6/12 PBE Update: Aatrox Champion Update, God-King Darius and Garen, new icons, & more!

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The PBE has been updated! As we kick off the 8.13 PBE cycle, today's patch includes the Aatrox update, new God-King Darius and Garen skins, brand new collection tabs for both icons and wards, new summoner icons, a few details on the upcoming VS event, and more!
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(Warning: PBE Content is tentative and subject to change - what you see below may not reflect what eventually gets pushed to live servers at the end of the cycle! Manage your expectations accordingly.)

Table of Contents

Aatrox Champion Update

Following his gameplay trailer and update reveal, Aatrox's champion update has landed on the PBE including a new kit, updated visuals, and a new splash art!

Aatrox, the Darkin Blade

Stats & Abilities

  • Base HP: 580
  • HP Per Level: 80
  • HP Regen Growth: 0.05
  • Base MR: 32.1
  • MR Per Level:
  • Base AD: 60
  • AD per level: 5
  • Base Armor: 33
  • Armor Per Level: 3.25
  • Attack Speed: .651
  • Attack Speed Growth: 1
  • Base Move Speed: 345
  • Attack Range: 175

Deathbringer Stance (Passive):
"Aatrox's next basic attack gains 50 extra range and deals [8 - 16%] of the target's Max Health as physical damage (max: 400 against monsters), and inflicts Mutilator for 3 seconds. 
Cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds when Aatrox casts a spell or hits a champion with the Blade of The Darkin Sword.  
Mutilator - Reduce all healing and shielding on the target by 40%."
    • Full Value: 8/8.47/8.94/9.41/9.88/10.35/10.82/11.29/11.76/12.24/12.71/13.18/13.65/14.12/14.59/15.06/15.53/16 %

The Darkin Blade (Q):
No Cost
16/15/14/13/12 sec Cooldown
"Aatrox slams his greatsword down, dealing 15/30/45/60/75 (+64/68/72/76/80% total AD) physical damage. The Darkin Sword may be re-cast 2 additional times, each one increasing in damage. 
Each strike can hit with the Blade, briefly knocking enemies up and dealing more damage. 
Deals [55 - 100% based on level] damage to minions.
Deals an additional 20% of your Attack Damage (+x) to monsters and doubles knockup duration."
    • Q damage increased by 25% per cast  - Q1/2/3 = 100%/125%/150%
    • Each Q that hits with the blade end (visible on indicator) deals 50% more damage than usual.

Infernal Chains (W):
No Cost
18/17/16/15/14 sec Cooldown
"Aatrox smashes the ground, dealing 30/40/50/60/70 (+40% Total AD) physical damage to the first enemy hit and slowing by 15/20/25/30/35% for 1.5s. 
Champions or Large Monsters have 1.5s to leave the impact area or be dragged back and damaged again. 
Deals double damage to minions."

Umbral Dash (E):
No Cost
3/2.5/2/1.5/1 sec Cooldown
"Passive: Aatrox heals for 15/16.25/17.5/18.75/20% of physical damage he deals. 
Active: Aatrox lunges, briefly gaining Attack Damage. 2 charges. 
Umbral Dash can be used during his other spell casts without interrupting them."
    • Active AD: 15/25/35/45/55
    • Recharge Time: 20/18/16/14/12

World Ender (R):
No Cost
160/140/120 sec Cooldown
"Aatrox reveals his true demonic form for the next 12 seconds, fearing nearby minions and gaining:
  • Increased movement speed for the first 1 second, and when not in combat with champions or turrets.
  • Increased Attack Damage.
  • A Blood Well that steadily stores health, allowing him to Revive if he takes lethal damage."
    • Movement Speed: 120/180/240
    • Increased AD: +30 AD


Updated VO:

[Full standalone VO be added soon! having issues with tools atm!]

and here's Aatrox's various special interactions, including responses to mastery emotes!


New short form lore entry added to Aatrox's champion page:
"Once honored defenders of Shurima against the Void, Aatrox and his brethren would eventually become an even greater threat to Runeterra, and were defeated only by cunning mortal sorcery. But after centuries of imprisonment, Aatrox was the first to find freedom once more, corrupting and transforming those foolish enough to try and wield the magical weapon that contained his essence. Now, with stolen flesh, he walks Runeterra in a brutal approximation of his previous form, seeking an apocalyptic and long overdue vengeance."
Look for more on the Universe page soon.

Updated Skins

Aatrox's previously released skins have been updated to go along with his new look and their splash arts have been modified to include the new blade and wings.

