Red Post Collection: Early 9.10 Patch Discussion, BTS: Making of iG Skins, and more!

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Today's red post collection includes an early look at 9.10 balance from Riot Repertoir, a behind the scenes video on the making of the iG 2018 Worlds skins, and more!
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Early 9.10 Patch Discussion 

Riot Repertoir provided a look at balance upcoming for the 9.10 PBE cycle:
"Hi all, 
With patch 9.9 on its way out the door, we can begin looking forward to what the 9.10 patch could bring to Summoner’s Rift. For 9.10, we’re tentatively working on the following:
  • Riven
  • Vayne
  • Master Yi
  • Runic Echoes
  • General Champion/Item/Rune Tuning 
Riven / Vayne 
The immediate questions for both Riven and Vayne are “Why now? What’s changed?” Insofar as their place in the game or their performance within the game, not a whole lot has changed, honestly. Both have been powerful for a string of patches, but we didn't think their performance was absolutely out of line for the game. This can be contrasted with a case like Hecarim, whose performance did clearly stand out from the rest in 9.9, and was therefore directly nerfed. 
Instead, Riven and Vayne are both strong and commonly frustrating, even if their performance isn’t crossing critical thresholds. For champions in this situation, we’d prefer to address that disparity in longer-form work, and we’ll do that when we think that’s the highest priority work we can be doing. Taking that and returning to the original question, now is a good opportunity for us to sink some deeper time into them beyond just their power level. 
Master Yi 
Master Yi has a history of stomping lower MMR games and being much less effective the higher on the ladder he’s played. We’re looking to see if we can make his performance not so heavily disparate by skill level. Possible avenues include increasing agency but reducing scaling, adding executional skill checks, and/or adding clearer counterplay opportunities against him. 
Runic Echoes 
We’ll be looking into whether Runic Echoes is strong enough or if, for example, its best users are being held to standards more comparable to Warrior’s average-to-good users. 
General Champion/Item/Rune Tuning 
Once 9.9 has been out in the wild for a few days, we’ll add some more stuff to 9.10 patch based on what we’re seeing from 9.9. Those usually hit the PBE the week after a new patch hits. 
That about wraps things up! Though details are light, we hope this provides some amount of clarity as to what you might see in the near future. 

On Guinsoo's, he noted:
"Yes! Guinsoo's is also under consideration at the moment. Not for a rework level thing, but for tuning. Currently I have a change in testing where Phantom hit triggers every third attack (rather than every other attack) and its %pen is a flat 15% (rather than 6.5-15% based on level). 
We'll be keeping this in mind while evaluating Vayne and Master Yi."

He continued:
"Probably not. We'd rather tune or replace the existing range/melee split on the item than add another one most likely."

He also noted Zac's changes would be in 9.10.

Making the iG 2018 World Championship Team Skins - Behind the Scenes

"Learn more about how Riot collaborated with Invictus Gaming to create their World Championship Winners skins - iG Camille, iG Fiora, iG Irelia, iG Kai’Sa, iG LeBlanc and iG Rakan."


  • Riot Mort noted continued ARAM balance changes coming to the PBE this cycle:
[1] As promised, ARAM isn't just going to be left alone. We've got some changes coming in Patch 9.10, likely going to PBE soon. Goal is to balance things a bit more, have a few more games hit the 20-25 min mark, but even less go past 30 minute. Full thread here: 
[2] Champ NERFS
Janna: -8% shielding done
Maokai: -2% damage done (is now -10% damage done & +8% damage taken)
Sona: -15% shielding done & +10% healing done (is now -10% damage dealt, -15% shielding done, -15% healing done, & +12% damage taken) 
[3] Champ Buffs
Azir: +5% damage done
Kalista: +5% damage done
Katarina: +8% damage done & -8% damage taken
Mordekaiser: +5% damage done & -5% damage taken
Taliyah: +5% damage done
Tristana: +5% damage done
Zac: +5% damage done & -8% damage taken
Zoe: +5% damage done 
[4] Bonus Tower Damage Changed:
Tower Damage 0-15min = 0%, then scales up to 15% at 25 min. CHANGED TO Tower Damage 0-18min = 0%, then scales up to 25% at 30 min.
[5] Time Between Minion Waves changed:
TimeBetweenWaves 0-15min = 25sec, then scales up to 15sec at 25 min CHANGED TO TimeBetweenWaves 0-18min = 25sec, then scales up to 13 sec at 30 min
[6] Minion Movement Speed changed:
Minion Walk Speed 0-15min = 325, then scales up to 425 at 25 min CHANGED TO Minion Walk Speed 0-18min = 325, then scales up to 445 at 30 min
[7] Runes:
Gathering Storm: Ticks every 7min CHANGED TO every 6 min
Demolish: 100+35% Max HP damage CHANGED TO 50+20% Max HP damage
Respawn Times:
Reduced at Level 18 from 45 sec to 40 sec."


To round out this red post collection, here are a few reminders on current promotions or limited time events!

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