10/10 PBE Update: Loot & Mission Assets, Balance Changes & More

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The PBE has been updated! As we continue the 8.21 PBE cycle, today's patch includes Loot and missions assets for upcoming events, balance changes, and more!
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(Warning: PBE Content is tentative and subject to change - what you see below may not reflect what eventually gets pushed to live servers at the end of the cycle! Manage your expectations accordingly.)

Table of Contents


  • K/DA Evelynn spotlight [Skin still bugged on PBE!]:
  • Loot assets for upcoming events added:
    • K/DA Bag
    • K/DA Orb
    • Border for Trick or Treat Ekko + Icon
    • Border for Bewitching Janna + Icon
    • Border for Count Kledula + Icon
    • Golden Chroma for Trick or Treat Ekko + Icon
    • Golden Chroma for Bewitching Janna + Icon
    • Golden Chroma for Count Kledula + Icon
    • Mission assets (images used in Missions UI!):
      • Worlds 2018 Spooky Mission
      • Hextech Clash 2018 Mission
      • Worlds 2018 Costume Party Mission
      • Worlds 2018 Definitely Not Mission
      • Worlds 2018 Treats Mission
      • Worlds 2018 Spirit Mission
      • Worlds 2018 Artist Mission
      • Worlds 2018 Dancer Mission
      • Worlds 2018 Diva Mission
      • Worlds 2018 Leader Mission
      • Worlds 2018 Group Mission

Balance Changes

NOTE*: The PBE is a testing grounds for new, tentative, & experimental changes. Be aware that what you see below may be relative to other changes earlier this cycle! These are not official notes.

[Changelist - not implemented yet!]
  • Second Skin (Passive)
    • Caustic Wounds damage reverted from [1-7 based on level] to [4-10 based on level]
    • Caustic Wounds per stack damage reverted from [.75-5 based on level] to [1-5 based on level]
    • Caustic Wounds damage cap against monsters reverted from 300 to 400

  • Gift of the Drowned Ones (Passive) 
    • Damage stored as Grey Health changed from [30-81% based on level] to [23-85% based on bonus attack damage]. 
      • 23% at 0 AD, 85% at ~125 AD 
    • Percent of max health able to be stored as grey health changed from [25-50%] to [15-50%]

Context & Notes

1) Make sure to check out Meddler's quick gameplay thoughts for October 10th, including the below info on 8.21 item/rune changes testing:
"Some small item/rune changes in 8.21 
We’ve got some small adjustments to a few items in 8.21, bit of context:
  • Essence Reaver - Cutting 200g off the cost as short term help. Might have something larger for it later in the year, want to make it a better regardless now though.
  • Edge of Night - Cost reduction by 200g as well. No current plans for changing its functionality, think we’ve definitely got it overpriced though.
  • Time Warp Tonic - We’re looking at different possible ways to nerf TWT, given the amount of health/mana restoration it’s offering is excessive. Current version in testing is a change where instead of offering increased duration and MS during the duration it instead gives some restoration up front, doesn’t change duration at all and still gives the movement speed."
2) Here's Meddler with a changelist for Kai'Sa later this cycle!
"We're still working on nailing down details there. What should be in for testing today: 
Passive damage - 10% Missing HP (+27.5-110% AP based on target % missing health) instead of 15% + (3.75% per 100AP) Missing HP 
Q Mana - 67 down to 55, instead of just a flat 55"
3) Here's Riot Orphyre with a bugs and feedback thread for the Tales from the Rift chroma this cycle:
"Hey everyone! 
We’ve got some new Chromas coming up for Bewitching Janna, Count Kledula, and Trick or Treat Ekko! 
Bewitching Janna:
  • New textures:
    • Bewitching Janna (Ruby)
    • Bewitching Janna (Citrine)
    • Bewitching Janna (Emerald)
    • Bewitching Janna (Rainbow)
    • Bewitching Janna (Rose Quartz)
    • Bewitching Janna (Golden)
Count Kledula:
  • New textures:
    • Count Kledula (Ruby)
    • Count Kledula (Rose Quartz)
    • Count Kledula (Emerald)
    • Count Kledula (Obsidian)
    • Count Kledula (Pearl)
    • Count Kledula (Golden)
Trick or Treat Ekko:
  • New textures:
    • Trick or Treat Ekko (Ruby)
    • Trick or Treat Ekko (Rose Quartz)
    • Trick or Treat Ekko (Emerald)
    • Trick or Treat Ekko (Amethyst)
    • Trick or Treat Ekko (Obsidian)
    • Trick or Treat Ekko (Golden)
The Chroma sets are now available on PBE! We hope you all will enjoy the new sets; as usual, we’re looking forward to hearing your constructive feedback. I’ll do my best to answer and reply to your questions and feedback! 
Riot Orphyre"
Check out [THIS PAGEfor a comprehensive list of the new content & changes currently on the PBE as a part of this cycle or catch up with the individual update links below !

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