Dark Waters Diana & Vladimir Now Available!

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"Dusk approaches." - With the  Curse of the Drowned event underway, Dark Waters Diana and Vladimir are now available to purchase!
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Release Announcement

In addition to the Curse of the Drowned event event announcement, the event's in-client page has more on our new skins.

New Skins

Along with PykeDark Waters Diana and Vladimir are now available for 1350 RP each.

Dark Waters Diana

1350 RP

"Diana was once an extremist within the Order of the Mother Serpent, but now spends her days murdering her employer's enemies by the light of the moon. In Bilgewater it's less about who you were, and more about the message you send."

Dark Waters Vladimir

1350 RP

"In his younger days, Vladimir practiced at a school of medicine known for magically manipulating the humors of a patient's body. Turns out in Bilgewater there's more coin to be made killing than saving, and now he's found himself in a much more lucrative—if not messier—line of work."

New Chroma

In addition to the base skins, we also have chroma sets for Dark Waters Diana (6) and Dark Waters Vladimir (5).

Dark Waters Diana


New Summoner Icons

Both skins also have a matching summoner icon available for purchase separately for 250 RP each.

Dark Waters Vladimir Icon, Dark Waters Diana Icon


These new skins are releasing as part of the Curse of the Drowned event, which also includes ARAM changes, the return of Butcher's Bridge, new missions & loot, and more.

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