Patch 11.9 & TFT Notes

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Patch 11.9 is scheduled for Wednesday, April 28th and the official patch notes and TFT patch notes have been posted!
Continue reading for a full look the patch notes & previews, including Conqueror Jax + Prestige, and the DWG team skins, and a rundown on TFT Set 5: Reckoning!

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Patch 11.9 Notes

Check out the Patch 11.9 Notes:
"Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and it’s our favorite time of the year— Midseason!    
This one's a bit of a doozy, so let's give you a rundown. First, we’ve got a shakeup to the tank system with the nerf of Turbo Chemtank and buffs to a few underpowered fighter items (Death’s Dance and Wit’s End). Then, in preparation for MSI, we’re shuffling up the meta for Pro play by bringing a diversified crew onto the stage. This means dominant names like Gragas take a step back to let old friends like Shen and Lulu try some time in the spotlight. 
Past these, we overshot on a few champions last patch who quickly grew to be main offenders on the Rift. Folks like Diana and Morgana, whose newfound power helped them settle too comfortably in the jungle, are getting taken down a peg while preserving strength in the role. The same goes for a certain red reaper and a magenta meatball in their respective lanes.  
What else? Taric’s interaction with certain champs gets updated so that he no longer applies benefits to allies that aren’t on the map. Viego gets a lot of bugs out of his system. The second leg of Ranked begins, and you make it to the tier of your dreams. 
And that’s it! We’ll see ya in the next one. 

TFT: Reckoning has arrived, and we reckon you'll want to check the TFT patch notes before the Black Mist corrupts us all!

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Hanna "shio shoujo" Woo

Patch Highlights

DWG Jhin, DWG Nidalee, DWG Kennen, DWG Leona, DWG Twisted Fate, Conqueror Jax, and Conqueror Jax Prestige Edition will be available on April 29th, 2021.

Base armor and health growths reduced. Passive bonus attack speed reduced early.  
Our buffs to Diana's passive in 11.8 helped her rise up the ranks in mid and jungle. Players are enjoying the spice she brings to the jungle, so we're gently pulling back on her clear speeds and in lane durability.  
Base Stats
  • ARMOR GROWTH :: 3.6 >>> 3.1
  • HEALTH GROWTH :: 7.5 >>> 6.5 
Passive - Moonsilver Blade
  • BONUS ATTACK SPEED :: 20-40% (based on level) >>> 15-40% (based on level) 
Dr. Mundo
Base armor and AD growths decreased.  
Our 11.8 buffs to top Mundo brought him back into the spotlight and then some. Once he hits late game, he reaches an oppressive state where it feels impossible to get through his purple hide. We’re following up by taking out some of his tankiness and threat potential to let his opponents take bigger chunks out of his meaty exterior. 
Base Stats
  • ARMOR GROWTH :: 3.5 >>> 3
  • AD GROWTH :: 3.5 >>> 3
W bonus resistances decreased; units kill cap increased.  
With efficient stacking on his W without requiring much in return, Garen’s been able to have his beef and eat it too. We’re pushing down his spike in his tankiness so that his power curves more smoothly after picking up a Mythic item.

W - Courage
  • BONUS RESISTANCES :: 0.25 armor resist and magic resist per stack >>> 0.2 armor resist and magic resist per stack 

E base damage decreased later.  
Gragas is currently a triple threat in Pro levels of play, guzzling casks in jungle, support, and top lane. Nudging down one of his more vital spells in lane.   
E - Body Slam
  • BASE DAMAGE :: 80/130/180/230/280 >>> 80/125/170/215/260
Base armor decreased; armor growth increased. Q damage amp per stack decreased and now scales with bonus AD. W now heals from damage dealt and scales with AD. E damage decreased.  
Hecarim is still at a wild gallop in the meta, more often meeting the ban hammer than his foes. Then once he’s able to make it into a game, he’s typically confined to a full-tank build. In order to fix this two-part problem, we’re trotting down some of his upfront burst and early durability. We’re also giving more incentive for damage-oriented builds for a powerful pony rather than the same old beefy bronco. 
Base Stats
  • ARMOR :: 36 >>> 32
  • ARMOR GROWTH :: 4 >>> 4.25 
Q - Rampage 
  • DAMAGE AMPLIFICATION PER STACK :: 5% >>> 2% (+1% per 33 bonus AD) 
W - Spirit of Dread
  • [REM] HEALING FROM DAMAGE TAKEN :: Hecarim no longer heals 30% of damage taken by enemies within the area
  • [NEW] NO MORE HORSIN' AROUND :: Hecarim now heals for 30% (+1% per 40 bonus AD) of the damage he deals to a target. This is halved to 15% (+1% per 80 bonus AD) for damage dealt by allies.
E - Devastating Charge 
  • MINIMUM BASE DAMAGE :: 35/65/95/125/155 >>> 30/50/70/90/110
  • MAXIMUM BASE DAMAGE :: 70/130/190/250/310 >>> 60/100/140/180/220
W initial rocket damage decreased later.  
Heimerdinger is overperforming in top, mid, and bot lane at high levels of play. Giving him a ding down.

