Dark Star 2019

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"Don't close your eyes. I want you to see." - Dark Cosmic Jhin, Dark Star Karma, and Dark Star Shaco are now available in the shop!
Continue reading for a look at each new skin!

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Dark Star 2019 | Skins Trailer

"Dark Star Jhin, Shaco and Karma descend upon the Rift."

Champion Skins

Three new skins are now available to purchase:

Dark Cosmic Jhin

1820 RP (Legendary)
"Jhin was an interstellar entity, consumed by the Dark Star and given new purpose. Now, his ageless mind is infected by visions of omnipotence, and consumed by an insatiable hunger. He scours entire regions of space seemingly on a whim, using the remnants to create bizarre, silent objets d'art."

Dark Cosmic Jhin special interactions:

Full VO:

Dark Star Karma

1350 RP
"Karma was a galaxy-spanning civilization dedicated to pacifism and personal enlightenment, unceremoniously erased from reality and reborn as a star-consuming horror. Devouring entire galactic systems, she enforces a dread order upon the cosmos, meditating in the vast oceans of emptiness where once there were stars."

Dark Star Shaco

1350 RP
"Shaco was once a region of space known for raucous celebration, wiped clean by the Dark Star and reborn into the mocking visage of a jester. His twisted cackling reaches inhabited systems long before he does, provoking visions of destruction, and societal breakdowns that will soon feed his endless hunger."


New chroma are also available for Dark Star Karma and Shaco, for 290 RP each or bundled with the Ruby Chroma:

Dark Star Karma
[8 Chroma]

Dark Star Shaco
[5 Chroma]

Summoner Icons

Three new summoner icons are also available!

Dark Cosmic Jhin Icon
Available in Dark Cosmic Jhin Set

Dark Star Shaco Icon, Dark Star Karma Icon
Available for 250 RP or in Bundle

Dark Cosmic Jhin Login Theme 

A new login theme featuring Dark Cosmic Jhin will be featured on the client:

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