Eclipse Leona, Coven Skins & Chroma now available!

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"Rest now in the cold of the darklight." - Eclipse Leona, Coven Camille & Lissandra, and their accompanying chroma are now available for purchase!
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Release Announcement

From the release announcement - "New Legendary skins: Solar and Lunar Eclipse Leona"
Solar & Lunar Eclipse Leona
1820 RP each
(or 2821 RP for both) 
Make them answer to your light.
Coven Camille and Lissandra
1350 RP each 
Reclaim the wilds.

Individual chromas 290 RP
Coven Camille
Chroma bundle 2690 RP (3117 RP with Camille)
Includes exclusive Ruby chroma 
Coven Lissandra
Chroma bundle 2690 RP (3117 RP with Lissandra)
Includes exclusive Ruby chroma 
Eclipse Mega Bundle
3512 RP (3952 RP with Leona)
Includes the skin, summoner icon, and loading screen border for both forms"

Check out these other recent Coven teasers that went out on Riot's social media in the last few days:

Skin Previews

Four new skins are now available - the Legendary Lunar and Solar Eclipse Leona, Coven Camille, and Coven Lissandra! Eclipse Leona is a legendary tier skin with 2 forms, priced at 1820 RP. You will receive a 45% discount when buying the other form, for a total of 2821 RP for both skins.

Eclipse Leona

Legendary, 1820 RP (45% discount when buying second form) - more details here

Solar Eclipse Leona

Lunar Eclipse Leona

Coven Camille

1350 RP

Coven Lissandra

1350 RP

New Chroma

New chroma sets are now available for Coven Lissandra (7) and Coven Camille (7)! As with all chroma, the Ruby chroma is bundle exclusive!

Coven Camille

290 RP Each or Bundled with exclusive Ruby Chroma

Coven Lissandra

290 RP Each or Bundled with exclusive Ruby Chroma

New Summoner Icons

Two new summoner icons are now available in the Eclipse Mega Bundle!

Solar Eclipse Leona Icon, Lunar Eclipse Leona Icon

Eclipse Leona Login Theme

A new login featuring Solar/Lunar Eclipse Leona will be featured in the client:

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