Mafia Braum + Chroma now available!

Posted on at 10:22 AM by Aznbeat
"When going gets tough, you call Braum." - Mafia Braum and his new chroma set as well as a summoner icon are now available to purchase!
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Release Announcement

From the release announcement - "New Epic Skin: Mafia Braum"

1350 RP 
The big boss collected his payment in gold before looking down at his fuzzy associates with a wink. The syndicate always knew to bring Braum.

New Skin - Mafia Braum

Check out the full preview for Mafia Braum:

Mafia Braum

1350 RP

New Chroma

Mafia Braum has a new set of eight chroma also releasing with his skin:

Mafia Braum
290 RP each, Ruby Chroma exclusive to Mafia Braum Heist Set

New Summoner Icons

Finally, a new icon with a featuring a devious poro is now available!

Mafia Braum Icon
250 RP or in Bundle

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