W - Hextech Micro-Rockets
  • INITIAL ROCKET DAMAGE ::  50/80/110/140/170 >>> 50/75/100/125/150
  • MAXIMUM ROCKET DAMAGE :: 90/144/198/252/306 >>> 90/135/180/225/270
Q crit strike bugfix. 
Jinx was doing way more splash damage than she was supposed to with Fishbones. It’s fixed now, but it’s a big enough drop in damage that we’re noting it here.

Q - Switcheroo!
  • FISHBONES SPLASH DAMAGE CRIT STRIKE BUGFIX :: 200% >>> 175% (Damage to the primary target was unchanged and has been correctly 175%)

Q Darkin damage modifier increased. 
Shadow Assassin Kayn has been overshadowing his Darkin counterpart, so we’re bringing that part of Kayn… out of the dark. 
Q - Reaping Slash 
  • DARKIN DAMAGE MODIFIER :: 55% of total AD >>> 65% of total AD 
Q cooldown decreased; base damage increased later.   
Kindred is continuing to struggle in the jungle, so we’re giving her a stronger mid-game power spike.

Q - Dance of Arrows
  • COOLDOWN :: 9 seconds >>> 8 seconds
  • BASE DAMAGE :: 60/80/100/120/140 >>> 60/85/110/135/160
Q resistances reduction increased. E cost decreased.  
Kog'Maw has been in a cocoon more than he’s been in the bot lane, so we’re giving him more ooze to get back in the groove. In addition, we're helping him burn through more enemies that dare stand in his way... or in his spit. 
Q - Caustic Spittle 
  • RESISTANCES REDUCTION ::  20/22/24/26/28% >>> 25/27/29/31/33%
E - Void Ooze
  • COST :: 80/90/100/110/120 mana >>> 60/70/80/90/100 mana
W cooldown decreased; ally cast bonus attack speed increased early.  
We're buffing Whimsy to give Lulu a pinch more power earlier in the game. 

W - Whimsy
  • COOLDOWN :: 16/15/14/13/12 seconds >>> 15/14/13/12/11 seconds 
  • ALLY CAST BONUS ATTACK SPEED :: 20/23.75/27.5/31.25/35% >>> 25/27.5/30/32.5/35%
W damage against non-epic monsters decreased. 
Although we still think she’s a great new addition to the jungle, our 11.8 buff to Morgana was stronger than intended, so we're partially walking it back.

W - Tormented Shadow
  • DAMAGE AGAINST MONSTERS :: 200% >>> 185%
Passive Overheated bonus on-hit damage decreased.  
Rumble is heating up in the mid lane, specifically against squishier melee targets, so we’re hitting an all-too-reliable source of his damage so his enemies have a chance to cool down.  
Passive - Junkyard Titan
  • OVERHEATED BONUS ON-HIT DAMAGE :: 10-50 (+30% AP) >>> 5-40 (+25% AP) 
W damage ratio increased. R damage ratio increased.  
Our damage-binding adjustments to Sett in 10.18 reduced the effectiveness of his full-tank builds, which made him less of a menace in mid, jungle, and support. With a reduced threat of him flexing across different positions, we can now let him flex more damage. 
W - Haymaker
  • DAMAGE RATIO :: 10% per 100 bonus AD >>> 20% per 100 bonus AD 
R - The Show Stopper
  • AD DAMAGE RATIO :: 100% bonus AD >>> 120% bonus AD
R shield decreased; now scales with bonus health. 
With only base values and a token AP ratio, Shen’s ult feels more like a bubble than a shield, making it too unreliable for protecting squishy allies when they get caught out late game. We’re adding another ratio to make his scaling considerably better and to help him feel more empowered to protect his friends late game. 
R - Stand United
  • MINIMUM SHIELD :: 175/350/525 (+135% AP) >>> 140/320/500 (+17.5% bonus health) (+135% AP)
  • MAXIMUM SHIELD :: 280/560/840 (+216% AP) >>> 224/512/800 (+28% bonus health) (+216% AP)
Q cost decreased later. Updated tether interaction with Master Yi. 
Taking some of the mana burden off of our knight in shining crystal.

