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The new interactive Runeterra map is now available to explore and discover on the Universe!
Continue reading for more information and a quick preview!

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Runeterra Awaits: Interactive Map Video

"Explore a world ranging from the briny ports of Bilgewater to the soaring peaks of Mount Targon. 
Explore Runeterra:"

Runeterra Map

While we encourage you to check out the interactive map for yourself, here's a very quick overview of what you might find!

When fully zoomed out, the map shows each of the ten major factions in Runeterra. Hovering your pointer over these pops up with a small list of champions and brief description.

When you click on a specific faction's icon, a sidebar appears sharing more on the faction information, champion lists, link to the faction's main universe hub, art galleries, and more.

You can click points of interest to dive into even more detail, such as The Frostguard Citadel located in northern Freljord. Each faction and the spaces between have these locations to explore!

While zoomed in, you can also find nodes that expand into art and information - here's an example right above the Great City of Demacia featuring the fearsome Demacia Raptors and several pieces of art!

You can also find art galleries embedded within the faction hubs. For example, under the Featured In Shadow Isles you can click into THE FALLEN: ENTITIES OF THE SHADOW ISLES for a gallery of several fallen spirits, creatures, and even champions.

Here is a quick look at the other locations of each faction - make sure to check out the full interactive map for a look at the many cities and locations within each!

Of note, Bandle City is marked by a giant glowing symbol that seems to change to different locations every time you open the map! The Mythical Land of Curious Enchantment!
Similar to others, clicking into the Bandle City (after finding it!) will include more on the mysterious land and the portals leading there. Here's another example from the "PORTALS Path to Bandle City" gallery -
The VOID also has a section to the south east of Shurima!

Missions & Rewards

There are also new missions up on live rewarding summoners icons and a Runeterra Map icon for completing all 10 faction missions! The icons feature previously released faction icons, as well as four new icons for Mount Targon, Shadow Isles, Shurima, and the Freljord. If you already have one of the icons, you'll receive 100 XP instead.

Runeterra Map Icon, Mount Targon Icon, Shadow Isles Icon, Shurima Icon, Freljord Icon


Over on twitter, Riot Mort confirmed on twitter additional missions will come in the following days!
"I wasn't involved in this one, but I just asked. New missions every day. If you already have the icon from previous missions, you get the 100xp version. Missions last 2 weeks."
[Yordle Portal Art from the Bandle City Gallery]

Be sure to check out the recent AMA on /r/leagueoflegends - [AMA] We're the team who brought you the map, here to answer your questions from across Runeterra. Ask us anything!

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