Teaser: "Hurt someone enough, and they just might hurt you back."

Posted on at 8:18 AM by Aznbeat
A new short teaser is now up on Riot social media! It shows off what looks like a weapon in smoky shadows.
Continue reading for a closer look!



Interestingly enough, this weapon looks similar to one seen in the Preseason key art:

The weapon also looks similar to a Wanted poster from the Champion Roadmap in September 2020! Here's the blurb:
The empire will pay greatly for the capture and detainment of this runaway criminal. The fugitive is EXTREMELY dangerous, so approach with caution. They are heavily armored and will attack if even slightly provoked. Wear light armor, as reports show warbands have been killed with their heavy gear twisted and shattered, littering the ground around them. The criminal’s been known to mount a quick retreat when cornered, so bringing a highly-trained team is recommended. 
If you somehow manage to detain this criminal, please bring them directly to the closest empire building marked with a black rose." 
We'll keep an eye out for any more info!

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