1/10 PBE Update: More Tentative Balance Changes

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[Updated with more Chilling Smite/Challenging Smite changes & details on Diana Q changes testing]

The PBE has been updated! As we continue the 9.2 PBE cycle, today's patch includes future Lunar Revel event loot assets, tentative balance changes, and more!
Continue reading for more information!

(Warning: PBE Content is tentative and subject to change - what you see below may not reflect what eventually gets pushed to live servers at the end of the cycle! Manage your expectations accordingly.)

Table of Contents

Diana Q code changes coming to PBE 

Here's Riot Zhanos with details on some Diana Q changes now testing on the PBE:
In this cycle’s PBE builds, Diana will have a few code changes to her Q spell, Crescent Strike. The goal of these changes is to make Crescent Strike less buggy and inconsistent rather than to adjust her balance, though in one case we're exploring a potential buff to offset some power Diana is losing to the fixes. 
Here are the juicy details:
  1. Consistent targeting
    • The spell will follow cursor targeting much better, and will consistently have the same path if you cast it from the same location at the same target. I have not had the chance to make a new custom spell indicator, so in the meantime it will use a very much work in progress one, but expect a new one soon!
  2. Consistent Q-R Resets
    • Alongside these changes, I’ve ensured that the Q>R resets will always work when Q is still in the air while R hits the target (when both are cast at max range).
  3. R-Q Resets Removed
    • With these changes we also made the decision to remove the interaction where casting R>Q at max range awarded a reset when both skills were cast at max range in low-latency situations. While that combo was impressive looking and satisfying, the latency conditions for it are outside most players' control and stripped away the opponent's ability to respond to an all-in.
  4. R buff
    • What we would like to test in place of the R-Q reset is an auto-attack reset on Lunar Rush to enable her to finish off her auto attack pattern after dashing in. 
While it might get a few games to get used to the new Q, my hope is that over time its improved reliability will make it feel better to use. Whether you’ve played hundred of Diana games or none, I would absolutely love to get your feedback and thoughts on these changes!"


  • Coin Emperor Tahm Kench chroma assets tweaked (small texture tweaks):
  • More future Lunar Revel event loot assets added:

Balance Changes

NOTE*: The PBE is a testing grounds for new, tentative, & experimental changes. Be aware that what you see below may be relative to other changes earlier this cycle! These are not official notes.

  • Blaze (Passive)
    • DoT Damage lowered from [4% Max HP over 4s] to [2.5% Max HP over 4s]
    • Detonation Damage increased from [+1.5% Max HP per 100 AP] to [+2.5% Max HP per 100 AP]

Jarvan IV
  • Demacian Standard (E)
    • Passive (and Flag Aura) Attack Speed increased from [15/17.5/20/22.5/25%] to [20/22.5/25/27.5/30%] 

[Neeko has other changes in testing on the PBE!]
  • Tangle-Barbs (E) cooldown reverted from 14/13/12/11/10 to 12/11.5/11/10.5/10 

  • Grand Entrance (W)
    • Dash Speed changed from [2050 + (30% of Current Movespeed)] to [1400 + (Movespeed from Boots * 1.75)]
    • Delay on arrival before impact lowered from [0.5s] to [0.35s]

  • Fury of the Dragonborn (Passive)
    • Bonus Physical and Magic damage against Dragons (and Vilemaw on TT and RiftHerald + Nexus on Nexus Blitz) increased from [+10%] to [+20%]

  • Base MR increased from 32.1 to 36.1
  • Chain Lash (Q) 
    • hit and explosion damage increased from 45/70/95/120/145 to 45/75/105/135/165
    • hit and explosion AP ratio increased from 60% to 65%
    • minions damage lowered from 60% to 55%
  • Abscond / Abduct (E) cooldown increased from 10 seconds to 12/11.5/11/10.5/10 seconds

  • AD per level lowered from 4 to 3.5

[Volibear has other changes in testing on the PBE!]
  • Thunder Claws (R) AP ratio increased from 30% to 40%

[Yorick has other changes in testing on the PBE!]
  • Eulogy of the Isles (R) cooldown reverted from 180/140/100 to 160/130/100

  • Paddle Star (Q) max damage AP ratio lowered from 150% to 125%

Sunfire Cape
  • Cost lowered from 2900 to 2750
    • Combine cost lowered from 800 to 650

Unique Passive - Challenging Smite
  • Damage per tick lowered from [20-54] to [19-42]
  • Damage total lowered from [60-162] to [57-125]
  • DoT duration lowered from 3 seconds to 2 seconds
  • No longer grants vision for the mark duration

Unique Passive - Chilling Smite
  • Damage lowered from [28-164 (20 + 8 * Level)] to [20-156 (12 + 8 * level)]

Context & Notes

1) Riot MapleNectar on 'damage in the game':
"For folks wondering about what we're doing about "damage in the game", we're doing a small pass on 9.2 (ignite nerf, smite nerfs, rune stat adjustments), and will follow this up with a larger pass on 9.3 or 9.4 looking at runes and items"
2) Captain Gameplay provided some context and changelists for Jarvan IV, Brand, Shyvana, Rakan, and Urgot:
"Subject to change based on internal testing. These should all be on PBE whenever it updates next though. 
Jarvan has gotten weaker over the pre-season. Looking to give him a bit of a spot adjustment. Aiming at +1%. 
E - Demacian Standard
  • Passive (and Flag Aura) Attack Speed :: 15 / 17.5 / 20 / 22.5 / 25% >>> 20 / 22.5 / 25 / 27.5 / 30% 
Brand is not quite risky enough given his position as a pure damage support due to high base damages. Also would like to hit support harder than mid, as his mid lane is not actually overperforming. Aiming for -1.5% support. This contains a partial revert of the DoT damage buff done in 8.1, which was a +4% winrate bump. 
Passive - Blaze 
  • DoT Damage :: 4% Max HP over 4s >>> 2.5% Max HP over 4s
  • Detonation Damage :: +1.5% Max HP per 100 AP >>> +2.5% Max HP per 100 AP 
Shyvana has been on the weak side since scuttle changes. Think there is some room for a bit of power here in a way thats special to her. Aiming for +1% jungle. 
Passive - Fury of the Dragonborn
  • Bonus Physical and Magic damage against Dragons (and Vilemaw on TT and RiftHerald + Nexus on Nexus Blitz) :: +10% >>> +20% 
Rakan is currently pro dominant, and scales strongly up with elo. Looking to targetted nerf high elo / pro Rakan. Rakan also has bug fixes in for this patch that are buffs. I suspect this bugfix is also a low elo buff relatively. 
W - Grand Entrance
  • Dash Speed :: 2050 + (30% of Current Movespeed) >>> 1400 + (Movespeed from Boots * 1.75)
  • Delay on arrival before impact :: 0.5s >>> 0.35s
  • This means there is functionally the same total delay on max range W casts, but Rakan spends more time traveling to the target position. Therefore pros on zero ping environ should be able to better react to Rakan RW combo, and fewer ppl the lower elo you go 
Urgot has been pro dominant and fairly high presence for players. Think giving him a significant lane weakness is very out of scope - he hits a lot of the bars for what a safe laner looks like (ranged, waveclear, tanky, free target mobility). Therefore looking to lower his late game presence when he chooses to build full tank. Aiming at -1%. 
Base Stats
  • Base AD Growth :: 4 >>> 3.5"
3) Make sure to check out Meddler's quick gameplay thoughts for January 9th, including details on buffs and nerfs in 9.2 and more!

Check out [THIS PAGEfor a comprehensive list of the new content & changes currently on the PBE as a part of this cycle or catch up with the individual update links below !

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