Red Post Collection: Worlds 2020 Pick'em, Drops, Watch Rewards Details, Universe Updates & More

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Today's red post collection includes details on the Worlds 2020 Pick'Em, drops, watch rewards and more during Worlds 2020 (starting September 25th with the Play-In Stage!), new stories and an Elise bio update on the Universe, and more!
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Worlds 2020 Pick'em, Drops, Watch Rewards, and More

Check out this article from LoLEsports on Worlds celebrations, including the Pick'Em, drops & more - "Here’s a look into all the Worlds 2020 digital products which includes: Pick’em, Drops, Watch Missions, and new updates on the Rift and in the Shop."

"Worlds 2020 Pick’em  
Pick’em is back! Read below to see everything you need to know about this years’ Pick’em - sponsored by Alienware.  
How to play: 
Head over to the Pick'em Page and log in. 
For Groups, similar to previous years, once Picks unlock for eachStage, you’ll be able to drag and drop your predictions in the order you think the individual groups will play out. 
Once the Group Stage has finished, you'll be able to pick the winnersfor matches during the Knockout Stage (Quarters through Finals) - and ultimately settle on who you think will take home the 2020 World Championship title. 
You will receive points for each correct Pick - the more points, thebetter the rewards.
Make sure you check back regularly to lock in your Picks for eachStage!
Key Pick’em Dates:
  • Group Stage:
    • - Picks unlock and missions go live on Oct 1 @ 1:00 AM CEST
    • - Picks lock and Group Stage mission goes offline on Oct 3nd @ 8:00 AM CEST
  • Quarterfinals Stage:
    • - Picks unlock and mission goes live on Oct 12 @ 1:00 AM CEST
    • - Picks lock and Quarterfinals mission goes offline on Oct 15 @ 8:00 AM CEST
  • Semifinals Stage:
    • - Picks unlock and mission goes live on Oct 19 @ 1:00 AM CEST
    • - Picks lock and Semifinals Stage mission goes offline on Oct 24 @ 8:00 AM CEST
  • Finals Stage:
    • - Picks unlock and mission goes live on Oct 26 @ 1:00 AM CEST
    • - Picks lock and Finals Stage mission goes offline on Oct 31 @ 8:00 AM CEST 
Lock-In Rewards:
  • Rewards for locking in your Picks on time 
    • - Groups: 500 BE - Quarters: 500 BE + Random Champ Shard - Semis: 500 OE - Finals: Hextech Chest + Key
Pick’em point rewards: 
Perfect Pick Prize  
If you guess correctly for every stage of the competition (wow, go you!) these are the prizes you can expect:
  • All five Ultimate Skins: a Cache containing all 5 Ultimate Skins (DJSona, Spirit Guard Udyr, Pulsefire Ezreal, Elementalist Lux, and Gun Goddess Miss Fortune).
  • NEW: This year we are happy to announce an exciting new perfect pickprize - an exclusive Alienware Aurora Battlestation! You can play like the pros on a replica of the battlestations used at the 2020 World Championship!
Full info on this years’ Pick’em can be found here.  

We had so much fun dropping loot during Summer Split in LEC and LCS that we’re bringing it back for Worlds! Starting in Groups, watching a live game while logged into may net you a chance at some exclusive loot, codes, art, and more!
How do I get Drops?  
To make sure you’re eligible for drops, make sure you:
  • Remain logged into with a valid Riot ID toparticipate.
  • Opt-in to Rewards and Drops by visiting
  • Watch a live game, not VODs or a Rebroadcast, for Drops.
  • Watch through - Drops will not work if you arewatching on another website or via another stream provider.
How do I know if I got a Drop?
  • When a Drop happens, a notification will slide over from the rightside of the screen. If you’re watching in full screen, it’ll stay there until you return to normal. If you click it, you’ll see the details of your Drop.
  • If you miss the notification, you can visit see the Drop anytime.
  • Some Drops will have a rare chance to drop better loot to a smallsubset of the audience. If that happens, you’ll know you got it because your Drop card will be iridescent and your reward will be bigger! If you miss a rare Drop, keep watching for another chance! If you don’t get the rare item, you still get a common reward.
When will a Drop happen?
  • Worlds Loot Drops are sponsored by Riot, Mastercard, Oppo, StateFarm, and Spotify.
  • Drops are based on moments in competitive play and there is noguarantee that the conditions for a drop will be met.
  • Loot will be dropped for key moments:
    • - Anytime in each stage that a Pentakill happens
    • - The first time in a stage where the Dragon Soul is taken
    • - Anytime a series goes to game five
    • - Anytime a pro player gets over 450 CS in a single game and then anytime a player after that beats the record that was just set
    • - During the Opening Ceremony of Finals
    • - If a North American Team wins (NA Fans Only)
    • - During the third Ace achieved in each stage
    • - Loot will also be dropped for a few surprising moments, such as when a team is upset, a team is on a streak, casters are going crazy over a massive play, and other meme-worthy moments.
What kinds of Drops can I get?  
While subject to changes as the tournament goes on, the following loot may be dropped:
  • 10-Year Commemorative Esports Capsules
  • Custom Branded Hextech Chests from our partners
  • Minion Icons
  • Discount Codes from our partners
  • Exclusive Music content from our partners
  • Ward Skins and Emotes
  • Worlds Tokens
  • Blue Essence
  • Each Drop will come with an exclusive piece of collectable art that can be viewed on the rewards page anytime.
  • Drop art will be made available after Worlds for download in larger formats for those interested.
  • Anyone outside of China or SEA visiting and logging in with a Riot ID can see and receive Drops.
  • Some Drops will only be available in specific countries and you must watch from those countries on an account that is applicable to that region.
Watch Missions and Watch Rewards  
Get rewards based on the games you watch on and YouTube! 
Watch on
  • You’ll receive one Watch mission about one day before Play-Ins begin. 
  • You must watch the Worlds broadcast on to complete the first mission - you can watch live or as a VOD! 
  • After completion, you’ll immediately receive a second mission to watch five games and completing that will grant a third and final mission to watch ten games. 
  • You’ll have roughly a week after Worlds ends to complete these missions. 
  • On October 26, you’ll receive a unique Watch mission that can only be completed by watching the Finals that will reward 10 Worlds tokens! 
  • 500 BE per mission completed 
  • Finals Mission: 10 Worlds tokens! 
YouTube Drops 
  • Starting with the Play-In Stage on September 25, you can earn an in-game drop of legacy esports content by linking your Riot account with your YouTube account and watching Worlds. Get more info and link your accounts here.
Worlds 2020 Exclusives 

