Red Post Collection: Universe Update, K/DA Tweets & More

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Today's red post collection includes a new story on the Universe featuring Ziggs, new K/DA tweets, loads of updates on other Riot games, and more!
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Universe Update

The Universe has been updated with a new story featuring Ziggs!
"Okay, Zaun. I’m here, I’m fuzzy, and I’m ready to explode stuff. 
All that time up there in Piltover serving high-quality pyrotechnics to ungrateful snoots, Heimerdinger making me hide behind that dumb glamour, never allowed to do what I want... It’s left me with a thirst for KA-BOOM! 
But was Jinx right? Is the gloomy, stinking undercity teeming with whizz-bang potential? 
Let’s see what we’ve got here. What am I looking at? Nondescript building, nondescript building, slightly bigger nondescript building, an explosives factory, another nondescript building, nondes—WAIT, WHAT? 
Explosives factory?! Dreams can come true!"


  • Riot Scruffy provided changelists for 10.21 changes:
"10.21 Patch Preview with changes. Not 100% locked down but almost finalized."
  • Mort tweeted a TFT B-Patch should be coming soon! Look for more details tomorrow.
"Quick update. We are prepping a B-Patch, aiming for tomorrow. Will post details then so there is no confusion about "IS IT LIVE YET"."

  • The next issue of the  K/DA: Harmonies comic is now up! Check out Episode 5: Ahri - "Ahri reflects on the long road that led to her forming K/DA."

Little Devil Fizz

Odyssey Sivir

Other Games

    • Check out the roadmap from the video:
"Introducing Landmarks - they're played like a unit, but can't attack, block, or take damage, and have a persistent effect on the entire game."
    • Tahm Kench has been revealed as the next LoR champion:
"VALORANT’s Act III Competitive matchmaking begins Oct. 27 and the video above is the best place to hear our plans for the new ranked experience—straight from Game Director Joe Ziegler and Systems Design Lead David Cole. You even get a peek at Episode 2!
The long and short of it? We’re going to take a step back and simplify our goals with ranked, which you’ll see over the course of Act III, into next year in Episode 2, and beyond. Act III is about moving quickly—we want to bring back more competitive integrity to the queue, and get you focused on what matters: winning."

    • Check out the upcoming new map - Icebox:
"Take a deep dive into Wild Rift’s ranked system. Let’s talk about single queue, Ranked Marks, and trios!


  • The Worlds 2020 Event is running now through November 9th! Check out new Dragonmancer skins, chromas, missions, and more, and look for Odyssey content in Patch 10.21!

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