High Noon 2018 Content Now Available!

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"Got a bullet with your name on it." - High Noon Lucian, Thresh, and Urgot are now available! Alongside them are new summoner icons, emotes, a new ward skin, short story, and more!
Continue reading for a look at all the new content!

Table of Contents

Release Announcement

From the release announcement - "High Noon 2018"

1820 RP 
Devils live among us. Sometimes, within us. When you’re damned either way… give ‘em hell. 
Read the short story The Man with the Grinning Shadow on Universe.
1350 RP 
Devils live among us. Some hook you into a fool’s game, where taking one soul would’ve been a kinder consequence.
1350 RP 
Devils live among us. Some are steel monstrosities, relishing mass casualty in the name of industry.
Available until September 13, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. PT 
Chroma bundles (with exclusive Ruby and Sapphire chromas) for High Noon Thresh and High Noon Urgot available starting September 14, 2018

High Noon Universe Story - The Man With the Grinning Shadow

A new short story is now on the Universe!
"“You the marshal?” the river man said, his features an unreadable patina of lowland dust and dried bottlebrush needles, caked together by mud from the bottom of an old lakebed. He stood in the doorway of Lucian's private train cabin, small and large at the same time, dressed in gold-panning rags that had been picked from a dead claim jumper on the outskirts of Progress. 
The river man didn't breathe in or out. Didn't have to."

[Read the full story on the Universe!] 

New Skins

Three new skins are now available, including the legendary High Noon Lucian, as well as High Noon Thresh and High Noon Urgot:

High Noon Lucian

1820 RP (Legendary)
High Noon Lucian special interactions:

High Noon Thresh

1350 RP

High Noon Urgot

1350 RP

New Chromas

Along with the new skins for Thresh and Urgot, each have a set of five new chroma now available:

High Noon Urgot (5)

High Noon Thresh (5)

New Summoner Icons

Four new High Noon icons are now available:

High Noon Gothic Icon
250 RP

High Noon Lucian Icon, High Noon Urgot Icon, High Noon Thresh Icon
Bundle Exclusive

New Emotes

Several High Noon emotes are also available for 350 RP each or bundled:

Get In, Howdy, Toot Toot
350 RP each or Bundled

New Ward Skin 

A new ward skin is now available - the Devil Vulture Ward!

Devil Vulture Ward
640 RP

High Noon Login Theme

A High Noon themed login will be featured on the client:

A New Devil's in Town - High Noon Cinematic

In case you missed it, here's a look at the High Noon reveal cinematic:

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