  • TETHER INTERACTION :: Casting R - Cosmic Radiance, E - Dazzle, and W - Bastion on Taric's linked ally that is not present on the map will no longer channel, show their VFX, or grant benefits, respectively, on them when they reappear (through abilities like Elise's E - Rappel, Master Yi's Q - Alpha Strike, etc.)
Q - Starlight's Touch 
  • COST :: 70/80/90/100/110 mana >>> 70/75/80/85/90 mana 
E slow increased early. 
The 8.18 nerf to Trundle’s pillar’s slow put the brakes on his ganking and ability to find picks, and our follow-up in 10.2 just didn’t cut it. With more slow from the get go, we’re making it easier for Trundle to be the zoning troll on a roll.  
E - Pillar of Ice 
  • SLOW :: 20/30/40/50/60% >>> 32/39/46/53/60%
Q cooldown increased later.  
Our last buff brought Vlad back into the role of a scaling powerhouse—maybe a little too much so. We’re partially pulling back on his 11.8 adjustment to find a sweeter middle ground.  
Q - Transfusion
  • COOLDOWN :: 9/7.75/6.5/5.25/4 seconds >>> 9/7.9/6.8/5.7/4.6 seconds 
Q damage increased. W base and enhanced base damage increased later.  
Our resident laser-sniper has been in a confusing state, having more of a blast as a support than as a mid laner. By re-tuning his scaling to favor level and gold scaling, this should help energize mid Xerath.  
Q - Arcanopulse 
  • DAMAGE :: 80/120/160/200/240 (+75% AP) >>> 70/110/150/190/230 (+85% AP)
W - Eye of Destruction
  • BASE DAMAGE :: 60/90/120/150/180 >>> 60/95/130/165/200 
  • ENHANCED BASE DAMAGE :: 100.02/150.03/200.04/250.05/300.06 (enemies in the center of the blast) >>> 100/158.4/216.7/275/333.3 (enemies in the center of the blast)
Dead Man's Plate 
Dead Man’s Plate is dominating as a second item choice for a wide range of champions, including tanks, fighters, and juggernauts. We're reducing its raw defensive stats to highlight its unique mobility passive.
  • HEALTH :: 400 >>> 300
Death's Dance 
Death’s Dance has been a step behind its peers, so we’re bumping up its raw efficiency to bring it back in full swing.
  • ATTACK DAMAGE :: 50 >>> 55
  • ARMOR :: 40 >>> 45
Moonstone Renewer 
Our adjustments to Moonstone in 11.8 left the item weaker than other options for supports, so we’re returning some power back to its base healing, which should feel even more satisfying when combined with its heal and shield power.  
  • STARLIT GRACE HEAL :: 60 >>> 70
  • Starcaster (Ornn Upgrade) STARLIT GRACE HEAL :: 60 >>> 70 
Prowler's Claw  
We’re adjusting the way Prowler’s Claw’s active targeting works to make it more user-friendly and forgiving, as it’s been more challenging to use in some kits than intended. We’re not increasing the item’s actual range, but now if you misclick slightly while trying to cast it in the middle of your combo, Prowler’s will hit the target you probably meant to click on instead of doing nothing. 
  • [UPD] SANDSWIPE TARGETING :: Targets enemy exactly at the cursor >>> Looks for a target in the following order: Nearest champion within 50 units of the cursor, nearest non-champion within 50 units of the cursor, nearest champion within 200 units of cursor, nearest non-champion within 200 units of cursor
Sunfire Aegis 
In the olden times, there was a sunnier era, or dare we say, a Sunfirey era. That was until the Chemtanks crushed all who would dare oppose them. We’re bringing back the fire by helping Aegis melt down its enemies once more.
  • Forgefire Crest (Ornn Upgrade) IMMOLATE BONUS DAMAGE TO MONSTERS :: 100% >>> 150% 
Turbo Chemtank 
With Turbo in tow, junglers are able to consistently engage and gank as they gallop in from across the map, so we’re putting it on a tighter leash.
  • BONUS MOVEMENT SPEED :: 60% >>> 40% 
  • Turbocharged Hexperiment (Ornn Upgrade) BONUS MOVEMENT SPEED :: 60% >>> 40% 
Wit's End 
For such a niche item, Wit's End lacks oomph, even when picked up in the right scenario. Adjusting the build path and adding more damage should make it feel more powerful all around and appeal to more champions. 
  • BUILD PATH :: Hearthbound Axe + Negatron Cloak + Dagger + 800 gold >>> Hearthbound Axe + Negatron Cloak + Long Sword + 750 gold
  • ATTACK DAMAGE :: 30 >>> 40
In-Game Shop Updates
  • Improved the dropdown for item sets. Now they're *set* up for success. 
  • Elixirs now display a cooldown in the Quickbuy panels so you can tell when the most powerful potions will be available for you to purchase.
  • After purchasing a Mythic Item, additional Mythics will stop pestering you in the builds menu. SHOO!
  • Ornn items are displayed in the shop if you have the great horned one on your team.
Summoner's Rift Ranked Split 2 Start
We're rolling into the second split of Ranked on Sunday, May 2 at 11:59 PM local time for your region! Emerge victorious from this Split with exclusive rewards including a Gwen summoner icon, Gwen emotes, and a Series 1 Eternals Capsule. 
Shurima & MSI Clash 
Clash continues! We've got more dates for you and your team to keep an eye on:  
  • Shurima Clash: The second weekend of Shurima-themed Clash will be May 1 and 2. Team formation for the second weekend will open on April 26.
  • MSI Clash: The first weekend of the MSI-themed Clash will be May 8 and 9. Team formation for the first weekend open on May 3. The second weekend will be during patch 11.11.
Bugfixes/QoL Changes 
  • Fixed bugs where Viego would not properly copy Kindred and Shyvana's stacking passives
  • Fixed bug where, on possessing Kled, Viego would sometimes become mounted Kled with unmounted Kled's abilities
  • Fixed a bug where, after possessing Kindred, Viego would occasionally keep the Wolf's VFX for the rest of the game
  • Fixed various bugs regarding omnivamp and the champion's stat panel. Omnivamp in the stat panel will now properly match up to the actual values a champion has.
  • Fixed bug where Jayce's W - Hyper Charge would not update his attack speed correctly
  • Fixed a bug where Wukong would not knock-up enemies who entered his R - Cyclone radius while untargetable even after their untargetability ends
  • KogMaw's Passive - Icathian Surprise nVO has been restored and is playing once again on all skins
  • Seraph's Embrace and Archangel's Staff are no longer blocked from being purchased if you own other items in the Lifeline group
  • Riftmaker and Trinity Force now grant Kai'Sa the appropriate amount of stats for her Evolutions
  • Fixed an issue where Rammus' Q - Powerball would grant more move speed than intended when Predator is equipped 
  • Shurelya's Battlesong and Shurelya's Requiem's Inspire passive no longer counts allied champions twice for its "Allies Motivated" counter in its tooltip
Upcoming Skins & Chromas 
The following skins will be released in this patch: 
The following chromas will be released this patch:

