Coven Skins now available!

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"Mankind is a weak and wounded creature. It claws at life as all hope fades." - Coven LeBlanc, Coven Zyra and her prestige edition, and the legendary Coven Morgana are now available, including new chromas and icons!
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Of Claw and Thorn - Coven Skins Trailer

Beware the dusk: she is not kind. Seize the power of Coven Zyra, Coven Leblanc, and Legendary Coven Morgana, or unveil your thorns with Prestige Coven Zyra.

Champion Skins

Four new Coven skins are now available:

Coven LeBlanc

1350 RP
"They came to LeBlanc as if in some forgotten melody -- songs of the Black Crane, and its titanic heart long-imprisoned within the deepest reaches of the Elderwood. Her sisters fell before the forest's defenders, but LeBlanc did find her prize... and now her patron has begun to wake, stirring itself from a dreamless slumber of unhallowed centuries."

Coven Morgana

1820 RP / Legendary
"Queen of the coven, and patron of that called Ashen Owl. Morgana worshipped the Old Gods, and wept when they were slain -- betrayed when her sister murdered the primordial sun and delivered its power to an army of witch-knights. Now Morgana has returned to end the reign of mankind, returning the world's true lords to their rightful, mouldering thrones."

Coven Morgana has a new voiceover:

Here's her skin spotlight:

Coven Zyra

1350 RP
"They came to Zyra from the roots and rocks -- stirrings of the Night Dove, its beating wings twisting the very land that is its grave. Tied now to the whispers beneath the loam, she rips away humanity's works of stone and glass, each broken vestige another step towards a world returned to nature."

Coven Zyra Prestige Edition

100 Prestige Points
"The old gods stir, and rise once more to greet their sun -- but she is slain, devoured by the daughters of the eclipse. On this lightless day they will rage, and quake, and howl, so all men shall know their first and final doom."


Two new sets of chroma are now available for 290 RP each or bundled with the exclusive Ruby chroma!

Coven Morgana
[4 Chromas]

Coven LeBlanc 
[7 Chromas]

Summoner Icons

Five new summoner icons are also now available:

Coven Morgana Icon, Coven Zyra Icon, Coven LeBlanc Icon

 Coven Zyra Prestige Edition Icon, Coven 2020 Icon

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