True Damage Akali, Ekko, Qiyana, Senna, and Yasuo

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Hit the music! True Damage skin reveals are up on Riot social media, showing off True Damage AkaliYasuo, SennaEkko, Qiyana and her Louis Vuitton collab Prestige Edition!
Continue reading for a preview video, splash arts, in-game turnarounds, and more!

Check out the new skins in action with the official skins trailer: True Damage 2019: Breakout 
"Command the stage with True Damage Akali, Qiyana, Yasuo, and Senna for 1350 RP, or leave ‘em behind with Ekko’s Legendary True Damage skin for 1820 RP. Stay on the lookout for Qiyana’s True Damage Prestige skin. 
Virtual hip-hop group True Damage was born when K/DA’s lead rapper Akali sought to bring together the distinct talents of Ekko, Senna, Qiyana, and Yasuo in an ambitious, genre-defying collaboration. 
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The trailer ends with the date reveal of November 10th 2019!

Closer look at True Damage Senna social preview on from the LoL Twitter:

Here are each of the splash arts and in-game turnarounds compliments of Riot:

True Damage Senna

True Damage Yasuo

True Damage Akali

True Damage Ekko

True Damage Qiyana

True Damage Qiyana Prestige Edition

Here's a ton of tweets with more info from David Higdon, Esports Head of Comms:
[1] "Today we unveil our first @LouisVuitton prestige skin for Qiyana designed by
@TWNGhesquiere, LV’s Artistic Designer of Women’s Collection, available on Nov. 10 to coincide with the @lolesports #Worlds2019 final in Paris. #LVxLoL 1/4"
[2] "The @LouisVuitton #LVxLoL partnership expands when we next create a capsule collection inspired by the skins. @riotgames Lead Producer @safelocked: “When @LeagueOfLegends was launched 10 years ago, none of us could imagine the cultural phenomenon is has become.” 2/4"

Riot KateyKhaos also noted the skins will briefly be hitting the PBE before release:
"Hello! Similar to the K/DA skins, our True Damage line up will be making a short, short stop on PBE before hitting live on November 11th! As such, there won't be the normal PBE feedback posts for these skins. For bugs, please use this board: Thanks!"

Finally, here's a few more images from the LoL FB/IG -
"What I've been up to #truedamage #leagueoflegends #riotgames"
Look for more when these skins hit the PBE soon!

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