Red Post Collection: Mid-Patch Update, Saved Login Credentials, QGT: June 14, & More

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Today's red post collection includes details on mid-patch updates, saved login credentials coming soon, Meddler's quick gameplay thoughts for June 14, and more!
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Mid-Patch Update

A mid-patch update went out on 6/13 for Mordekaiser, Thresh, and Yuumi:
"6/13/2019 Mordekaiser Balance Changes and Bugfixes 
"We're trimming a lot of Mordekaiser's general strength and pulling back on the power his passive gives him in most matchups." 
  • BASE ARMOR 39 ⇒ 37
  • MAGIC RESIST GROWTH 1.5 ⇒ 1.25
  • ARMOR GROWTH 4 ⇒ 3
  • PASSIVE - DARKNESS RISE DAMAGE 10-35.5 (1-6.1% of target's maximum health) (levels 1-18) ⇒ 8-25 (1-5% of target's maximum health) (levels 1-18)
  • PASSIVE - DARKNESS RISE MOVEMENT SPEED 5-10% at levels 1-6 ⇒ 3/6/9% at levels 1/6/11
  • R - REALM OF DEATH BUGFIX The Death Realm VFX no longer stays on-screen when the target dies and until someone else is brought back into the Death Realm
  • BUGFIX After Thresh's W - Dark Passage expires, the enemy team's Trundle no longer heals for an excessive amount of health
6/13/2019 Yuumi Bugfixes 
  • W - YOU AND ME! BUGFIX If Yuumi gets hard CC'd during her dash, her basic abilities will no longer disable for a short amount of time
  • Q - PROWLING PROJECTILE BUGFIX No longer costs an additional 60 mana while attached to another player"

Saved Login Credentials Coming Soon

Here's HollanderCooper with details on saved login credentials that will be testing on the PBE soon:
"Starting soon on the PBE and then rolling out worldwide, League will be updated to include saved login credentials. This comes with a redesigned login flow that allows you to skip the login screen most of the time if you store your username and password. The update also has some under-the-hood changes to prepare for additional optimizations to the client in the upcoming years: two-factor authentication, background patching, and yes, one day, support for our next game. 
What do I have to do to get the update? 
Nothing! When it’s available in your region, it’ll download and install automatically. On the login screen you’ll have the option to click “Stay Signed In,” which will keep you logged in – no need to type your name or password every time you log in on the same computer. 
Will the login screen look any different? 
Because you'll skip the login screen once you've stored your credentials and get into game quicker, we're going to have them include static images without background music. Most of the time, double clicking the League of Legends shortcut will send you straight to game, so we didn’t want to have flashy or resource-intensive things you’ll barely ever see. This change also frees up the art and music teams to put more time into other exciting projects. 
When will saved login credentials be available? 
We’re going to roll it out slowly, starting with a small number of players on PBE before we move it to live. We don’t have exact dates yet, but we will be sure to let you know. 
When is the other stuff coming? 
Two-factor authentication and background patching are both scheduled to release later this year. We’ll keep you updated on both of those when we have more information."

Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 14

Check out Meddler's quick gameplay thoughts for June 14th:
"Hi folks, 
Usual Disclaimers 
These posts will often contain talk about future work we're doing, or planning to do, that isn't yet guaranteed to ship. The nature of the work could change or, depending on what we discover, projects mentioned may get delayed or even stopped. If you'd like to see a Tweet whenever a new one of these posts goes up: 
Teamfight Tactics 
As you've probably seen we're working on a new game mode we're calling Teamfight Tactics. If that doesn't ring a bell, this link here's worth checking out: 
We're getting really close to PBE for TFT and are very excited to start getting direct feedback on how it's going from you folks. For context we'll be treating TFT when it goes live (not just PBE) as still being in beta. It'll be representative of the sort of experience we think it should offer and we think it's a lot of fun already. It's not finished yet though and plan is to work on it really publicly. That means you'll see some stuff that's looking really polished and some things that are clearly work in progress. There might be some art that needs polishing still for example, bugs you wouldn't expect from a finished mode, some units that haven't been balanced yet etc. 
Our thinking is that it's better to get the mode into peoples hands, with some things still work in progress, so we can start getting wider feedback. Right now's the ideal time to be making changes, whether that's modifying some game rules, addressing particular frustration points, changing how particular units behave or whatever. Plan is you'll see frequent updates, both on PBE and in the patches afterwards, and a lot of communication from us around where things are up to, what we're planning next and what feedback would be especially helpful on. 
Looking at 9.12 so far 
Ok, back to more regular topics now for a bit with some brief initial thoughts on where some champs have landed so far in 9.12: 
  • Mordekaiser 
Clearly OP and by the time you're reading this we've probably already nerfed him. Looks out of line by a clear margin in at least two positions. 
  • Aatrox and Tahm Kench 
Are both looking meaningfully weaker post changes, though not massively so. That's what we were hoping for this round, no immediate follow up changes planned. 
  • Karma and Zac 
Other side of the coin, they're both looking quite a bit stronger, so far that change has also been to the extent we were hoping, so no immediate follow ups planned here either. 
  • Sylas 
Looks significantly weaker. Plan at present is to let him sit for a patch (so no 9.13 changes) then reconsider for 9.14 once things have stabilized. 
  • Yuumi 
Had a couple of significant bugs, in particular one where her mana cost for Q was doubled when attached. We've fixed that, now waiting to see how she's doing. 
  • Ryze 
Seems to be performing about as well as previously in solo queue. Given some need to relearn his kit that suggests changes were likely an overall power increase and we'll see him looking stronger in the coming weeks. Remains to be seen if these changes have finally addressed how big his pro versus regular play performance gap is or whether he remains the poster child for problems in that regard."

