Pool Party 2018 - Pool Party Caitlyn, Gangplank and Zoe now available!

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Pool Party Caitlyn, Gangplank, and Zoe are diving onto the live with the Pool Party 2018 event running August 2nd through August 13th! The event includes three new skins, chromas, icons, ward skins, emotes, new loot & bundles, new missions to complete, and the return of One for All!
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Release Announcement

In addition to the previously released Pool Party 2018 event details, the event also has an in client landing page with all the details on the event!

Pool Party 2018 Event Trailer

Here are all the missions to complete and rewards to earn during the event, including the Pool Party 2018 emote!
Additional details on the various loot options such as Position Orbs and Grab bags &  oodles of bundles available [here].

New Skins

Three new Pool Party skins for CaitlynGangplank, and Zoe are splashing into the deep end!

Pool Party Caitlyn

1350  RP
[Loading Screen]

Pool Party Gangplank

1350 RP

Pool Party Zoe

1350  RP

New Chroma

Several new chroma sets will be available separately or in bundles!

Pool Party Gangplank (6)

290 RP Each or in bundles

Pool Party Gangplank (Ruby)
Exclusive to Bundles
Pool Party Gangplank's Ruby chroma also includes different barrels.

Pool Party Caitlyn (5)

290 RP Each or in Bundles

Pool Party Caitlyn Ruby Chroma
Exclusive to Bundles

Pool Party Zoe (6)

290 RP or in Bundles

Pool Party Zoe Ruby Chroma
Exclusive to Bundles

Pool Party Taric (4)

290 RP or in Bundle

Pool Party Rek'Sai (6)

290 RP or in Bundle

New Emotes

Four new emotes will be available during the event:

 Shell Shocked, Snoozy Poro, Pool Party Pengu
350 RP Each

Pool Party 2018
Earned by completing Fun in the Sun (6/6) mission

New Summoner Icons

In addition to the new skins, we also have a total of six pool party themed icons!

 Pool Party Gangplank icon, Pool Party Caitlyn icon, Pool Party Zoe icon
250 RP or Bundled

Tasty Beverage icon
Exclusive to King Crab Bag Bundle

Iced Pengu Icon
Earned by completing Cannonball! Mission

Pengu (Ruby) icon
Exclusive to bundles that include a full set of new chroma

New Ward Skins

Three new ward skins featuring a Pengu surfing a killer wave are now available to purchase for 640 RP each!

Surfin' Pengu Ward
640 RP

Wipeout Pengu Ward
640 RP

Hang Loose Pengu Ward
640 RP

Pool Party 2018 Login Theme

A new login screen themed around Pool Party 2018 is will be featured on the client!

Pool Party Map Accents

Pool Party Map accents will be enabled, including the return of the Pool Party Minions and new Pool Party themed red buff and blue buff camps!

A Pool Party themed loadscreen can also be seen during the event:

For the full details on the Pool Party 2018 event, check out our event details post!

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