Neeko, the Curious Chameleon, Now Available!

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"Neeko will keep your sho'ma alive." - Neeko, the Curious Chameleon is now available!

Neeko is priced at 975 RP / 7800 BE and will drop to the standard 6300 BE price point after December 12th. You can pick up Neeko and Winter Wonder Neeko in a release bundle for 1837 RP for a limited time.
Continue reading to blend into Neeko's gameplay, special interactions, and more!

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Release Announcement

From the release announcement - "Neeko available now!"
"So many things to see, so many champions to be! Shapeshift into someone new—Neeko is available now.

The Winter Wonder Neeko Set | 4047 RP 
Available now until January 7th at 23:59 PT, this bundle includes:
  • Neeko (50% off)
  • Winter Wonder Neeko
  • Winter Wonder Neeko loading screen border
  • All individually sold chromas + bundle exclusive Ruby chroma
  • Unassuming Snowman Ward
  • Winter Wonder Neeko icon 
The Curious Chameleon Bundle | 1837 RP 
Available now until January 7th at 23:59 PT, this bundle includes:
  • Winter Wonder Neeko
  • Neeko (50% off)

Change colors to match all the seasons with the Winter Wonder Neeko Chroma Bundle for 3177 RP. 
Bundle includes:
  • Neeko (50% off)
  • Winter Wonder Neeko
  • All individually sold chromas (175 RP each) + bundle exclusive Ruby chroma (290 RP)
Individual chromas also available for 290 RP each:
  • Winter Wonder Neeko (Catseye)
  • Winter Wonder Neeko (Turquoise)
  • Winter Wonder Neeko (Amethyst)
  • Winter Wonder Neeko (Rose Quartz)
  • Winter Wonder Neeko (Obsidian)
  • Winter Wonder Neeko (Rainbow) 
350 RP each or 750 RP for all three in the bundle.
  • Haha you fell!
  • OMG I love it
  • I will destroy you 
Neeko Emote Bundle | 750 RP 
Available until January 7th at 23:59 PT. 
Learn more about Neeko, her gameplay, and her backstory:

Neeko, the Curious Chameleon

Champion Spotlight

Before we get into the full details, here's Neeko's champion spotlight:

Stats & Abilities

  • Attack Range: 550
  • Base AD: 52
  • AD Per Level: 3
  • Base Armor: 21
  • Armor Per Level: 4
  • Base MR: 30
  • MR Per Level: 0.5
  • Base HP: 540
  • HP Per level: 90
  • Base HP Regen: 1.5
  • HP Regen Per Level: 0.15
  • Base Mana: 450
  • Mana Per Level: 30
  • AS Per Level: 3.5
  • Base Move Speed: 340

Inherent Glamour (Passive)
25/22/19/16/13/10s Cooldown at 1/4/7/10/13/16
"Neeko can disguise herself as an allied champion. Champion combat or casting damaging spell breaks the disguise."

Blooming Burst (Q)
50/60/70/80/90 Mana
7s Cooldown
"Neeko throws a seed that blooms to deal 80/125/170/215/260 (+50% AP) magic damage. If it kills a unit or hits a champion or large monster, it will bloom again, dealing 40/60/80/100/120 (20% AP) damage. Max 2 extra blooms."

Shapesplitter (W)
No Cost
20/19/18/17/16s Cooldown 
Passive: Every 3rd attack deals 50/80/110/140/170 (+60% AP) bonus magic damage and increases Neeko's movement speed by 20/25/30/35/40% for 1 second. 
Active: Neeko becomes invisible for 0.5 seconds and projects a clone that lasts 2 seconds. Neeko and the clone gain 20/25/30/35/40% movement speed for 2 seconds.
The clone in untargetable while stealthed. 

Tangle-Barbs (E)
60/65/70/75/80 Mana
12/11.5/11/10.5/10s Cooldown 
Neeko slings a tangle that deals 80/115/150/185/220 (+40% AP) magic damage and roots for 0.5 seconds. The last champion hit is rooted for 0.7/0.9/1.1/1.3/1.5 seconds instead. 
The tangle becomes empowered after hitting 2 enemies, growing larger, moving faster and rooting the last champion hit for 1.8/2.1/2.4/2.7/3 seconds.

Pop Blossom (R)
100 Mana
90s Cooldown 
After 1.25 seconds Neeko leaps into the air. She gains a shield that absorbs 50/80/110 (+50% AP) damage (+40/60/80 for each nearby enemy champion). Nearby enemies are slowed by 40%. 
When Neeko lands she deals 200/425/650 (130% AP) magic damage and stuns nearby enemies for 1.25 seconds. 
This ability can be prepared in secret if Neeko is disguised.


Here's Neeko's special interactions:

And her full voiceover:

Choose VO: "Neeko is best decision!"
Ban VO: "They cannot handle Neeko."

Non-English Voiceover:


In client bio:
"Hailing from a long lost tribe of vastaya, Neeko can blend into any crowd by borrowing the appearances of others, even absorbing something of their emotional state to tell friend from foe in an instant. No one is ever sure where—or who—Neeko might be, but those who intend to do her harm will soon witness her true colors revealed, and feel the full power of her primordial spirit magic unleashed upon them."
Full biography is available on the Universe!

Release Skin 

Neeko's release skin is Winter Wonder Neeko!

Winter Wonder Neeko
1350 RP
An ancient and mysterious winter sprite, Neeko regards the world around her with an almost childlike curiosity. Having recently returned from beyond the Poro King's vast domain, she has become enamored with the civilization that has risen in her absence. 


Winter Wonder Neeko also has a set of seven chroma available now for 290 RP each or bundled, with the Ruby chroma as a bundle exclusive!

Winter Wonder Neeko
290 RP or Bundled with Ruby chroma


Summoner Icon

A new summoner icon is also now available in the Winter Wonder Neeko set!

Winter Wonder Neeko Icon


Three new emotes are also available for 350 RP each or bundled for 750 RP!

I Will Destroy You, Haha You Fell!

OMG I Love It

Neeko Login Theme

A new login theme featuring Neeko will be featured on the client!

Champion Price Reduction

With Neeko's release, Thresh's BE/RP price has been permanently reduced from 6300 BE/975 RP to 4800 BE / 880 RP.

For more on Neeko, check out these links:

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