Heartseeker Jinx and Yuumi + Chroma & True Damage Senna Prestige Edition now available!

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Three guns means never having to say 'I'm sorry'. - Heartseeker Jinx and Yuumi & accompanying chromas, as well as True Damage Senna Prestige Edition are now available!
Continue reading for a closer look at the new skins and chromas!

Table of Contents

Champion Skins

Three skins are now available:

Heartseeker Jinx

[1350 RP / Legacy]
"Love is a battlefield, and Jinx comes prepared! Armed with her beloved companion Fishbones, she's ready to break hearts—and bones. But if she likes you enough, she's prepared to play nice. Maybe. Probably not."

Heartseeker Yuumi

[1350 RP / Will stay in store for 1 year then become Legacy]
 "Yuumi's always looking for what cats love: a belly full of fish and a warm lap to curl up on. But with the romantic mood captivating even Book, Yuumi knows the only thing to set her heart purring will be a very precise number of pets."

True Damage Senna Prestige Edition

[100 Prestige Points - Info]
"Having topped the charts once more, Senna finds herself in the familiar space of fame and celebrity. Between cosmetics deals and fashion shows, she offers a clear message to fans and haters alike: Don't call it comeback. Senna's been here for years."


Chroma for the Heartseeker skins are also now available for 290 RP or bundled:

Heartseeker Jinx
[7 Chromas]

Heartseeker Yuumi
[7 Chromas]

Summoner Icons

Unlocking True Damage Senna's Prestige Edition will also reward an icon:

True Damage Senna Prestige Edition Icon

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