Justicar Aatrox

Sea Hunter Aatrox

Mecha Aatrox

Along with the base model changes, Mecha Aatrox's chroma have also been updated:

Here's a preview video featuring updated Aatrox and his skins, look for individual videos closer to launch!

New Skins

As previewed, new God-King themed skins Darius and Garen skins are now on the PBE. According to the special media preview, these legendary skins will be for a VS 2018 event.

God-King Darius

1820 RP (Legendary) [Src]
"God-King Darius is an ancient bringer of carnage; a descendant of primordial deities long forgotten in the shadow of Demacia. Slaughtering monarchs and gods alike, he seeks to end the false world of unity and peace, ushering in an age of endless war only the strongest will survive."
[Special interactions video soon!]

Here's Riot LoveStrut with a PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread for God-King Darius:
"God-King Darius sees the world of kingdoms and empires as a false reality. There’s no use for rulers when only strength and war matter. Will you fight alongside the Wolf? 
Dire Details 
  • New model and textures: God-King Darius takes the Wolf as his crest, incorporating the dire wolf motif into his armor and battleaxe.
  • New VFX: Shadow magic and the Wolf’s spirit empower his abilities.
  • New SFX and VO lines: Wolf howls, deadly swings, and VO fit for a God-King.
  • New animations: Every animation has been changed, including a special transforming axe swing for his Q.
God-King Darius is now available on PBE! We always love hearing your feedback and feelings! All bug reports and thoughts help us make these skins even more awesome, so please keep 'em coming! 
Thanks, cuties! <3"

God-King Garen

1820 RP (Legendary) [Src]
"God-King Garen stands as the last descendant of a primordial race of divinities, and the final bulwark against the end of civilization. He rules his vast kingdom of Demacia with an iron fist, jealousy protecting his people as a self-styled messiah, while rooting out and destroying all who would oppose him."

[Special interactions video soon!]

Here's Riot LoveStrut with a PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread for God-King Garen:
"God-King Garen demands loyalty at all costs in exchange for his resolute protection. Unite under the one true king of Demacia, or perish. Will you fight for the Lion? 
Prideful Points 
  • New model and textures: God-King Garen takes the Lion as his crest, imbuing the lion elements into his armor and greatblade.
  • New VFX: Divine magic and the Lion’s spirit empowers his abilities.
  • New SFX and VO lines: Lion roars, powerful slashes, and VO fit for a God-King.
  • New animations: Every animation has been changed, including a special double-bladed spin for his E. 
God-King Garen is now available on PBE! We always love hearing your feedback and feelings! All bug reports and thoughts help us make these skins even more awesome, so please keep 'em coming! 
Thanks, cuties! <3"

New Summoner Icons

Two new summoner icons are now on the PBE. No release details yet but these icons appear to be related to the upcoming Dark Star Cho'Gath release in 8.13:

Icon/Wards Collections 

New collections are headed to the PBE for icons and wards, including descriptions (hover over!), rarity organizations, and more!
Here's Riot Mort with a bugs & feedback thread for the icons/wards collection page that will be testing on the PBE in the 8.13 cycle:
"Hello everyone! Riot Mort here with a long desired feature finally coming to League. In Collection, we’ve added tabs for Summoner Icons and Ward Skins! Yes, you can finally see your Ward Skin collection from outside Champ Select. 
We’ve added some key features into these collections that we’d love some feedback on. 
-Descriptions - When you mouse over an icon or ward, it should tell you where it came from or how it was acquired.
-Sorting - From sets to alphabetical to release date, you can sort these collections in a variety of ways.
-View Unowned - You can take a look at all the existing icons/wards you don’t have, and even look into League’s history. 
But probably the biggest new feature here is rarity. Now icons and wards have been assigned a rarity based on how difficult to acquire they were. 
-Ultimate (Orange) - The rarest tier. For extremely difficult accomplishments or exclusive participation.
-Mythic (Purple) - Icons that took a lot of effort to achieve, or show a high level of time commitment or skill.
-Epic (Blue) - Icons that came as part of a limited time bundle, or showing high participation/skill.
-Rare (Green) - Legacy icons, bundled icons, event participation, eSports event icons, and other skill/participation icons.
-Normal (No color) - Purchased, given, eSports, or participation. 
Which icons/wards are in each category is purposely left to be fluid and open to interpretation. However we really want feedback on this, so if you feel a specific icon isn’t in the right category or something else just doesn’t feel right, let us know. We think this feature is important moving forward, and we want to get it right for you guys. 
Thanks everyone. And have fun on PBE!"

