Red Post Collection: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: 8/22, September Sales Schedule & More

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Today's red post collection includes Meddler's quick gameplay thoughts for August 22nd, the September sales schedule, Riot August with a new feedback thread for this week's Nexus Blitz alpha testing, and more!
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Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 22 

Make sure to check out Meddler's quick gameplay thoughts for August 22nd, providing some context for some of the changes we've seen testing this PBE cycle, as well as some details on future PBE patches!
"Hi folks, 
Usual Disclaimers 
These posts will often contain talk about future work we're doing, or planning to do, that isn't yet guaranteed to ship. The nature of the work could change or, depending on what we discover, projects mentioned may get delayed or even stopped. If you'd like to see a Tweet whenever a new one of these posts goes up: 
Ongoing Nexus Blitz Development 
As some of you will have seen we've made some changes to Nexus Blitz after its initial launch via a couple of micro patches. Full details can be found here: 
TLDR is:
  • A new event called Scuttle racing (you race Scuttles)
  • A new event reward (brief stealth after walking through a brush)
  • A range of balance changes, bringing mages down especially 
Normally with micro patches we only make smaller changes, rather than adding new things to the game. In this case we're able to do so for a couple of reasons. The first is that both the new event and new reward were nearly finished when we shipped the 8.16 patch, though with some issues to iron out (bugs and balance, rather than art changes that would require a new download). The second is that, given Nexus Blitz is an alpha test, we feel it's appropriate to accept a somewhat higher risk of bugs in order to keep prototyping and testing quickly. Our goal's still to figure out within four weeks whether Nexus Blitz should at some point return as a permanent mode. We want to make the most of the available time as a result, rather than waiting for the next regular patch like we normally would. Likely we'll have some meaningful changes in a micro patch a bit after 8.17 goes out too, take full advantage of that patch cycle as well. 
Goals for patches 8.17, 8.18 and 8.19 
8.17 - A regular patch, focused on smaller scope champion balance. Should be a decent number of changes in it, many of which will have hit the PBE yesterday or today. Right now balance changes will tend to show up later in a patch cycle since the earlier half's being spent on preseason work. 
8.18 - While it's not the Worlds patch (that's 8.19) it is the one where we'll do most of the remaining World's focused work. Not expecting any major changes, do want to leave ourselves one followup patch though just in case anything hits much harder than expected or a problem needs further work. Will also have some non pro focused work too of course. 
8.19 - The patch Worlds will be played on. This one's likely to be fairly small, with just followup on 8.18 plus changes for regular play that aren't a pro risk. LIkely some changes get worked on for regular play that end up getting shifted to 8.20 instead. 
Some 8.17 Context 
One thing we're looking at with a lot of our 8.17 changes is adding power to champs who already have decent damage but are still under performing. We've looking instead to add power in other ways, with possibilities being things like sustained damage (Attack Speed on Wukong), defense (Meditate CD and DR on Yi) or extended mobility (longer durations on Kayn E, shorter CD on Rengar R). That will potentially be paired with adjustments aimed at shifting some power on Stormrazor and Duskblade to slightly less bursty patterns (less AD and more AS on SR, less proc damage and more AD on DB)."

When asked about Garen and YorickMeddler commented:
You spoke about Garen and Yorick nerfs happening soon, in a way to ensure they're only nerfed in low elo.
Any clarification towards this? What are the planned changes?
Yorick we'll be nerfing Ghoul damage, primarily between levels 2 and 7. That was chosen as a target given AI controlled minions tend to perform noticeably stronger at low/average MMR than high, given their effectiveness doesn't scale as much as other parts of a champion's kit, while counterplay against them does. Damage is then the same by 18. 
Garen I believe we're cutting Q rank up damage (30-150 instead of 30-170). I'll double check, but I don't think there's a low MMR target in there, instead just a slight power reduction via less upfront damage."

On Tahm KenchMeddler noted:
Hey Meddler, I'm curious as to how you guys think Tahm Kench has landed after the changes in 8.16? He appears to be struggling significantly in the support role, but less top lane. Also, if possible, there was a rumor going around with a list of Zoe changes on it. Are these confirmed changes or misinformation?
We were hoping to make TK less dominant in pro without affecting his regular play power too much. Haven't had a chance yet to see pro play on them, so that bit's still up in the air. Regular play seems to be in an ok spot, though top lane performance is something we're a little suspicious of, possible we put too much power there. No current plans for followup changes, possible he's a 8.18 candidate though. 
Zoe - that is an experimental list that's been tested, it's not complete nor something we're planning to ship as is though. Shouldn't have been posted this early, needed more validation and then iteration. Changes won't be part of 8.17."

