Red Post Collection: Clash Beta Launches in North America, Irelia AMA Roundup, & More

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Today's red post collection includes details on the Clash beta in North America from 4/9 - 4/15, a roundup of answers in the Irelia AMA on Reddit, red comments from around the web, and more!
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Clash Beta launches in North America 

Here's Riot IAmWalrus with more on the Clash beta now testing in North America:
On April 9, team creation opens in-client (check the new Competitive tab!) to test Clash - League’s new competitive mode for premade teams. We’re going to run this technical beta in North America over the next few days, and we need your feedback
Here’s the schedule: 
* There are two “flights” for Friday’s games. Pick the start time that suits your team! You can only participate in one flight on Day 1. 
You can find the most important stuff to know about the beta test in the video above, and a full FAQ about how a Clash tournament actually works below. 
See you on the Rift! 
A note from the devs 
Thanks for your interest in testing out Clash before a worldwide release! So far, we’ve run beta tests in Vietnam, EUW, EUNE and Turkey, and gotten a lot of great feedback from those communities. Now in North America, Clash is reaching a more final state (but we’re not quite there yet). 
You can still expect some jankiness, some bugs, and unfinished UI elements, so please let us know what you like, and what feels bad. We’re still actively tracking a bug where players don’t make it to champ select, but the rest of their team does. If you experience this, we’d really like to hear from you in particular! We’ll send out a survey after the test too, so make sure you have a valid email attached to your account. 
We’re setting up a Discord server for the duration of the week. You’ll be able to give us feedback, report bugs, and find potential teammates. We can’t promise we’ll respond to everything, but we’ll read it all for sure. Join the server now at! 
What is the Clash Beta? 
The Clash Beta is a weekend of tournament play for players of all skill levels, taking place between Friday, April 13 and Sunday, April 15. 
When you enter, your team will start in a 4-team bracket with players of your skill level. If you win both matches, you will be promoted into an 8-team bracket with all the other winners, held the following day. Coming out on top here will put you into a 16-team bracket for a shot at taking home the top prizes on the last day. 
You can start your Clash journey in a 4-team bracket on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, but only teams that enter on Friday and play each day can win the entire tournament. If your team is eliminated, you’ll receive your rewards and drop out, but you can re-enter the next day (with a new ticket) to play in a new bracket with its own rewards. 
On each day, there’s also a consolation (lower) bracket so teams who lose the first match can continue playing. Those teams won’t progress to the next day’s play, but they’ll face off against other teams that lost in the first match to earn more/better prizes. 
To participate, every member of your team will need to lock in, during a 30 minute window before the first match begins. If any members of your team do not lock in, your team won’t enter into the tournament. 
You are guaranteed to play a minimum of two matches each time you enter. 
If you’d like to read the ins-and-outs about the format of Clash, check out the support article
Creating your team 
To join or create a Clash team, you need to have:
  • Reached level 30
  • Completed placements in at least one Summoner’s Rift ranked queue
  • Attained at least Honor level 2
  • Verified your League account by SMS (this is a new Clash-specific feature)
Each team has a captain who is responsible for adding or removing members, and setting up their team for Clash. Captains can start inviting their squad from Monday April 9, and in the Team screen, they’ll pick a team logo, tag and name to represent their team for the weekend. 
We know some of you will be looking for players to complete your roster, so we're partnering with to launch the Beta for Clash. This is an optional team building service that should make it easier for players to find teams that fit their playstyle! Head on over to on Wednesday 11th to get started. 
Clash has a unique Tier matchmaking system, meaning you’ll always face teams that are around your skill level. There aren’t any restrictions on rank within your team, but if you group up as four bronzies and one diamond, prepare for the big leagues. You can read about how it works here
When you enter into a bracket, you will compete with your team for the whole weekend, win, lose or re-entry, so make your best squad! 
There is a substitute system in Clash, but you can only substitute one player per day, and they are only with your team for that day’s play. You can read more about substitutes here
Game day 
Before the match begins, you’ll encounter several features that should help you figure out the best strategy to claim victory. First up is the scouting page, where you can check out stats and info about your opponents to help your pick/ban strategy. 
Next up, in champ select, you’ll be using the draft format you may have seen from the LCS - two ban phases, and two pick phases. Don’t get caught off guard! 
Oh, and all champions are unlocked in Clash, so don’t worry about figuring out that complicated three-person trade from solo queue. 
Clash also features a “sudden death” mode to keep matches at a fixed length. Read more about it over here
To keep Clash a high-stakes tournament, you’ll need a ticket to enter. You can get tickets a few ways: They’re available in the store for 990 BE or 215 RP, and you can also earn one from completing a mission this week (by winning four games of Ranked Flex). 
You can choose 1 ticket or 5 tickets each time you enter. The overall Clash experience is the same, but with 5 tickets you’ll earn much better prizes. Ticket purchases with BE are limited to three this week (so you can still enter every day if you lose out). You can find more of a breakdown of tickets here
In the future, we’ll likely be changing the way you can earn or purchase tickets based on your feedback, so stay tuned. 
Rewards in Clash come in three main forms: Victory Points, capsules and icons. 
Victory points and banners 
Every time you win, you’ll earn Victory Points which are used to unlock Banners, a new item which shows up on Summoner’s Rift! Find out more about Banners and Victory Points here
Win or lose, you’re always going to take home a Clash Capsule. In each capsule, you’ll find an XP boost and a new logo for your next Clash team, as well as rewards that scale based on your performance and however many tickets you entered with. If you’d like to know roughly what you can expect out of every capsule, check out our handy Capsule Guide
Finally, winning a (winner’s) bracket will net you an exclusive Clash Beta summoner icon: 
And that’s about it 
Give us feedback in the Discord channel and we’ll try to be available to answer your questions. Start getting your team together and we hope to see you in the NA beta from April 9 to 15!"

