Blood Moon Evelynn now available!

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Blood Moon Evelynn is now available to purchase for 975 RP!
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Release Announcement

From the release announcement - "New Skin: Blood Moon Evelynn"

975 RP 
The huntress hungers for prey as the blood moon eternally starves for power. The thrill of each sacrifice fades quickly, for the meal only satisfies while it’s on her lips."

New Skin: Blood Moon Evelynn

"Oh, so many joyful people to hurt." - Blood Moon Evelynn is now available to purchase!

Blood Moon Evelynn

975 RP
"A seductive demon summoned on the night of the Blood Moon, Evelynn moves between isolated villages, wooing the residents until they fall deeply in love with her. One by one these poor souls will surely perish, their hearts torn from their still-living bodies."

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