Meddler  noted the tentative Zoe changelist that was floating around would not be in 8.17:
"Good morning! 
Quoting from another post I just answered: 
"Zoe - that is an experimental list that's been tested, it's not complete nor something we're planning to ship as is though. Shouldn't have been posted this early, needed more validation and then iteration. Changes won't be part of 8.17.""

Meddler  commented on the timing of Ezreal's update:
"Ezreal's update will be after the World's patch, so current Ezreal will be available for World's play. 
We're starting with some changes to see if we can get Stormrazor and Duskblade into better spots without having to make them unique. If that doesn't show promise a unique passive's something we'll then look at. Where possible we want to try and keep the item system more open, rather than blocking combinations or interactions entirely."

Meddler continued:
"Ezreal's update will be before the next new champion."

Reav3 also noted:
"Ezreal will be after Worlds, we want to make sure current Ezreal is playable at worlds as any champion released in patch 8.18 or 8.19 would be disabled for Worlds."

Meddler provided context on the Rengar changes that are testing on the PBE this cycle:
"We had some people arguing that change might have been incorrect in retrospect and that it was worth testing a longer duration again. As per the main post above what we'll be going with instead is the CD buff to Rengar R. I do think it's important though that we sometimes reassess past decisions to beat up whether they were correct in the first place, rather than feeling locked in to whatever was previously done. Looking at duration again here, even though we won't ship a change to it at this time, feels like the smart thing to do, not a case of going against our own values."

Meddler also commented on the Ryze changes testing on the PBE this cycle:
"We've sunk enormous amounts of time into Ryze, Azir and Kalista over the years because of how much better they perform in pro than regular play. In order to put that time into other champs and projects that need work too we decided this year that for a while we'd just balance those champs so they weren't pick/ban, too close to it, or on a path to it, in pro. Our suspicion is that, in his current state, Ryze will be too dominant at Worlds so he's on our radar for possible nerfs. We'll probably hold off on those until 8.18 or 8.19 and then do them then, assuming they still look needed, given 8.19 is the World's patch."

And on Locket of the Iron Solari, Meddler replied:
Thoughts on Locket atm?
Seems reasonable right now? It's a decent and pretty common pick on tank supports, but not to the extent that they're crowding everything else out entirely or that it's 100% mandatory on them. 
Was there something more specific about it you were wondering?"

September sales schedule 

Here's Riot Evaelin with the September sales schedule:
"Check out all the champs and skins on sale this September! Like previous sales schedules, we’re not posting the exact dates for each champ and skin, but they’ll all be on sale sometime next month. 
Just a heads up—since we’re publishing these in advance, we won’t offer partial refunds on champs and skins purchased before they go on sale."

Nexus Blitz alpha: Week 2 feedback and patch notes 

Here's Riot August with the most up to date feedback thread for the Nexus Blitz live alpha:
"Week 1 feedback thread: Here 
New week, new thread. Since launch, we've shipped a few balance micropatches and added in a new event and reward. This week, we’ll be continuing with general balance patches as the need arises and prepping for the 8.17 release. 
Speaking of 8.17, we'll be shipping a larger update than a micropatch. Some of the changes we're working on are:
Map changes (with a scuttle crab in the bottom lane)
Some new events
A new reward
A new item
Numerous system changes 
Thanks for all the feedback so far, please keep it coming!