Champion Skins

Seven skins will be available this patch:

Conqueror Jax

Conqueror Jax Prestige Edition

DWG Jhin

1350 RP [Legacy]

DWG Kennen

[1350 RP / Legacy]


DWG Leona

[1350 RP / Legacy]

DWG Nidalee

[1350 RP /  Legacy]

DWG Twisted Fate

[1350 RP /  Legacy]


New chromas will be available this cycle:

DWG Chromas
"This chroma was released as a bundle exclusive during MSI 2021."

Summoner Icons

New summoner icons will be available this cycle:

DWG [Champion] Signature Icon
"Honoring [Player's] winning [Champion] in the 2020 World Championship"

Conqueror Jax Icon
This icon was released as a bundle exclusive in 2021

Conqueror Jax Prestige Edition Icon
This icon was acquired by obtaining the Prestige Conqueror Jax skin with Prestige Points

MSI Team Summoner Icons

New MSI icons will be available this patch:

[Team] MSI 2021 Icon


New emotes will be available this patch:

We're Number One!

God King Faceoff

Perseverance, Tenacity, Devotion

Evil Grin, Please Ruin Me

MSI Emotes

New MSI emotes will be available this patch:

[Team] MSI 2021

Kog'Maw VFX Update

As noted by Beardilocks, a VFX update for Kog'Maw will be headed to live in patch 11.9! Check out the updates in the video below:


  • As noted by Riot Beardilocks, VFX changes for Full Machine Viktor will be headed to live:
  • VFX Changes for Lord Mordekaiser will be headed to live:

Teamfight Tactics Patch 11.9 Notes

Check out the Patch 11.9 notes:
"Welcome to Reckoning!  
Teamfight Tactics: Reckoning is here, along with new champions and traits, the Shadow mechanic, new Armory shops, and Hyper Roll, TFT’s first Lab. Reckoning brings players more dynamic moments to highlight their decision-making like never before. With traits that bring unprecedented flexibility, and new items and units that deepen positional play, we can’t wait to find out what combinations you uncover during the new ranked season. 

Reckoning doesn’t just give you tons of new ways to prove your skill: you also have new ways to flaunt your style. Gather your party with the three new Magical Misfits, who’ve banded together to fight against — or for the Black Mist. If fighting the Black Mist with a party of Magical Misfits isn’t enough for you, there’s a whole other party going on at the Splash Party Arena! 
There’s a lot to cover, so gather your party and let’s get into Reckoning! 
Rodger “MinionsRpeople2” Caudill



The cheat sheet above should give you a good idea of the champions and traits in the new set. But if you want to dive deep into all the stats and new items, we recommend heading to one of the sites listed below. 

Here are some highlights from the brand new 1295RP Pass+ during TFT: Reckoning! You can read more about the Pass and more here! As with past Passes, you’ll get rewards for gathering XP, but to unlock all the exclusives listed below, you’ll want to upgrade to the Pass+. The Pass formally enables Wednesday, 11 AM PST, along with all the other store content.  
  • Emotes: God King Faceoff, Evil Grin, Please Ruin Me, and more
  • Booms to celebrate your victories: Infernal Flock, Rune Surge, and Prismatic Smite
  • Star Shards to star-up your favorite Little Legends
  • LL Eggs: Magical Misfit Eggs, and more
  • Arenas: Sanctum of Order, Realm of Harmony, and Court of Chaos
  • Chaos Pengu and Chaos Sprite

Chaos Pengu: When Pengu made contact with the corrupting forces of the Black Mist, Chaos Pengu burst from the Feather Knight we know and love. And—while Chaos Pengu’s hair, dance moves, and rap theme are superior—it’s important to note that Chaos Pengu is just that, superior. 

Chaos Sprite: Chaos Sprite has never understood River Sprite. But we’re sure they’d be friends if flames weren't so easily extinguished by water.  
Little Legends
The Magical Misfits are here! 

