Red Post Collection: Nexus Blitz, Neeko, Snowdown and All-Star, Snowdown Merch Store Update, and more!

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Today's red post collection includes details on upcoming events from Bilby, Mortdog with a rundown of the Snowdown event crafting and bundles, tons of new merch in the Riot Games Merch store, and more!
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Nexus Blitz, Neeko, Snowdown, and All-Star 

Here's Bilby with some details on upcoming event and gamemodes coming soon:
"December’s bringing flurries of stuff to keep track of. Here are all the links you should need to close your year out right.

Nexus Blitz 
Nexus Blitz returns until January 21, 2019, at 11:59 p.m. PT! 
Skirmish across a compact, 2-lane map with constant action and map-wide events in this fast-paced (15-20 minutes) experimental mode. 
Nexus Blitz features mayhem-inducing events like:
  • Bardle Royale: Both teams battle it out in an ever-shrinking circle of death until only one is left standing.
  • Loot Teemo: Chase a giant Teemo around the map and hit him to take his gold!
  • (NEW) Prize Fight: Teams face off in a gauntlet of 1v1s and 2v2s. Strongest vs strongest, down to... less-strongest vs less-strongest.
  • (NEW) URF Deathmatch: Everyone is URF’ed (with massively reduced cooldowns, attack speed, no mana, and more). Everyone has three lives. Fight until one team runs out! 
Winning an event grants one of several wild rewards, including: 
  • Catapult of Champions: Click the giant cannon next to your fountain to launch yourself across the map!
  • Blessing of Blitzcrank: Gives your turrets and cannon minions Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab.
  • (NEW) Battle Sled: The whole team can pile into this vehicle, with the first player to click acting as driver. Take a leisurely cruise around the map until you hit something and the sled explodes, damaging and knocking up nearby enemies.
Why be one champion when you can be all of them? Neeko, the Curious Chameleon, arrives in Patch 8.24 with a Winter Wonder skin that’s a perfect fit for the season. 
Learn more about Neeko here.

Snowdown & K/DA Akali Prestige Edition 
Snowdown brings new skins for Neeko, Master Yi, Soraka, Dr. Mundo, and Twitch, gold chromas for past Snowdown skins, new icons/emotes/wards, and the K/DA Akali Prestige Edition skin. 
All-Star 2018 
See it all in action at the 2018 All-Star Event. On December 6 – 8 we’ll see 70 of the top pros and League Partners from around the world come together in Las Vegas to celebrate the end of the 2018 season. See what kind of trickery the pros can pull off with Neeko and watch the new snowdown skins in action. Learn more about what (and who) to expect here."

Snowdown Event details from Riot Mortdog

Here's more details on the Snowdown event that is starting up on December 6th from Riot Mortdog on Twitter:
[1] Patch 8.24 Snowdown info dump (Full Thread) 
Event Begins Thursday December 6th. That's when shop/missions/Nexus Blitz/everything turns on, including Your shop!

[2] The Pass is back with improvements!! 
1450 RP - Comes with 150 Snow Tokens + 1 Capsule + Earn infinite tokens as you play. 
With the Pass you get First Win of the Day (20 Tokens). 
SR Win = 10 tokens. 
SR Loss = 5 tokens. 
ARAM/NB Win = 6 tokens. 
ARAM/NB Loss = 3 tokens.

[3] No letter grade this time. It's just win or loss. And the token bank is bank so you can opt into the Pass later. (We also made it smaller and fixed the wording.)

[4] Every day there is a daily mission that lasts 3 days. You can earn up to 325 tokens via the missions. If you want more than 325 tokens you will need to buy the pass or buy Snow Capsules.

[5] Snow Capsule + 40 tokens = 750 RP. (3 skin shards all 975+, and 8% chance to drop a Stocking Stuffer - Comes with 1350 skin permanent + Ward skin perm + Emote Perm + Icon perm) 
11 Capsule + 1 Stocking Stuffer + 400 tokens = 7500 RP

[6] Prestige Akali = 1800 Tokens 
Snowdown Border + Icon = 200 Tokens each (Mundo, Twitch, Soraka, Neeko, Yi) 
Gold Chroma = 250 Tokens (Irelia, Graves, Malz, Sivir, Bard) 
Emotes = 75 tokens 
Icon = 25 tokens 
Gold Snowman Ward = 100 tokens 
Master Work Chest = 150 Tokens

[7] Nexus Blitz tokens exclusive to Nexus Blitz! 
Earn 1 per daily if you do the Nexus Blitz part of the mission, or earn a ton more by unlocking the NB only missions after you play 2 games. 
Unlock a recall, a finisher, and a Fire Poro for Nexus Blitz!

[8] All the Poro Icons/Pets (including the new Fire Poro) work in ARAM/NB for the course of the event! 
They'll be back in the shop as well for 350 RP.

Snowdown Merch Store Update

The Riot Games Merch store was updated with a new Snowdown themed selection of holiday items, new figures, plush, and more!

Here's more from the Riot Games Merch FB:
"Snowdown is here with Jinx crashing the festivities as the newest Unlocked Statue. Find her and more in the newest Snowdown Collection:"
Check out the list of new items:

"We have a whole new lineup of K/DA Merch coming next year but thought we would end this year with a sneak peak at one of the most asked for items - Akali's black light mask with UV ink."


"Wanted to share a (very unscientific) reference of what to expect for Ranked until season start. Is this helpful for folks? How could we improve on this if we kept updating it through the first split?"


To round out this good good red post collection, here are a few reminders on current promotions or limited time events!
  • All-Star 2018 is running from December 6-8 in Las Vegas! Check out the All-Star event page for all the details on who, what, and where!

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