Red Post Collection: TFT Dev Drop: The Road Ahead, TFT Galaxies Championship & More

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Today's red post collection includes a dev video on the future of TFT, as well as details on the TFT Galaxies Championship, and more!
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TFT Dev Drop: The Road Ahead | Dev Video

Here's a dev video from Riot Green Teej on the future of TFT:

The TFT Twitter also provided a rundown infographic on the video:

Teamfight Tactics Galaxies Championship is coming!

Here's Riot Magus with details on the TFT Galaxies championship - "We are excited to announce the Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies Championship!"
"For the first time ever, the best players in the world will be recognized with a global event to celebrate their effort in mastering Teamfight Tactics. Starting on September 3rd, sixteen players from around the globe will compete for the title of Galaxies World Champion! 
Throughout the Galaxies set, competitive regional events provided an opportunity beyond the ladder for players to showcase their talent and test their skill. Participants fought for pride, prizes, and the chance to qualify for their regional finals. Leading up to the Galaxies Championship, 8 regional finals will narrow down the remaining competitors to sixteen finalists. Additionally, the third day of the event will include a showcase of the new set featuring the top 8 players and personalities from the League of Legends community trying out the new set for the first time. Finally, due to the impact of COVID-19 on global travel, players will compete remotely from their home regions. 
*This calendar was updated on 8/5 with additional info on several Regional Finals 
The Teamfight Tactics Galaxies Championship format will split sixteen players into two lobbies of eight players each. Each lobby will play five games, awarding players points based on their finish in each game. At the end of five games, the four players with the most points from each lobby will qualify for the Final Lobby. 
The Final Lobby will see players race to accumulate 18 points. Once a player achieves 18 points, their next win will crown them the Teamfight Tactics Galaxies Champion and award them their portion of the $200,000 prize pool."


  • Here's another Spirit Blossom art spotlight, featuring Spirit Blossom Yone:

Other Games

"Hi, I’m Kevin Lee, a software engineer on VALORANT’s Game Systems team. Our team is responsible for developing many of the core systems that support VALORANT’s gameplay, including movement, combat and input. In this post, I’ll be going through one of the systems that’s core to FPS gameplay: Hit Registration. 
In a game like VALORANT, hit registration is arguably one of the most important systems given that the difference between a win or loss can come down to a single headshot. Our goal as developers is to ensure that when a player fires a shot, the outcome of the shot is clear, feels right, and is above all else, correct. 
We’ll sometimes see posts or receive messages from players with clips where hit reg appears broken. We take all of these reports seriously, and go through each video frame-by-frame to validate that the system is working as expected. 
That being said, we think hit registration in VALORANT is in a pretty good spot right now. Yes, there may still be edge case bugs out there and we will always take those seriously. We’re constantly looking to improve the quality and clarity of all of our systems."


  • The Spirit Blossom event is running from now until August 24th! Check out new skins, chromas, loot, and more, plus build your Spirit Bonds with champions to earn rewards, and look for future skins and champions to join the festival!

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