Ashe: Warmother | Comic Series Preview + Issue #1

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A series preview and the first issue of Riot & Marvel's Ashe: Warmother comic is out now!
"Raised in the frozen wilds of the Freljord, Ashe is an Iceborn, a warrior gifted with a magical connection to her savage homeland. As the daughter to her tribe's fanatical Warmother, most presume a great destiny for Ashe. However, she finds herself reluctant to accept the brutal responsibilities of leadership and the harsh traditions of her people."
Continue for more information and previews!

Scout up the new series with this preview video:

"Riot Games and Marvel Entertainment have partnered to bring the first full-length comic series in the League of Legends universe to you, League of Legends – Ashe: Warmother!
Releasing in December 2018, and continuing throughout early 2019, League of Legends – Ashe: Warmother will explore the origins of Ashe’s story, while setting the stage for the expansion of Runeterra’s world and champions through comics. 
Read the series: [LINK]
The complete first issue can be found digitally on the Universe. 

While the entire comic is best viewed on the Riot page and easily downloadable, here are the cover and opening from issue  #1  -

Keep an eye peeled for more in this four part series in early 2019 - as noted on the universe page, issue #2 is set for 1/16/2019, issue #3 in 2/20/2019, and issue #4 on 3/20/2019. The comic is also available on premium services like comixology or Marvel Unlimited with additional digital content & extras!

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