PBE Preview: Battle Academia Skins

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A PBE preview is now on Riot social media, showing off Battle Academia skins for Ezreal (Legendary), Lux and her Prestige Edition, Jayce, Katarina, Graves, and our newest champion, Yuumi! The splash art for each skin were also previewed!
Continue reading for a look at each new skin!

PBE Preview: Battle Academia



The League of Legends Weibo posted splash art for each of the new skins! Note there is a Prestige Edition splash art for Lux:

Ezreal (Legendary)


Lux (Prestige Edition)





Riot Lexical provided a look at chromas for some of the skins:
Some chroma shots! They are still WIP~ with your feedbacks we may touch up on certain things! Feel free to hit me up with the quality feedbacks~

Riot KateyKhaos and Riot LoveStrut tweeted turnaround shots for each of the new skins:

[1] Battle Academia Ezreal (Legendary)

[2] Battle Academia Lux
 [3] Battle Academia Lux Prestige Edition

[4] Battle Academia Jayce

[5] Battle Academia Katarina

[6] Battle Professor Graves

[7] Battle Principal Yuumi

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