8/20 - Micropatch 2 
  • Global Aura
    • All champions gain 5 +.5/lvl Magic Resist
  • Events and Rewards
    • Added EVENT Scuttle Racing
    • Added REWARD Wrath of the Hunter 
8/17 - Micro patch 1 
    • Mana regen :: 100 MP/5 >>> 50 MP/5
    • Ranged champions increase to damage taken :: 25% >>> 35%
    • Transcendence
      • Level to turn on :: 6 >>> 8
    • Gathering Storm
      • Rank up time :: 4min >>> 4.5min
    • Nasus
      • Q stacking :: 6 per last hit (12 vs champs and large minions/monsters) >>> 9 per last hit (18 vs champs and large minions/monsters)
    • Tristana
      • AD :: 61 + 3.11/lvl >>> 65 + 4/lvl
      • AS :: 1.5%/lvl >>> 2.5%/lvl
      • HP :: 559 >>> 610
    • Kalista
      • AD :: 3.6/lvl >>> 4.5/lvl
      • HP :: 534 >>> 600
      • Mana :: 231 >>> 300
    • Xayah
      • AD :: 60 + 2.9/lvl >>> 65 + 3.5/lvl
      • HP :: 561 >>> 600
    • Tryndamere
      • AS/lvl :: 2.9 >>> 4
      • AD :: 3.7/lvl >>> 4.5/lvl
      • HP :: 98/lvl >>> 110/lvl
    • Warwick
      • HP/lvl :: 85 >>> 100
      • AS/lvl :: 2.3% >>> 3.5%
      • AD/lvl :: 3 >>> 4
    • Sona
      • HP/lvl :: 77 >>> 60
      • Amor/lvl :: 3.3 >>> 3
    • Taric
      • HP/lvl :: 90 >>> 75
      • AR/lvl :: 3.4 >>> 3
8/14 - Nexus Blitz Alpha begins."

The evening of 8/22, Jinxylord also updated the post to include:
"Oh boy, It took awhile but today's micropatch is finally out. 
Today we're focused on cleaning up a number of balance outliers on the far ends of the spectrum (either very weak or very strong vs. other members of their class). In the background we've also been working on a LARGE features that you'll be seeing in 8.17.
The MR changes from last micropatch panned out pretty well. Sustained AP damage and tanks are a bit weaker (they were too strong) and marksmen and fighters who don't like getting bursted are stronger (they were a bit too weak). 
In terms of overall balance, the power spread across different champs and classes is still looking great! All classes are worth taking, and the vast majority of the cast is viable in the jungle with the right partner! We're still worried that AoE mages are slightly too strong and assassins are slightly too weak. May need to look at future class changes to bring them up. Do note that "too weak or too strong" does not mean "useless or the only things worth picking" 
8/22 - Balance update
AD :: 68 + 3.1/lvl >>> 70 + 4/lvl
Armor :: 30 >>> 35
HP :: 588 >>> 650 
AD :: 61 >>> 65
Armor :: 37 >>> 42
HP/lvl :: 572 + 84/lvl >>> 500 + 95/lvl 
Armor :: 33 >>> 38
AS/lv :: 2 >>> 3
HP :: 570 >>> 600 
HP :: 545 + 85/lvl >>> 590 + 95/lvl
Armor :: 28 >>> 33
AD :: 61 >>> 66 
MP/5 :: 8 >>> 12
Mana :: 21/lvl >>> 30/lvl
HP :: 552 + 92/lvl >>> 600 + 100/lvl 
HP :: 570 >>> 610
Armor :: 21.5 >>> 27
MP/5 :: 6 >>> 9 
HP :: 540 + 85/lvl >>> 600 + 95/lvl 
AD :: 3.1/lvl >>> 2/lvl
HP :: 88/lvl >>> 75/lvl 
HP :: 613 + 84/lvl >>> 570 + 80/lvl
Armor :: 3.8/lvl >>> 3.3/lvl
HP :: 87/lvl >>> 75/lvl
Armor :: 3.5/lvl >>> 3/lvl 
HP :: 91/lvl >>> 85/lvl
AD :: 4.7/lvl >>> 4/lvl 
HP :: 88/lvl >>> 80/lvl 
HP/lvl :: 95 >>> 90
Ar/lvl :: 4 >>> 3.5"

Quick Hits

  • Riot Maple noted he would look into Trundle's R not being as visible as it could be: 
"We'd talked about giving him new particles in the past to better communicate the ult, but didn't have a super solid direction and ended up not doing the project. The suggestion of a screen border seems pretty reasonable though - for some reason I hadn't thought of that before. I know there's some concern with overusing that effect, but given the importance of knowing when you were ulted - especially as a tank - it doesn't seem unreasonable to use it here. I'll talk to some folks."
  • Reav3 commented on reworks vs. new champions balance and noted there would be a 50/50 split in 2019:
"Next year will likely be more of a 50/50 split like 2017. We have done surveys ourselves and found that it is about 50/50 from players in wanting VGUs or New Champs. VGUs are of course good because it brings older champions up to modern standards, but they also incur a cost, that not matter how good of a job we do some people will quit. We have to balance all of this when we decide what to prioritize."
  • Check out a new trailer for League of Legends - IT'S ON!


To round out this red post collection, here are a few reminders on current promotions or limited time events!

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