update Kog'maw's base texture, which we will be shipping with these VFX changes.

In addition, we have a few minor edits to cleanup the Sound Effects (SFX) too.
We're looking for feedback on these changes, which should be up on the PBE now. Please try them out there —especially if you're a main— and leave us your feedback once the changes are up! 
  • PASSIVE - ICATHIAN SURPRISE :: Reduced noise and improved clarity with regards to the size of the explosion. Also took the opportunity to make the VFX feel like they're more from the Void
  • BASIC ATTACK :: New missiles and hit effects
  • Q - CAUSTIC SPITTLE :: New hit effects and a new missile to better represent its actual hitbox. The goal on the Q was to make sure that it's more clearly readable against Summoner's Rift. Standardized the Armor/MR shred.
  • W - BIO-ARCANE BARRAGE :: New effects to make Kog’maw more representative of the Void, as well as feel more powerful.
  • E - VOID OOZE :: New hit effects and a new missile to better represent its actual hitbox. The goal on the E was to make sure that it's more clearly readable against Summoner's Rift.
  • R - LIVING ARTILLERY :: New effects that better represent the hitbox. Yes, it has always been that big!
Kog’maw Skins
  • BASE KOG’MAW :: Updated character texture
  • REINDEER KOG’MAW :: Added new recolors to VFX
  • DEEP SEA KOG’MAW :: Added new recolors to VFX
  • JURASSIC KOG’MAW :: Added new recolors to VFX
  • LION DANCE KOG’MAW :: New Unique VFX on E. Updated R and Q VFX. Updated Q SFX to match updated VFX.
  • PUG’MAW :: All VFX Updated
  • ALL OTHER KOG’MAW SKINS :: R updated to show hitbox more clearly. Added hit SFX for E on all skins"
3) Here's the latest on the Arcana skins from the r/LeaguePBE feedback threads:

Hello all! I apologize for the late update. Thank you for the feedback. We make an effort to read it all and truly appreciate hearing from everyone. The team was able to make a few updates to Arcana Tahm Kench. They are listed below: 
  • The in-game clarity of Arcana Tahm Kench's Devour (W) VFX has been increased. It will now be more noticeable when his (W) is active from different angles.
  • Arcana Tahm Kench's SFX also have been updated. We added some deeper tones to lessen the 'watery' feels."

Arcana Camille

  • Q: Reduced the size of the "On Hit" card visual
  • Q2:Added opacity to Q2 blade swipe
  • P: Rescaled the texture on the passive to improve resolution and reduce "fuzziness"
  • Q2: Adjusted volume/mix
  • W: Adjusted volume/mix + mild revision of the outer "On Hit" assets
  • Made adjustments to Camille's facial features to closer resemble her base
  • - and adjusted splash to match accordingly
  • Subtle color adjustment to metal clasp of torso gem in splash art
It was highlighted that Camille stood out slightly from the rest of the Arcana line in terms of color warmth. We won't be making any adjustments in this area. For us - it's okay to have variations within the themes. In this case though, Lucian tips the scale back to an even split. He is too red, hiding some of his detail beneath that overlay. We are making changes on him that move him away from the "warmer" tones you see on Xerath and Tahm. What drives some of these decisions is readability, clarity, etc. For example, Tahm's face is cooled off like Lucian and Camille's blues, and to separate his head from his jacket, we need to warm up his jacket. Similar reasoning behind Xerath--we don't want to lose his dark and cooler skin tone, so we need to warm up his pants, and arms. We could push it a bit more, but we also want our artists to have creativity within the thematic. 
We have chosen to maintain the bright golden crown rather than darken it as requested. This is something we want to remain consistent with across the line keeping darker tones at foot level and lightening up as you reach the height of the champion. 
We cannot do any further refinement on the detail of the body texture. Rescaling textures is an expensive ask of each skins assigned memory budget in our engine, sadly this request was low priority and got de-prioritized so others could make it in." 
Hello all! I apologize for the late update. It has been a busy couple of days. Thank you everyone that took the time to leave feedback. We make an effort to read it all and truly appreciate hearing from everyone. The team looked closely at Arcana Xerath and decided he is in a great place, he looks and feels as intended. No changes will be made.
Hello all! I apologize for the late update. Thank you for the feedback. We make an effort to read it all and truly appreciate hearing from everyone. The team was able to make an update to Arcana Lucian. Update is listed below: 
The team was able to tone back the red on Lucian's model. His coloring should align more closely to the other Arcana skins.
Arcana Chromas
"Post PBE Changes 
  • Arcana Tahm Kench 
    • Fixed bug with Arcana Tahm Kench's W ability switching back to parent textures when used on ally/enemies."

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