Dowsie: Looking to add a mystical mer-mage to your party? Look no further than... wait, where’d that Dowsie go? Oh, right—Dowsie can adapt to nearly all surroundings, so you’ll have to lure them out. And if you are luring one out, stay calm and remember they’re only bashful— until angered, then they might bash-you-full of spells. 

Fenroar: So, you want the ghost wolf, Fenroar, to join your party. Fenroar are fiercely loyal warriors. But don’t let the sword intimidate you. They become eternally bound to their Puproar as well as their friends, which they make quite easily after a round or two of fetch the orbs. 

Nimblefoot: A cunning master of speed, traps, and thievery, Nimblefoot quickly turns any journey into a mischievous misadventure. Their enchanted red pouch can hold anything and everything, from gold to orbs to… wait, is that cheese?  
Sun’s out, Choncc’s out!  

Splash Town Choncc: Splash Town Choncc’s dream is winning the Splash Party surfing competition. And with how much napping they do, they’re likely to keep on dreaming.  

Lifeguard Choncc: Splash Town locals and tourists alike can feel safer knowing Lifeguard Choncc is on the lookout. On the lookout for the best waves, and Chonccest vibes of course.

Sunkissed Choncc: Lifeguard Choncc may be the best swimmer, surfer, and boogie boarder, but Sun Kissed Choncc is the best at some really important stuff too. Stuff like, humming, belly bongos, playing the ukulele, and Hula dancing! 

Reckoning has two interactive Arenas available in Bundles and on their own. Whether you enjoy the sun and seagulls, or caves and bats, we’ve got you covered. 

  • When Reckoning goes live in your region with patch 11.9, you’ll be able to start climbing the ladder in this set's first Ranked stage. As a reminder, Grandmaster and Challenger are unlocked right out of the gates! Best of luck!
  • Everyone will start Reckoning in Iron II. 
  • You will get 5 provisional matches after the reset, meaning you will not lose any LP for sub-top-4 placements in your first 5 ranked games of the new stage. You’ll also gain extra LP for finishing top-4, so best of luck!
  • Fates Ranked rewards will be given out on patch 11.10. 
  • Players who reached Gold or higher at any point in the Fates set will receive the Victorious Protector to me-wow their opponents.
  • Players who managed to reach Gold or higher in both halves of the set will receive the Fates-themed Triumphant Protector as well! Nicely done.
  • Competitive play in Hyper Roll is going to work a bit differently. Everyone will start in Gray tier and progress throughout a Color system climaxing in Hyper Tier. For information on Hyper Roll Rating click it here.
Hyper Roll 
It’s here, TFT’s first official Lab, Hyper Roll, where you can roll faster and harder than a three-star Dango. Here’s a brief overview of the new Lab which you can read more about here. 

Reckoning Set Mechanic(s)
Shadow Items are the new set mechanic. You can read about them in detail in our Gameplay Overview Article here.  
Shadow Items