When asked about SwainMeddler mentioned:
"Possibly. We've got someone testing out potential ult changes where Soul collection's more about long term permanent increases to ult power than large modifications to damage of the next cast, plus the ult draining 4 targets and 11 and 5 at 16. Not sure how those are working out, haven't personally seen them in game (my playtesting time's been heavy focused on TFT recently)."
As for AkaliMeddler noted:
"We're not happy with the current state of Akali either. Don't have plans ready to share just yet, do have some stuff being tested though. Timeframe of possible release uncertain."

When asked about how Teamfight Tactics was named, Meddler commented:
"We wanted something that suggested a focus on decision making (tactics) and implied combat between groups. Possible confusion was something we talked about, but figured after an brief adaptation period probably wouldn't be an issue, especially since we're assuming longer term it'll just be TFT to most people in the same way SR, TT, ARAM are used as shorthands."

He continued talking more about the new mode:
Current thinking is we'll generally be keeping TFT systems separate from those of other game modes. You won't earn champion mastery for example because you're not playing as a specific champion. Missions wise TFT will probably have its own unique sets of missions, rather than overlapping with regular ones, though can imagine might do some at some point that could be completed in either context."

Speaking of Teamfight Tactics, Riot SapMagic answered a few common questions about the upcoming new mode:

Riot SapMagic:
"We're hoping to get it on PBE by 18 JUNE and to live during Patch 9.13. We're moving pretty fast, so there's a chance either or both of these get delayed."
Riot SapMagic:
"We wouldn't rule out anything, including a mobile version of TFT at some point...having said that, right now we're focused on getting the PC version right—with no compromises—first."
Riot SapMagic: 
"For now, no. We may use skins in the future to create different variations of champions (e.g., Glacial Annie vs. Blaze Annie or things like that) which we think would be really exciting for players to experience."
Riot SapMagic: 
"We'll have about 50 champions at launch. We're planning to bring out more champs as time goes on and we'd love to hear your ideas!"

Riot SapMagic:

"We're going to be putting out a lot more information in the upcoming weeks and the game will be on PBE soon. If you're looking for some well-organized (but maybe not totally accurate) info now, check out this fan-made site:"


"Struggling to control her growing magic, Lux bluffs her way into the Mageseeker compound."

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"Your weekly dose of server problem-os, NA League news, and other! 
There’s a new League of Legends update coming out that’s really important. Take a gander here
  • Mac voice still not working properly Reached out to Apple for assistance (Looked into this, the core bug is still being worked on).
  • Avast causes players to disconnect (6/10, ~Ongoing) NOC notices an increase in non-unique reconnects across all servers. Investigation and PS assistance leads to the discovery Avast updated and changed their runtimes, causing LoL to be recognized as a virus (we’re not, we swear). Currently ongoing with best way to fix this beyond disabling Avast.
Server Stuff:
  • Esports missions rewards delays (6/9, ~15 minutes) The service missions run on starts to fail. Triage starts, and the root cause seems to be information not getting from Point A to Point B. Before they “why” could be found, the issue self resolves and information gets where it needs to without failing.
  • F2P rotation swaps incorrectly (6/9, ~2 days) F2P rotation is changed for the next patch. However, the back end settings of available champions doesn’t match the actual playable F2P champions. Investigation leads to the faulty procedure that caused it to not update properly.
  • Circuit Breakers tripped (6/11, ~2 hours) Monitoring systems notice a breaker graph spiking, followed by a circuit breaker tripping. Escalated to people on site, and was possibly related to DNS issues. Breakers were flipped and fixed, quite literally flipping a switch (with a whole lot of amperage running through them though).
  • DNS issues affecting services (6/11, ~2 hours) The circuit breaker tripping (from above) caused a DNS load balancer to die (gee, thanks Kennen). Re-enabling the load balancer fixed the DNS issues, and Kennen went back to powering the servers.
  • DNS issues affecting services (6/11, ~30 minutes) The changes to get the DNS load balancer back up and running caused chat issues, as well as other services getting impacted. Engineers investigated the fix, finding an infinite loop had been programmed as part of the fix. After removing the mathematical impossibility, the services recovered.
Game Stuff: 
  • Nothing currently! 
Player Support Issues: 
We’ve got Morde incoming, so let’s be ready for those bug reports just in case! If you’ve seen a bug in the client or in game recently, follow the steps on the KB article here to do it. 
Morgageddon & Couch Commando"


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