There is a lot to be excited for Worlds 2020! Read below for more information on the new updates coming to the Rift and in the Shop. 
On the Rift
  • SR Arena banners
  • Championship Leblanc Skin and Championship Ward
  • Worlds Event Pass: more info here.
Worlds 10-Year Anniversary Capsule  
Celebrate 10 years of League of Legends Esports with an exclusive capsule containing legacy icons and emotes from the very best teams since Worlds 2014. 
  • In Riot Regions, exclusive to Drops and Youtube account linkingpromotion. Opening does not require a hextech key and contains a random, already existing Worlds icon or emote from the first and second place teams from most of the Worlds past starting in 2014.
  • Also includes event icons and emotes released from previous Worlds. 
Worlds 2020 Team Icons and Emotes  
All teams participating at Worlds will have their own unique icons and emotes! Revenue will be shared with teams. They will be available in the Accessories tab in the League of Legends client on September 24 @ 1:00 PM PT. Icons will be 250 RP each and emotes will be 350 RP each.

Supporting Worlds Teams  
When you purchase Championship LeBlanc, the Championship Ward, Worlds 2020 Team Icons, or Worlds 2020 Team Emotes, you are directly helping the Worlds teams. 
Championship LeBlanc Skin and Championship Ward  
25% of the revenue from Championship LeBlanc will be allocated to teams who qualify for Worlds 2020. Half of this amount (12.5%) will be distributed based on tournament performance. The remaining portion (12.5%) will be distributed equally among all teams who qualify for the event. 
Worlds 2020 Team Icons and Emotes  
50% of revenue from the Worlds 2020 Team Icons and Emotes are allocated to teams who qualify for Worlds 2020."


Universe Update

The Universe was updated with new stories and and updated biography for Elise!

"The weapons shop looked grimy—just the way Samira liked it. A sign hung askew on the door: Lani & Miel Munitions. Samira heard about this Noxian hole-in-the-wall from Captain Indari, who’d received a tip from one of her old saboteur connections. That and the fact the apprentices here moonlighted as tattoo artists was enough to intrigue Samira. She stepped in, and Indari followed. 
The captain didn’t need to tag along, but it wasn’t like Samira could tell her otherwise."

"From a collection of letters, from Lord Emet of House Sassen to the Lady Elise 
My dearest Elise, 
It has been far too long since we last met, and longer still since you bade me visit you. Surely you have not forgotten how much I esteem you? Forget me not, my darling; I worship the very ground your lovely legs tread…"

"She felt the thief coming closer with every careful step he took. 
He was skillful, she’d give him that, but her awareness was heightened to degrees no mortal could conceive. His footfalls over the nearby rooftops, though soft and artfully placed, vibrated the stagnant air within her gloomy abode like the plucked string of a lute in a silent temple. 
His approach had wakened her from dreams of the ocean, darkness rising up in a tsunami that roared over the world to leave it forever sunk beneath dead black waters. Part of her relished the extinction this wave would bring, even as she knew she had played some role in its coming."