  • Shadow Components can appear in every carousel after the first one, as well as in the Armory
  • You only need one Shadow component to create a completed Shadow Item. The other component can be a normal one. Two shadow components also create a completed Shadow Item. 
  • When used correctly, Shadow Items are more powerful than base items, but if used carelessly, they can cause your team more harm than good. 
The Armory
The Armory is not exclusive to Reckoning, but it is making its debut here. It’s core to Hyper Roll and it will likely stick around for TFT’s future.  
  • The Armory is a pop-up shop where you select an item from a couple of options as you would a champion. These items are free, but you can only take one per Armory. You can, and often should, pick up Shadow components here. 
For this set, we’ve spent a lot of time improving some of the lesser-noticed systems in TFT. And here they are for you to notice! 
Unit Movement
Champions now evaluate their movements before commiting when chasing enemy units. #WORTH 
  • Old: If a unit’s target moves out of their Attack Range, it will move 1 hex to attempt to get back in range, and then re-evaluate its target if still not in range
  • New to Reckoning: If a unit’s target moves out of their Attack Range, it will evaluate if moving 1 hex would put it back into range. If not, it will immediately re-evaluate its target.
  • Assassins now consistently jump first before other champions move at the start of combat.
Mana Generation 
In previous sets, if you put a lot of tanky items on a character, they become more efficient at generating mana. Now, stacking defensive items won’t allow you to generate crazy amounts of mana, but it’ll still be good. 
  • Old: 6% of damage taken pre-mitigation is gained as mana
  • New: 1% pre-mitigation and 7% post-mitigation damage taken is gained as mana
Ability and Item Conventions Update 
Some ability terms and interactions are being updated for consistency. 
  • Attack Range is now calculated in Hexes
  • Spell Power is renamed to Ability Power
  • Basic attacks are renamed to just “attacks”
  • All physical damage, from abilities or attacks, can now critically strike and be dodged
  • All Active Abilities (abilities that are not Passive, like Vayne’s Silver Bolts) can now be blocked by Trap Claw
  • Item icons have been updated 
Shop Card Glow 
I don’t think I can play without this anymore.  
  • If you own a copy of a champion, cards of the same champion will glow in your shops.  
Shop Odds 
During Fates, hitting a 3 star 4-cost was made easier with the Chosen system. With it’s removal, we’re rebalancing some of the Shop odds changes we had to make in order to balance the Chosen system. 
  • Level 7: 22/35/30/12/1% =>19/35/30/15/1%
  • Level 8: 15/25/35/20/5% => 15/20/35/25/5%
Round Timers 
We’ve cut a few seconds out of moments where you’re not doing much to allow for more play time and less ‘dead’ time. This is especially important because we are adding time on a few stages with the new Armory system.  
  • Opening Carousel: Time To Gate Opening: 13 sec => 11 sec
  • Opening Carousel: Pick Time: 10 sec =>  8 sec
  • Stage 1-2 Planning Phase: 12 sec => 6 sec
  • Stage 1-3 Planning Phase: 20 sec => 15 sec
  • PVE Rounds Arrival Time: 6 sec => 4 sec
  • All Carousels Pick Time: 8 sec => 6 sec
  • All Carousels Additional time for final picks: 5 sec => 3 sec 
Carousel Odds 
Less randomness, slightly more Spatulas, still a bit of variance. 
  • Stage 2 & 4 Carousel: One of all: 80% => 76%
  • Stage 2 & 4 Carousel: One of all + 1 Spat: 15% => 22%
  • Stage 2 & 4 Carousel: 3 Spats + Random Items: 5% => 2%
  • Stage 3 Carousel: One of all: 30% => 50%
  • Stage 3 Carousel: 9 Random Components: 50% => 33%
  • Stage 3 Carousel: One of all + 1 Spat: 15%
  • Stage 3 Carousel: 3 Spats + Random Items: 5% => 2% 
Tiebreaker Update 
We added a new tiebreaker, which kicks in if players are still tied after the first two tiebreakers (negative health and health prior to elimination). The new tiebreaker is “won a round more recently.”
  • The Player who won a round more recently in a situation where multiple players are eliminated with the same health and health prior to elimination will finish ahead of the other.  
Updated Items
Item Raw Stat Deflations 
Most base stats for Component Items and the Completed Items they produce have been reduced. This will slow down the power ramp that Champions experience when getting their items.
  • Spell Power => Ability Power
  • BF Sword Attack Damage: 15 => 10
  • Recurve Bow Attack Speed: 15% => 10%
  • Needlessly Large Rod Ability Power: 15 => 10
  • Chain Vest Armor: 25 => 20
  • Negatron Cloak Magic Resist: 25 => 20
  • Giant’s Belt Health: 200 => 150
  • Sparring Gloves Crit Chance: 10% => 5%
  • Some Completed items built from Sparring Gloves lost 5% Dodge instead
  • Infinity Edge did not lose 5% Crit because we want it to still grant 100% Crit Chance
Updated Classic Items 
Returning items have been updated to accommodate the changes in Reckoning. These items have deflated raw stats based on their components (see above). A few of these items have been reworked, while many have just been adjusted.  
  • The following items are now Unique (don’t stack them, it won’t work well): Trap Claw, Sunfire Cape, Guardian Angel, Frozen Heart
  • Bloodthirster NEW EFFECT: The first time the wearer would fall below 40% Health, they gain a shield equal to 30% maximum Health for 5 seconds. It still gives Lifesteal as well. 
  • Dragon’s Claw REWORKED: Grants 200 bonus Magic Resist (including components)
  • Frozen Heart Attack Speed Slow: 50% => 35%
  • Frozen Heart Radius: 1 => 2 Hexes
  • Gargoyle Stoneplate Armor and Magic Resist per Enemy: 20 => 18 
  • Hand of Justice Now grants +40 Attack Damage and Ability Power instead of +40% increased damage
  • Luden’s Echo => Archangel’s Staff
  • Archangel’s Staff (Luden’s Echo REPLACEMENT): Each time the wearer casts their spell, they gain Ability Power equal to 35% of their maximum Mana
  • Quicksilver Crowd Control Immunity shield duration: 10 => 12
  • Rapid Firecannon Bonus Attack Range: +200% => +1 Hex
  • Rapid Firecannon Attack Speed: 20% => 40%, a heavy compensation for losing some attack range.
  • Redemption REWORKED: The wearer radiates an aura to allies within 1 Hex, healing them for 25% of their missing Health every 5 seconds. Allies affected by the aura take 40% reduced damage from area-of-effect attacks.
  • Morellonomicon Healing Reduction: 75% => 50%
  • Runaan’s Hurricane Bolt Damage: 80% => 75% of Attack Damage
  • Spear of Shojin now grants Mana On Attack instead of On Hit, thereby removing its synergy with Hurricane. 
  • Spear of Shojin Mana per on Attack: 5 => 8
  • Statikk Shiv can no longer crit
  • Statikk Shiv Magic Resist Shred: On Crit => On Hit
  • Statikk Shiv Magic Resist Shred: 60% => 70%
  • Statikk Shiv Magic Resist Shred: 6 => 5 seconds
  • Statikk Shiv Proc Damage is now 70
  • Titan’s Resolve stacks now increase Attack Damage and Ability Power by 2 instead of increasing damage by 2%
  • Zeke’s Herald Attack Speed: 30% => 25%  
  • Zephyr now pierces CC immunity effects (ie: Quicksilver, Verdant)
  • Zz’Rot taunt now happens immediately. Taunt is an instant effect that no longer compels enemies that are taunted to chase the target for 1 second. Instead, enemies can retarget once if no longer in range. 
  • Zz’Rot Health and Attack Damage now scale based on the current Stage (capping at Stage 5) rather than the Star Level of the wearer
  • Summoned Units (Abomination’s Monstrosity), will not spawn a voidspawn in 11.9, but will in future patches at a reduced capacity. This is a temporary fix to a balance issue that recently came up on PBE. This applies to both Zz’Rot and its Shadow counterpart. 
Shadow Items 
As a reminder, completed Shadow Items are made with a Shadow component and either a regular or a shadow component. They’re powerful, but have trade-offs, which, well, you’ll see. Here’s a list of what each Shadow Item does. 