Irelia AMA Roundup

The team responsible for the Irelia champion update held an AMA over on Reddit! Check out community member Spideraxe's roundup of the AMA questions answered:
"Happy Monday/Tuesday, friends. Irelia's update has been live for a few days, and we're here to chat about your thoughts and first impressions! The AMA kicks off at 2:00 PM PDT and runs until 4:00 PM PDT. Here are some of the team members on hand to answer your burning questions (a bunch are heading back from PAX and might not show up until a bit later)
u/RiotSolcrushed - designer | u/Lonewingy - concept artist | u/Riot_Owleycat - illustration & visual design | u/JohnODyin - narrative | u/RiotPhoenix - visual effects artist | u/JaasoH - animator | u/VonderHamz - sound designer | u/Ranger_XIV - QA | u/RiotScherzo - composer | u/Blaustoise - insights | u/EdwinMols - producer | u/Reav3 - producer | u/SpaceNorth - producer | u/RiotEarthSlug - video | u/Riot_Rainslight - capture artist | u/RiotAether - comms 
Champion Teaser: Trailer: Reveal: Spotlight: Bio: on a Name: East Irelia Dev Panel: (rewind to 1:46:08 for a quick discussion about why we do VGUs)"

[Click here for Irelia AMA roundup]

Quick Hits

  • Here's Riot Maple with thoughts on Irelia balance, as well as a changelist for the 4/10 PBE update:
"Hey folks! 
I'm seeing a lot of conversation around Irelia post hotifx (rightfully so) and wanted to give a little bit of context as to our thinking with why we went so hard, and what our plan is going forward. Brief disclaimer - I'm not the designer of Irelia, I'm the producer on the balance team, so I probably won't be able to provide a super satisfying answer for in depth design questions. 
Why did we ship a hotfix as large as we did, and why did we do it so quickly? 
To answer the first part of that question, within 12 hours of her release Irelia had hit a ~54.5% winrate at high mmr (plat+), and for new champions and VGUs that's usually just the starting point. We refer to this as the "Day 0" winrate, and is usually a really good indicator of general power before we start to get more nuanced data in. Typically within days of new champs and VGUs we'll see champions climb as much as 4%-5% in terms of winrate, which - if that happened - would have landed us in some pretty hot water with Irelia and perception around her power (because she was likely to be styling on folks). A Day 0 winrate greater than 50% is often already a big red flag for us, let alone hitting the mid 50s. Given where she was sitting only 12 hours into her release, we opted to err on the side of go harder on the nerfs, so that we wouldn't find ourselves in a "ship a few nerfs...shit not enough...ship a few more...shit not enough...ship a few more...oh crap too far...etc" over the following patches. We wanted to aim for one definitive swing, see how she performs over the following days, and then give her back power if her natural growth didn't land her in a good spot. 
So what are our plans? 
Nothing concrete yet, but looking at data yesterday it's clear that her lane phase is likely just too soft, yet she still scales incredibly well into the mid/late game, matching or even outperforming some of the other top laners that are considered stable. As a result, it's highly unlikely we can just revert some of the nerfs and call it a day since that would most likely just lead to her being the most dominant champ in mid and late game. What this means is there's probably going to be some power curve adjustments being made (give her more power early, but take out some late), so that she doesn't just fall over like a house of cards in lane phase, but also so she doesn't just take over games single handedly. I don't have concrete details on what any of those changes might look like yet, but the designer of Irelia was looking into possible directions yesterday. 
