Reckoning: PROJECT 2019

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The Reckoning has come. PROJECT: Pyke, Warwick, Jinx, Akali, Irelia, and her Prestige Edition are now available, along with new chromas, missions, rewards, loot, and more!
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Release Announcement

All of the PROJECT content is now available in the shop!

PROJECT Event Guide

Check out the full event guide for details on the event pass, missions, and more!

[Full Event Guide here!]

Champion Skins

Six new skins are now available:


1820 RP
"An early PROJECT prototype, Pyke's untested upgrades left him violently unstable—too much so for his handlers, who junked him and threw his remains outside the walls of the City. Yet his cybernetic brain survived, rebuilding Pyke with salvaged scrap parts from all around him, and now their fragmented, overlapping memories mix with his own as they scream out for revenge."

PROJECT: Warwick

1350 RP
 "Plucked from the wastelands by a PROJECT research cell, Warwick has been irrevocably transformed into a horrifying new stage of transhuman evolution⁠—a weaponized monster stripped of all remorse, and programmed solely for violent suppression. Through the meddling of the ragtag outsiders, he escaped before being completed, and now rampages indiscriminately across the City."


1350 RP
 "Jinx volunteered for PROJECT conversion, never expecting that a critical power failure would scramble her memory core, leaving her a psychopath driven by the manic voices in her head. Seemingly obsessed with destruction for its own sake, she has begun to show signs of something far more sinister than mere memory fragmentation: the cold, calculating influence of Program."


1350 RP
"A cutting-edge PROJECT subject who somehow escaped the City's boundaries, Akali brings dire warnings of an untested superweapon to those living in the wasteland beyond. With time running out and no other options, these outcasts join her in an attempt to take the mega-corporation down... suspicious that their newfound ally might in fact be a double agent."


1350 RP
"A PROJECT castoff who found sanctuary in the lawless wastes, Irelia has led other outcasts like her as they attempt to survive corporate assassins, murderous old-world technology, and widespread ecological collapse. Knowing Warwick could destroy everything she holds dear, she joins the attack on the City to end PROJECT once and for all."

PROJECT: Irelia - Prestige Edition

2000 Project Tokens
 "There are moments when Irelia and the other outcasts remember who they once were, before PROJECT exiled them into a wasteland filled with sand-blasted monuments to corporate greed. These memories are fleeting, the last flickering images of a long-compromised humanity."


New PROJECT chromas are also now available:


PROJECT: Warwick



PROJECT: Fiora Chroma




Summoner Icons

Tons of new summoner icons are also now available:

PROJECT: Reckoning & Reckoning Pass Icons

PROJECT: Irelia, Jinx, Warwick, Akali, and Pyke Icons

PROJECT: Warwick, Akali, Jinx, Pyke, Fiora, Lucian, and Zed Chroma Icons

PROJECT: Mission & Pyke Mission Icons


New emotes are now available:

Hush Now, Bang!, Watch Yourself

Ward Skin

A new ward skin is now available:

PROJECT: Reckoning Ward

PROJECT: 2019 Login Theme

A new login theme will be featured on the client:

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