VS Event Strings

God-King Darius and Garen are part of VS 2018 event, following Riven Vs Yasuo from 2017. Below are numerous Game Start Up tips revealing details on the upcoming event including mention of mission lines, event exclusive rewards, ARURF, a "war-torn Rift embellished with tributes to the two God-Kings", and more.

  • "My kingdom stands eternal." —God-King Garen
  • So God-King Garen proclaims to all, so shall the law be. His justice is absolute.
  • The celestial lion that serves God-King Garen is a manifestation of his ancient power.
  • God-King Garen oversees the utopian kingdom known as Demacia. Those who dissent are met with immediate execution.
  • The God-King of Demacia oversees his people as protector and judge. To his worshippers, there is a small price for peace: their free will.
  • "Pledge everlasting fealty to the true God-King, and you shall fear nothing within His empire." —Garen 13:14
  • "Our faith is our shield, and I am our faith." —God-King Garen
  • The last remaining threat to God-King Garen's vision for his perfect empire is the forsaken God-King Darius.
  • God-King Garen's divine wrath is boundless. He has wiped great empires from the face of the planet for defying him.
  • Garen's Blade of Divine Justice is an artifact from an ancient war, wielded by the God-King to judge the unworthy.
  • "I'm not a savior. I'm an executioner." —God-King Darius
  • So God-King Darius thirsts for bloodshed, so shall war unfold. His will is indomitable.
  • The wolf spirit that follows God-King Darius is a manifestation of his untamed might.
  • God-King Darius leads a vicious pack of warriors, hungry for conflict and the glory of proving one's strength. 
  • God-King Darius will be consumed by the very war he envisions, and awaits the day his warriors grow strong enough to destroy him.
  • Entire kingdoms have been torn down by God-King Darius's hands. No being is beyond his reach, not even the gods. 
  • "My howl heralds war, and death." —God-King Darius
  • The last obstacle standing in the way of God-King Darius' vision for a world of endless war is God-King Garen.
  • God-King Darius believes that a world of kingdoms and empires is a false reality, and beckons a true one indulging the violence in the hearts of men.
  • Darius's nameless axe is an artifact from an ancient war, wielded by the God-King to usher in an age of unending brutality.
  • Complete missions to earn event-exclusive rewards before VS ends July 10, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. PT.
  • Choosing God-King Garen or Darius locks you into their mission path and rewards.
  • Until July 10 at 11:59 p.m. PT,. battle in ARURF on a war-torn Rift embellished with tributes to the two God-Kings. All owned champions are playable.
  • Complete all VS missions for your chosen God-King to unlock the limited VS 2018 emote.
  • Unlock VS event exclusives, including God-King Garen and Darius loading screen borders, by earning VS tokens through missions.
  • Power lies wherever war lives. But only one can claim it. Choose your God-King.
  • VS Order and VS Chaos emotes from 2017 return for VS 2018. They'll leave the store permanently on July 10, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. PT. 
  • Earn Lion and Wolf Orbs during the VS event with VS tokens from completed missions. Orbs unlock skin shards and a chance for bonus drops.
  • After VS ends, complete one final mission to receive an icon commemorating the victor. If you chose the winning God-King, you'll also earn 1000 Blue Essence.
  • Wolf and Lion Orb bundles, as well as Masterwork and Hextech Chests, include bonus VS tokens until July 10, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. PT.

Look for more information on this upcoming event soon!


  • Dark Star Cho'Gath continues testing on the PBE for release in 8.13 after debuting in the last cycle. Look for the splash art to hit the PBE soon!
  • Some tooltips now allow you to press [shift] to see more information, usually reserved to additional rule text or explanations. Here's an example using the new Aatrox Q - pressing shift reveals it does reduced damage to minions but increased damage to monsters. 

  • Another batch of skin bios have been added! Here's Hextech Annie for example:
"A scientific prodigy even among the intellectuals of the Hextech renaissance, Annie's beautiful, living warbears are among the most prized innovations of the era. Her most mysterious creation, Tibbers, is always close at hand -- her confidant, friend, and monstrous bodyguard."

Balance Changes

NOTE*: The PBE is a testing grounds for new, tentative, & experimental changes. Be aware that what you see below may be relative to other changes earlier this cycle! These are not official notes.

