High Noon 2019 Skins Now Available!

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"Somebody's itching for a fight they can't win!" - High Noon Ashe, Darius, & Hecarim, new chroma, icons, emotes, and more are now available!
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Client Release

The High Noon 2019 skins & content are now available for purchase and through Loot!

Champion Skins

Three new skins are now available:

High Noon Ashe

1820 RP (Legendary)
"A mechanical angel built at the dawn of the pioneer age, Ashe is fueled by the blood of deities gunned down in the infamous land rush that destroyed Heaven. She has adopted a devil-may-care attitude as she seeks adventure, choosing to forgive and protect the same mankind that forever robbed itself of eternal paradise."
High Noon Ashe has new special interactions:

Check out her full voiceover:

High Noon Darius

1350 RP
"The once-human Darius was a terrifying manhunter, feared throughout the West for his cunning and brutality. Famously defeated by his brother in a widely publicized duel, his wounded pride eventually twisted into obsession, leading him to strike a deal with the devil Hecarim..."

High Noon Hecarim

1350 RP
"When Heaven was destroyed by mortal men, it was only a matter of time until Hell overflowed onto the prairie, bringing with it all the devils who had waited so patiently to escape their confinement. Hecarim and his black riders revel in this newfound freedom, razing everything before them to ash as they stampede across the frontier."


New chroma sets for each skin are now available!

High Noon Ashe
[5 Chromas]

High Noon Darius
[6 Chromas + LPP Exclusive Emerald]

High Noon Hecarim
[5 Chromas]

Summoner Icons

A handful of new summoner icons are now available:

High Noon 2019 Icon

High Noon Hecarim Border Icon, High Noon Ashe Border Icon, High Noon Darius Border Icon

High Noon Hecarim Chroma Icon, High Noon Ashe Chroma Icon, High Noon Chroma Border Icon

Ward Skins

A new ward skin is now available!

Frontier Devil Ward


New emotes are now available:

One Corn Chip Animated, What In Tarnation

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