Red Post Collection: 2/3 Viego Nerf & Bugfixes, Prime Gaming Loot, & More

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This afternoon's red post collection includes a set of mid-patch updates for Viego, a new Riot Report, red comments from across the web, new Prime Gaming loot, and more! 
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    2/3 Mid-Patch Update - Viego Q nerf & bugfixes

    The Patch 11.3 notes have been updated with a Viego Q healing vs minions nerf and several bugfixes that have been pushed to live!

    2/3/2021 Viego Balance Change and Fizz Bugfix

    • E - PLAYFUL/TRICKSTER BUGFIX: Fixed a bug where Fizz would be locked out of casting other abilities until he recast his E - Playful/Trickster

    • PASSIVE - SOVEREIGN'S DOMAIN TOGGLE ABILITIES BUGFIX: Viego no longer keeps Gragas' Q - Barrel Roll and Lux's E - Lucent Singularity abilities after having possessed them
    • PASSIVE - SOVEREIGN'S DOMAIN HECARIM BUGFIX: Fixed a bug where Viego would cast different, incorrect abilities after possessing Hecarim while his W - Spirit of Dead is active
    • TRANSCENDENCE BUGFIX: Fixed a bug where Viego would be granted additional permanent ability haste from Transcendence if he levels to 5, 8, or 11 during enemy champion possession"

    Over on twitter, RiotAugust noted:
    "We just micropatched a nerf to Viego’s solo lane

    Double attack healing on minions:: 150% >>>100%

    We’d still like lanes to be viable, but Mid Viego was looking a bit too strong. 
    Jungle Viego has grown to 49% winrate. Will see if he keeps growing throughout patch."
    Riot Rovient also tweeted a Viego Eternals bugfix hotfix that also went out - 
    [1] "Hey League players: we're aware of the Viego Eternals spam and are preparing a micropatch fix. Will have it out as soon as possible." 
    [2] "UPDATE: Micropatch deployed successfully. Viego will no longer spam you with his Eternals Milestone pop-ups, whilst killing you over and over in your own jungle. We only removed the Milestone spam. You'll still have to deal with Viego taking your camps in your own way"


    "It's the first Riot Report of 2021! Learn about all the Lunar Beast events happening across multiple games, get the latest roadmaps from Legends of Runeterra and Wild Rift, and Jared Rosen joins the show once again to take all your lore questions about Viego, the ruined king.

    Interview with Jared Rosen, Viego Narrative Lead:​ 
    • Riot Xenogenic noted that they were working on Eternals Series 2:
    "Series 2 development is underway.  We're aiming for a launch in May.

    The next step Soon™ is: we want to share the full list of paper designs for your feedback, like we did with Series 1.  We used our boards last time (RIP) so investigating how/where we want to do it this time"
    • Riot Mort tweeted that the TFT Ranked Reward emotes are starting to be distributed.
    "Ranked reward emotes are starting to go out. Reminder that the Little Legend rewards are given out at the end of the full set."
    • KateyKhaos has tweeted a few changes for Withered Rose Syndra and Talon that didn't make it into 11.3 and should be going out in 11.4 (live for testing on PBE!):
    • For anyone concerned, KateyKhaos also noted that the upcoming Withered Rose Syndra & Talon and Crystal Rose Swain & Zyra will not be legacy.
    "Withered Rose Syndra, Withered Rose Talon, Crystal Rose Swain, and Crystal Rose Zyra will be available on February 11th, 2021 and are NOT legacy! | https://na.leagueofleg...."
    • A new Mystery skin shard is now available from Prime Gaming, with the next available on February 15th!

    Other Games

    Legends of Runeterra
    "Break out the fireworks! Log in over 7 days during the Lunar Celebration event to earn rewards. Continue the celebration by completing a new Lunar Celebration Quest each day for even more rewards!  
    Complete all 7 Lunar Celebration Quests to earn the Year of the Ox Card Back."

    Wild Rift
      • Following the recent 2.1 patch, a new Lunar Beast event preview is up along with trailers for the new skins on social media!

      The Wild Rift twitter also added a rundown of the how the Lunar Beasts event would work:
      "Want to know how the Lunar Beast event works in Wild Rift?"

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