Red Post Collection : TFT B-Patch Notes, LoR Champion Reveals & More!

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Today's red post collection includes a TFT 11.4 B Patch going to live, red comments from around the web, and a look at the LoR Empires of the Ascended card reveals from the last few days!
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TFT 11.4 B Patch

The TFT 11.4 notes have been updated with a few changes and bugfixes! Riot Mort also shared details over on twitter:
"B-Patch notes are starting to appear in other regions, so here they are for everyone. These are aiming to go live in about 6 hours, will post again once they are officially live."


  • CestDommage noted a shop bugfix that would be going out in 11.6:
"Just a heads up: We are aware of and working on the bug in the item shop that causes 3rd-tier items to sometimes become packed and overlapped. It should ship in the next patch (11.6) 
It required some pretty neat rewriting of the layout code by our talented engineers!"
"11.5 Patch preview with the full changes. Not 100% final but we're getting close. 
Samira (a bit overnerfed) and Qiyana added to the buff list as well."
  • Riot KateyKhaos tweeted that Kayn's skin portrait bug will be fixed in 11.5:
[1] "The Kayn skin portrait bug will be fixed in 11.5! (:" 
[2] "Why can't we have this as a standard for skins? It's a gameplay clarity concern, especially on a minimap, when you need to know who someone is at first glance."
  • Check out Engineering in Riot R&D, a new article up on the Riot Games blog discussing the role that engineers play in research and development and various stages of a games development.

Other Games

Legends of Runeterra
  • Empires of the Ascended reveals continue with Taliyah!
  • Following  feedback on the reveal, LoR twitter shared they will have making changes to Taliyah's LoR art:
[1] "Hey folks, thanks for the feedback on Taliyah’s visual design. Her current design isn’t representative of her character, and we’re making changes. Due to time constraints, her updated art won’t be in at the launch of Empires of the Ascended, but we’ve started on revisions." 
[2] "We love working with @ericalindbeck - you’ll hear her voice all over LoR. However, we made the decision to recast Taliyah’s voice actor to the extremely talented @ZehraFazal to remain as authentic to her character and heritage as possible." 
[3] "Community feedback has been a key pillar for LoR, and the entire team strives to ensure our champions and followers all authentically represent their core themes and respective cultures. We appreciate your passion and feedback to keep us on that course."
  • Empires of the Ascended reveals continue with Lissandra!

  • Empires of the Ascended reveals continue with Nasus!
  • Empires of the Ascended reveals continue with Kindred!

[Unnamed MMO]
  • Following up on his previous announcement, Ghostcrawler tweeted out that Riot is hiring for their future MMO project!

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