So....are you going to buff her or what? 
On Monday we're going to see how she's doing after the hotfix looking at power over game length, item build performance and all that jazz, and will make a call on what the path forward is. If she's seen reasonable growth it's likely that buffs will wait until the 8.8 patch, if she hasn't really moved at all we can talk about a hotfix buff. As we know more I'll try to swing back here and let you guys know what's going on if no one else has already. At this point consider nothing is set in stone, but do know that we're looking very closely at her right now and you're not going to be waiting 3 months for us to revisit Irelia. 
Touching back a bit on the "why so fast and why so hard" topic, one of the things we're actively looking to avoid is situations like with Ornn and Zoe from this year, where we take small taps in either direction, leaving mains of their champs in constant flux or fear of us going to far in one way or another. We're committing ourselves to getting new champs/VGUs stable as quickly as we can, so you can learn, play, and enjoy your champ without fear of showing up in the next patch note yet again. 
Please let me know if a context post like this outlining the plan helps relieve some of the anxiety or frustration you're feeling, if it does I may look to do it with other champs in the future so that mains of the champions we work on are at least up to speed with where our heads are at. 
Thanks for your time, 
MONDAY UPDATE: These changes are likely to hit the PBE tomorrow, but going to drop them here in case they don't. 
  • Base Armor: 31 >>> 34
  • Q: Damage to minions: 60%>>>70%
  • E: Bugfix - no longer credits Irelia for several minion kills.
  • R:CD 120/105/90 >>> 140/120/100
  • Damage (missile): 150/275/400 >>> 150/250/350
  • Damage (wall) : 125/200/275 >>> 75/125/175 
There might still be some tweaks made to the current list, but the designer from Live Gameplay, Solcrushed, and the playtester are still mulling things over. There's a small chance that she doesn't get buffed in 8.8 and instead does in 8.9 based on how she's grown over the weekend, but we're still talking about it."
  • w4ndr noted 2 factor authentication was actively being worked on:
"Riot is aligned on this, I just chatted w/ some folks, and it's actively being worked on. Don't have a release date, but it'll happen :)"
  • RiotRepertoir noted some possible changes coming for Syndra:
"I just came out of a meeting where we talked about giving Syndra some help in 8.8, as well as a bunch of other things. However, we're adding some stuff to the patch that heavily influences her competition, so we'd like to see how those work out and then see if we think she still has room for some direct help after seeing how that goes. 
Q passive could be the thing that we should do. To the best of my knowledge, I don't think anyone here is too particularly attached to that exact passive bonus. "
"Wanted to share some Behind the Scenes (BTS) content around the making of the Kindred figure. Here is a look at some of the art exploration around the shape language of Wolf swirling around Lamb."


To round out this red post collection, here are a few reminders on current promotions or limited time events!
  • [NA] Clash is open for a beta test from April 9 - 15th! Check out the details in this article, or sign up in the Competitive tab in the client!

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