"The Lady Elise was born centuries ago to House Kythera, one of the oldest bloodlines of Noxus, and swiftly learned the power of beauty to influence the weak. 
When she came of age, she entertained the courtship of Berholdt, heir to House Zaavan. Their union was opposed by many, since it would strengthen Kythera at Zaavan’s expense—but Elise worked hard to beguile her intended husband, and manipulated her detractors to secure a betrothal. 
Unbeknown to her, this political marriage had been planned for many years by shadowy forces working behind the scenes throughout the empire, with Berholdt Zaavan a mere pawn in a much larger game. Even so, it was an unexpected twist that Elise should dominate him so completely, and while he remained the face of his house, it was clear who was in charge. As time passed, his resentment grew. 
One evening, over a typically frosty dinner, Berholdt revealed he had poisoned her wine, and demanded Elise withdraw from society and allow him to take up the reins of power. Knowing he would have the antidote about his person, Elise played the role of a remorseful wife, weeping and begging her husband’s forgiveness. Just as it seemed he might be convinced, she snatched up a knife and plunged it into his heart.  
Even with the antidote, Elise was bedridden for weeks… and it was then that the Pale Woman approached her. 
The enigmatic mistress of “the Black Rose” spoke of a secret society where hidden knowledge and sorcery were shared among those who could be trusted, and kept from those who could not. In truth, the Pale Woman did not care who controlled each of the noble houses, as long as they were sworn to her. Since Elise had killed the thrall Berholdt, she would have to prove her own value, or a more suitable replacement would be found. 
Seeing a path to greater power, Elise took to the cabal like few before her. She met often with the most prominent members, trading influence and thwarting her rivals in a complex web of tangled schemes. With the wealth of two houses, there were not many who could oppose her, and she became even more adept at persuading others to do her bidding. 
Eventually, she learned of an object that held great significance for the Black Rose—the skull of an ancient warlord known as Sahn-Uzal, rumored to have been hidden long ago in the Shadow Isles. Keen to gain the Pale Woman’s favor, Elise found a desperate, debt-ridden captain willing to bear her and a handful of devotees to the cursed city of Helia. They came ashore on a beach of ashen sand, and were tormented by spiteful wraiths as they searched in vain for the lost vault. 
But Elise found something she had not anticipated. 
A creature of the long-forgotten past had made its home in the lightless depths beneath the city. This bloated, chitinous monster was the spider-god Vilemaw, and it erupted from the darkness to devour the intruders, before sinking its fangs into Elise’s shoulder. She fell, howling and convulsing as the venom wrought terrible changes upon her body. Her spine rippled with undulant motion, and arachnoid legs pushed out from her flesh. 
Finally, breathless with the agony of transformation, Elise turned to find her new master looming above her. An unspoken understanding passed between them in that moment, and she scuttled back to the beach, untroubled by the Isles’ spirits as she weaved in and out of the twisted treeline. 
Some weeks later, when her ship arrived back at the Noxian capital in the dead of night, Elise had regained her human form… though she was the only living thing left aboard. 
Though no evidence was ever found of the warlord’s skull, the Pale Woman saw Elise’s dangerous new gift for what it was—a means to come and go safely between Noxus and the Shadow Isles. An accord was struck, wherein the Black Rose would provide Elise with endless unwitting sacrifices to offer up to the spider-god, and in return she would recover any artifacts of power she could from those benighted, forbidding shores. 
Elise once again took up residence in the neglected halls of House Zaavan, carefully cultivating a reputation as a seductive yet unreachable recluse. Few have ever guessed her true nature, yet fanciful rumors abound—wild tales of her ageless beauty, and a terrifying, voracious creature said to lair in the bowels of her dilapidated, dust-wreathed palace. 
Though centuries have passed, whenever Elise feels the summons of her god, she returns to the land of the Black Mist with a hapless suitor in tow, or some other easily swayed soul. 
And none who accompany her ever return."


"We just pushed out a hotfix bug fix for  
-Sion w passive health 
-Rek’sai w movement speed  
Thanks for the reports and patience with us resolving the issue."

[UPDATE: These have been added to the 10.19 patch notes!

"Patch 10.20 Preview here.  
Full changes should be ready for tomorrow, I'll post more then."
  • Riot Mort noted there would not be a b-patch for TFT this week:
"To make it official: There will not be a B-Patch this week. 
The meta is still changing rapidly every day, and its better to let it play out! Nothing is that far out of line.  
That's not to say its perfect, and we have changes coming for 10.20...but nothing so urgent. Enjoy!"


  • The PsyOps 2020 Event is running now through September 30th! Check out new skins, chromas, missions, and more - including the new KaylePykeViktorZed that launched in 10.19!
  • Samira and PsyOps Samira are now available! Check out all the details on our newest champion & skin!
    • "Championship LeBlanc will be available on September 24th, 2020."
    • "True Damage Yasuo Prestige Edition will be available on September 25th, 2020.  "

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