Red Post Collection: Universe Update: The Bow, And the Kunai & More

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Today's red post collection includes a new story on the Universe featuring Akali, Shen, and Kennen, assorted tweets and info from Rioters across the web, and more!
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Universe Update: The Bow, and the Kunai

A new story is up on the Universe, featuring Akali, Shen, and Kennen - "The Bow, and the Kunai":
"The air of southern Shon-Xan was rife with raw magic. Mystic power flowed over the land, surging through iridescent trees, which spread skyward their leaves of magenta and indigo, azure and amber, opening up like fans in the palms of dancers. 
Hidden now in the colorful canopy was a barely perceptible patch of pale skin, blending in with the trees’ interwoven branches. 
“It’ll be here anytime,” whispered Faey, a girl of twelve summers. She then gave a high tweeting sound like a sparrow. The birdsong was immediately picked up by the others, echoing back through the foliage, a sound perfectly imitated by human vocal cords not yet come of age. 
Faey knew everyone was in position. The adults hadn’t approved this hunt, but it was important. If the neophytes could get the silver boar, not only would they stop going hungry for days, but the Kinkou acolytes would have to give them real missions. 
No more picking plums or carrying water, Faey thought. The order needs our strength, too, because the neophytes are the future."

[Check out the full story on the Universe!] 


  • Riot Scruffy provided an update on the Wukong rework that has been testing on the PBE:
[1] Wukong update: re-focusing the goals and @RiotAugust is picking up the work to get it shipped in a patch soon

-Add a new tool to be tricky and clever
-Shift power from mid into top/jungle

We think there's a lot of value getting him back top/jungle where more players want him

[2] We also don't expect to fully destroy mid Wukong, just make it more even with the other roles.

[3] Also, based on other high priority VGU projects getting the focus of our art resources, we're wanting to ship changes without much visual change so that we can get the new gameplay out there
Riot August added
"I'm jumping on Wukong changes at significantly reduced scope (no VFX and sound support). Will be working with the assets we have, similar to what we did with Shaco, and picking up where @RiotLutzburg left off as there's some great work there. 
Goals + timeline:"
"We haven't posted a list of ARAM balance changes in a while, so here's some screenshots of the tables we use (current as of Patch 10.3)!  
For the record, the folks at LoLWiki are REALLY good at keeping up with us, so you can always check there!"
  • Riot Astryx tweeted that issue 4 of the Zed comic would be out February 19th, noting that the date on the Universe was incorrect:
"Wanted to confirm for everyone the Zed #4 date that was showing on Universe is incorrect. The next issue comes out next wednesday, february 19. Really sorry for the confusion and that you all have to wait another week."
10.4 Patch preview with tentative changes:
He also provided a full Soraka changelist:
"Soraka changes here for 10.4. Targets are major nerfs to top with no change for support."
[1]"Small Lux buffs we're planning to ship for next patch:

Q Damage: 70-250 (+.7 AP) >>> 80-260 (+.6) Cooldown: 13-9 >>> 11-9

R Lux can flash while casting R (similar to Ezreal)

Goal is to give her better lane control in mid and support. Thanks
@YozuLoL for the R suggestion." 
[2] "Feedback about better E Cooldown or mana cost is heard. Would likely be the first place I look if she has more room for buffs in the future. We'll see how this patch settles."


To round out this red post collection, here are a few reminders on current promotions or limited time events!
  • The Mecha Kingdoms 2020 event is now running from now until Feb 18th! Play ARURF, grab new skins &, chromas, complete missions to earn loot, and more!

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