Freljord Sylas now available!

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"Breaking out was nothing. Watch me break a kingdom!" - Matching his look in the new Season 2020 cinematic, Warriors, Freljord Sylas and new chroma are now available!
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New Skin - Freljord Sylas

A new skin is now available:

Freljord Sylas

1350 RP
"Free from the kingdom that once imprisoned him, Sylas of Dregbourne marches from Demacia to the Freljord. With every step he takes, he remembers what others have branded him: Mage, Traitor, Kingslayer-- names he revels in as he endures the bitter cold, his heart warmed by the fires of rebellion. It will be here, in the icy north, that he will seize the ancient power needed to fuel his revolution..."


Freljord Sylas has a new set of chroma available for 290 RP each or bundled:

Freljord Sylas

Season 2020 Cinematic - Warriors

Missed the new cinematic? Check it out here:

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