 [See patch notes for full chart]

Spatula Items 
And because there’s an entirely new roster of traits, here’s a graphic of Spatula Items. Each Completed Spatula Item is now named after the trait it grants the equipped champion. The Item’s icon is also the Trait’s Icon. Here’s a cool graphic from our artist who did the cheat sheet at the top too — thanks artist! 

We made it! Lots of code, sweat, and tears have been poured into this Set and we truly hope you enjoy it to the fullest. Because this is the early days in Reckoning, we’ll be balancing things frequently, so to stay up to date with all the changes by circling back to the Patch Notes, or our socials. Have a great time with TFT: Reckoning, and we’ll be seeing you on the Convergence! "

TFT: Reckoning

TFT Set 5 will be going live with Patch 11.9! Check out these links for details on the new set!
Here's a look at the final changelist that will be going live with Patch 11.9:
  • Final Changes (1 / 2)
"Wrapping up Reckoning PBE, a thread with lots of info. Getting this out tonight so we can focus on all the cool stuff starting tomorrow! Thank you everyone for all the testing the past two weeks. Because of you we fixed a ton of bugs and made a ton of balance/polish changes. The set is going to live in a much better state because of you! We really appreciate every single PBE game that was played. 
That being said, we also know we're not done and will be improving Reckoning with each patch. There are still more bugs to fix and may be more balance issues to be discovered, so as you play live, keep that feedback coming! So here are the final changes we're pushing out for all you PBE players that will go live with Reckoning on Day 1. Lots of good stuff with a few things that need some explaining:
"Final Changes 
---Heal: 30/60/100/160% >>> 30/60/90/130%
---AS: 60/140% >>> 70/180%
---SP: 20/50 >>> 20/60
---SP per Stack: 2/5 >>> 2/6 
1 Cost
---Spell AD: 180/200/220% >>> 180/200/240%
---Spell Base Damage: 350/600/950 >>> 350/600/1000
---AD: 20 >>> 25
2 Cost
---Spell Damage: 100/200/500 >>> 150/250/700
---Spell AD: 140/150/180% >>> 160/180/220%
---Spell Damage: 250/350/600 >>> 300/400/600
---Spell Damage: 100/200/700 >>> 200/400/1000
---Spell Damage: 25/50/100 >>> 40/60/100
3 Cost
---Spell Damage: 150/200/400 >>> 200/250/400
---Spell Secondary Damage: 75/100/200 >>> 100/125/200
---Spell AS: 60/75/100% >>> 70/80/100%
---Spell Polymorph Duration: 2/2.5/3 >>> 2.5/3/3.5 seconds
---Spell Damage: 300/450/800 >>> 400/600/1000
---Health: 800 >>> 900
---Spell width has been increased to now hit targets that are adjacent to his primary target
---Mana: 40/80 >>> 60/120
---Spell Stun Duration: 2/2.5/3.5 >>> 2/2.5/3 seconds
4 Cost
---Spell AD: 180/200/240% >>> 160/180/220%
---Spell Base Damage: 150/250/400 >>> 150/200/400
---Mana: 50/100 >>> 80/160
---Armor and MR: 25 >>> 30
---Mana: 80/160 >>> 100/180
---Armor and MR: 30 >>> 25
---Spellcast Mana Lock: 1 >>> 1.25 seconds
---Spell Damage: 200/240/800 >>> 180/240/700
---Armor and MR: 20 >>> 25
5 Cost
---Spell Damage: 350/500/7777 >>> 400/600/7777
---Spell Damage: 120/150/666 >>> 140/175/666
---Armor and MR: 35 >>> 40 
-Giant Slayer
---Bonus Damage Over 1750 Health: 70% >>> 80%
-Shadow Giant Slayer
---Bonus Damage: 45% >>> 50%
---Spell Shield Duration: 10 >>> 12 seconds
-Statikk Shiv
---Lightning Damage: 65 >>> 70
-Shadow Statikk Shiv
---Lightning Damage: 65 >>> 70
-Shadow Titan’s Resolve
---Cooldown Between Procs: 4 >>> 3 seconds
-Zz’Rot Portal
---Summoned Units, such as Abomination’s Monstrosity, will not spawn a Voidspawn
---The Voidspawn’s Health and AD have been reduced across all Stages
---The Voidspawn’s Armor and MR no longer scale with Stage
---Armor/MR: 20
---Voidspawn Stage Scaling:
-----Scaling Cap: Stage 6 >>> Stage 5 (Still Stage 8 in Hyper Roll)
-----Capped Health: 3000 >>> 2250
-----Capped AD: 200 >>> 140
-Shadow Zz’Rot Portal
---Summoned Units, such as Abomination’s Monstrosity, will not spawn an Unstable Voidspawn
---Explosion Damage: 600 >>> 500 
Bug Fixes
-Fixed a bug where if a player bought Teemo at 7hp and died later to normal causes, they would still take the -66 Teemo damage and hear the VO play as if they had been killed by purchasing Teemo.
-Fixed a bug where a Draconic egg would not give you gold if there were no more Draconic units left in the pool
-Fixed a bug where you could swap an overflowed Draconic egg with a unit
-Shadow Force of Nature will no longer appear in the Carousel
-Fixed an issue where units would occasionally not pick a new target when an enemy they were targeting entered Guardian Angel’s revive
-Thieves gloves correctly kicks items off of other benched units when combined on the bench
Re: ZZ'rot/Abom, we've decided to error on overnerfing here. There isn't any text that explains this which isn't ideal, but we'll get that in for 11.10. But for now, ZZ'rot got nerfed a little extra hard, and won't work with Abom. It's worth it to remove this for now.

