Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger Now Available!

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"I didn't know you were allergic to dragon fire!" - The legendary Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger is now available to purchase, as well as new chroma sets for Dragon Trainer Lulu and Tristana, new summoner icons, and the Trained Dragon ward skin!
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Release Announcement

From the release announcement - "New Legendary Skin - Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger"
1820 RP 
“Aha! The red one—ah, I shall call you Pythagoras! And—ouch! Well, you are certainly big, blue, and Bitey! Now, now, mind my hair; it’s not your target, Turret Jrs.!”

New Skin - Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger

The new legendary skin, Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger, is now available for purchase for 1820 RP or in a bundle!

Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger

1820 RP or Bundled

New Chroma

New chroma sets for Dragon Trainer Lulu and Tristana are also available for 290 RP each, or bundled. As we've seen in the past, each Ruby chroma will be a bundle exclusive!

Dragon Trainer Lulu

290 RP or Bundled (Ruby Chroma exclusive to bundle!)

Dragon Trainer Tristana

290 RP or Bundled (Ruby Chroma exclusive to bundle!)

New Summoner Icons

Four new summoner icons are now available:

Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger Icon
[Bundle Exclusive]

Pythagoras Icon, Bitey Icon, Turret Jr. Icon
250 RP Each

New Ward Skin

A new ward skin is now available for 640 RP or bundled:

Trained Dragon Ward

640 RP

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