  • Wolf's Frenzy (W) - 
    • [New] Passive Effect added:
"Passive: As Kindred move and attack they build stacks of Hunter's Vigor, up to a maximum of 100. At full stacks Lamb's next basic attack drains up to [34-102 (based on level) health from the target, based on Lamb's missing Health." 
    • [Removed] Wolf's Frenzy no longer reduces monster attack speed by 50%

  • Phantom Undertow (E)
    • Bonus AD ratio increased from 80% to 110%
    • Damage lowered from 95/130/165/200/235 to 95/125/155/185/205
  • Death From Below (R)
    • Bonus AD ratio increased from 60% to 80%
    • Execute threshold changed from [190-655 based on level] to [200-605 based on level]
      • Full value: 200/250/300/350/400/450/475/500/525/550/575/590/605

  • Poison Trail (Q) mana cost per second increased from 13 to 17

  • Double Daggers (Q) cooldown lowered from 10/9/8/7/6 to 9/8/7/6/5
  • Bladecaller (E) cooldown lowered from 12/11/10/9/8 to 12/10.5/9/7.5/6

Atma's Reckoning + Spear of Shojin

Unsealed Spellbook (Inspiration Keystone)
  • Swap cooldown reduction increased from 15s to 20s

Context & Notes

1) Here's Meddler's quick gameplay thoughts for June 8th, including a look at some planned changes for  this cycle [8.13]:
"Hi folks, 
Usual Disclaimers 
These posts will often contain talk about future work we're doing, or planning to do, that isn't yet guaranteed to ship. The nature of the work could change or, depending on what we discover, projects mentioned may get put delayed or even stopped. If you'd like to see a Tweet whenever a new one of these posts goes up: https://twitter.com/RiotMeddler 
We’re monitoring a lot of stuff in bot lane right now, particularly performance of different groups of champions (crit ADCs, versus non crit ADCs, versus non ADCs etc). Seeing a lot of upheaval as people experiment with different builds and picks, with some champs still struggling so far. Should have some extended thoughts on that and possible changes in response first post of next week. 
Edit: Adding a bit extra at time of posting. 
If, as some folks are claiming, crit ADCs are in a terrible spot and should never be picked anywhere, we'll definitely we'll address that. Our goal is to have them be a decent (not mandatory, but decent) option in bot lane at a minimum. Certainly seeing some concern they just won't have a home at all, which is a very understandable worry. Still working to distinguish which of the different positions being argued are accurate though. As above, hoping to have more concrete thoughts next post. 
Banner of Command 
As you might have seen we’re going to remove Banner from the game in 8.12, at least for the short-medium term. It's an item that's pretty consistently been either a poor choice or, when strong, been unhealthy for the game overall. Not impossible some heavily revised version returns someday, likely in a preseason or midseason if so. No immediate plans for that however. 
Kindred W 
As a follow up to Kindred's 8.12 buffs we're also potentially returning the Heal on W for 8.13. Change is just going into testing now, so it's not a certain thing yet. Tentative plan is to remove the monster AS slow and replace it with a heal that scales with Kindred's missing health. 
While we're working on the W already we're also hitting a couple of notable bugs with it. The first is that some of Wolf's visual effects aren't playing properly when he hits, making the skill less satisfying to use and a bit harder to follow. The second is that Wolf's Attack Speed isn't scaling properly with item purchases. 
Changes to Rageblade are likely in 8.13, we're still sorting out the details though. We've got a range of opinions internally on exactly what Rageblade should/shouldn't be and how close it is to that state. We need to talk through a bunch of stuff as a result, things like how much it should be a rush item versus a later-in-the game multiplier for on-hit builds, how much AP scaling it should/shouldn't have (does it remove distinction between AP and on-hit builds too much?), what sort of price point it should sit at etc. 
Some other 8.13 work 
Some of the other stuff we're also working on during 8.13 below.
  • Ornn - Continuing work from 8.12 that wasn't ready to ship.
  • Ashe/Xayah - Looking at their kit specific interactions with crit, now that IE's changed.
  • Karma - Likely she'll be one of the most in need of work post 8.12 heal/shield changes. Penciling her in for a look as a result.
  • Pyke - Looking at whether AD purchases are appropriately rewarded, or whether he's too skewed towards building tank/utility when played optimally (open question, not a firm statement)
  • Ongoing assessment of the state of bot lane.
  • There'll also be a range of additional champion buffs/nerfs that happen a bit later in the cycle, so this isn't a comprehensive list. Likely includes a Trynd buff, potentially a Singed nerf."

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