There's a few other things we have our eye on, but nothing cross into the realm of unacceptable so we'll see what rises to the top. PBE data is always a bit dicey, so we'll see what happens.  Other than that, enjoy Reckoning. Thanks again, and we can't wait for everyone to see what all is coming starting tomorrow leading up to the live game on your server Wednesday morning local time. Thanks and have fun!"
Set 5 TFT: Reckoning and the previously announced TFT lab mode Hyper Roll, will be headed to live:

As mentioned in the Hyper Roll explainerHyper Roll is the first of the TFT Labs experimental game modes and is planned to launch alongside Reckoning! This is intended to be a shorter version of TFT (~15 min) with things such as a lower health pool, no gold interest (reroll away!), and more rule changes.
[Rules prompt in Hyper Roll lobby]

Here's a look at the new carousel for Set 5:

New Assets:

Little Legends

Chaos Sprite
"Chaos Sprite has never understood River Sprite. But we're sure they'd be friends if flames weren't so easily extinguished by water."

Splash Town Choncc
"Splash Town Choncc's dream is winning the Splash Party surfing competition. And with how much napping they do, they're likely to keep on dreaming."

Lifeguard Choncc
"Splash Town locals and tourists alike can feel safer knowing Lifeguard Choncc is on the lookout. On the lookout for the best waves, and Chonccest vibes of course."

Sunkissed Choncc
 Lifeguard Choncc may be the best swimmer, surfer, and boogie boarder, but Sun Kissed Choncc is better at some really important stuff too. Stuff like, humming, belly bongos, playing the ukulele, and Hula dancing!

Chaos Featherknight
"When Pengu made contact with the corrupting forces of the Black Mist, Chaos Pengu burst from the Feather Knight we know and love. And-- while Chaos Pengu's hair, dance moves, and rap theme are superior-- it's important to note that Chaos Pengu is just that, superior."

"Looking to add a mystical mer-mage to your party? Look no further than... wait, where'd that Dowsie go? Oh, right-- Dowsie can adapt to nearly any surroundings, so you'll have to lure them out. And if you are luring one out, stay calm and remember they're only bashful-- until angered, then they might bash-you-full of spells."

Koi Dowsie

Jelly Dowsie

Waffle Dowsie

Iridescent Dowsie

Nightbringer Dowsie

"So, you want the ghost wolf, Fenroar, to join your party. Fenroar are fiercely loyal warriors. But don't let the sword intimidate you. They become eternally bound to their Puproar as well as their friends, which they make quite easily after a round or two of fetch the orbs."

Shurima Fenroar

Golden Fenroar

Skyborn Fenroar

Nightbringer Fenroar

Kanmei Fenroar

"A cunning master of speed, traps, and thievery, Nimblefoot quickly turns any journey into a mischievous misadventure. Their enchanted red pouch can hold anything and everything, from gold to orbs to... wait, is that cheese? "

Nightbringer Nimblefoot

Redeemed Nimblefoot

Kinkou Nimblefoot

Verdant Nimblefoot

Forgotten Nimblefoot


Realm of Harmony

Sanctum of Order

Count Spatula Arena

Splash Party Arena


Infernal Flock

Prismatic Smite

Rune Surge

Wings of Fury

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