Red Post Collection: Item System Update and Game-Ruining Behavior | Riot Pls, Universe Update & More

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Today's red post collection includes a new Riot Pls on the item system overhaul & game ruining behavior, a new story and comic on the Universe, new Prime Gaming LoL loot, and more!
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Item System Update and Game-Ruining Behavior | Riot Pls

Here's the latest Riot Pls, covering the item system update and game ruining behavior:

"League of Legends’ lead producer Safelocked breaks down this preseason’s item system overhaul, and shares our progress on addressing game-ruining behavior. 
0:00 - Intro
0:54 - COVID-19 Fundraiser Results
1:16 - Preseason Item Update
1:52 - Mythic Items
2:47 - Item System Overhaul
3:49 - Improved Item Shop
4:47 - Behavioral Systems Update
6:38 - Across League’s Ecosystem"

Here's a few pieces of concept art for upcoming Ornn and Skarner skins pulled from the video!

Riot Scruffy added:
[1] Riot Pls! Big update on preseason item overhaul.  
-A new item class "Mythic Items." Very powerful but you can only have one.
-Mythic items shape your build and add unique stats to your other items.
-More WIP item shop interface
-Player behavior update 
[2] And the current WIP Mythics for the marksmen class 
[3] Worth noting, not all Mythics will be fully new items. Some of our iconic old items will be upgrated into Mythics so that they can still be a build defining first purchase. 
[4] We're getting very close to PBE, where you all will be able to see everything that is planned and give us tons of feedback.  
Don't be alarmed if its not 100% perfect and polished yet, we're listening and adapting. We will put in whatever follow up we need to get these right. 
[5] Most of the time mythics will be the first item buy. There is no hard rule so there will still be a few builds that buy them second I’m sure. 
[6] Also if you missed it - a tease of one of our new AP fighter items: Cursed Demonhelm.

[7] This does have a cap, not shown in the tooltip.

Universe Update

The Universe was updates with a new story and comic!
"Yi frowned at Master Doran as the elder scrambled up the path toward him. Like a mud crab during mating season. It was a less than courteous thought, but given the master artisan’s age, it was a compliment of sorts. 
He gave a short bow toward the gray-haired weaponsmith, cupping his hands together in greeting. Red faced, Doran replied without slowing, his hand waving in rhythm with his gasps for breath. 
“I’m here, I’m here! Sorry for being a little late. These old bones overslept today.” 
Yi shot a glance at the midday sun. A little late indeed, if that meant an entire morning."


Other Games

Whether you’ve been dropping every Celestial you can, composing that Leona / Diana deck you’ve always dreamed about, or perilously focusing an entire deck on your favorite new card (check out my 30 3-costs Tri-Beam Improbulator deck coming to the bottom of the ladder near you), we hope you’ve all been enjoying Call of the Mountain! 
As we’ve mentioned a few times previously, the expansion patch is sticking around an extra week (three in total rather than the usual two) before Patch 1.10 lands on September 16. Patch 1.10 will then last the usual two weeks and resume our normal update cadence. 
In the meantime, tomorrow we’re making a small update to rotate in a new Lab—Inventor!"


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