Ryze Video Teaser on Social Media

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Following the Universe story and comic, A short and mysterious teaser video is out on social media featuring Ryze and a World Rune ! Look for more on July 26th!
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Ryze Video Teaser

"O poder já levou o mundo à sua destruição antes. As Runas Globais não podem cair nas mãos erradas novamente. Ele deve escondê-las, custe o que custar."
(Google Translate: "Power has led the world to its destruction before. The global runes cannot fall into the wrong hands again. He must hide them, whatever the cost." )


The World Rune seen briefly in this teaser video is very similar to the World Rune summoner icon that is noted as being "Earned by completing a mission during the release of the Ryze short"!
Keep an eye out for an upcoming info relating to the upcoming Ryze short and how to earn a WORLD RUNE ICON! In addition to the July 26th date above, a recent article on the KR LoL site reveals it is coming soon! We also saw a WORLD RUNE ward skin hit the PBE recently but no details yet.
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