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Patch 8.7 is on the way and the official patch notes have been posted!
Continue reading for more information!

Here are the full Patch 8.7 notes (be sure to check regional editions for slight variations!):
Greetings, Summoners,

Welcome to patch 8.7, the one where we nerf Irelia. Sorry, I'm being told that's update Irelia. Everyone's favorite Blade Dancer is hitting the Rift with a new model and kit.

We're also following up on the Duskblade changes from last patch, visiting the assassins who were affected more—or less—than we'd expected.

Finally, we're hitting Ninja Tabi. Those boots had taken over as the dominant choice, and while that makes sense on tanks, it's a bit concerning when they're such a compelling purchase for marksmen as well.

So hop out on the Rift, and remember, GLHF,
 Mattias "Gentleman Gustaf" Lehman Paul "Aether" Perscheid

Patch Highlights



Irelia, the Blade Dancer, will be updated in patch 8.7! Commence the performance by dancing over to these links:
Irelia and her skins have all received updated splash art, available on League Displays!


Q ability power ratio increased. W ability power ratio increased. W damage reduction scales with ability power. W damage reduction duration decreased.
Like with Galio, we think it's cool when Gragas is able to feel good about building ability power when he gets ahead. He could use some more strength anyway right now, so we're giving him a bit more room to build aggressively.

Q - Barrel Roll

DAMAGE RATIO0.6 ability power  0.7 ability power

W - Drunken Rage

RATIO0.3 ability power  0.5 ability power
NEWFEEL NO PAINDrunken Rage grants Gragas additional damage reduction equal to 4% per 100 ability power


Spider Q base damage increased. Human E cooldown decreased at early ranks.
Elise is a historic jungle staple, but we haven't spied her on the Rift in a while. Some more venom in her bite and a few more cocoons—her bread and butter abilities—should get her back on two feet again. Or eight.

Q - Venomous Bite

BASE DAMAGE60/100/140/180/220  70/110/150/190/230

E - Cocoon

COOLDOWN14/13/12/11/10 seconds  12/11.5/11/10.5/10 seconds


W healing increased.
A melee champion who likes to build semi-squishy needs more durability in his kit if he's going to cut it in a sustained teamfight. More healing from W should help Hecarim turn his trot into a gallop some games.

W - Spirit of Dread

HEAL20% of damage taken by enemies  30% of damage taken by enemies


W cast range increased. Daisy acquires targets more aggressively. Daisy's area of effect damage reduction now also applies to damage from epic monsters.
The preseason changes overall made clearing jungle camps easier. With how much strength Ivern has tied up in his unique clear mechanic, this has left him feeling a bit underwhelming. We're always concerned with where we put power on Ivern's kit, so we're starting with some feel-good changes, and we'll follow up with more in future patches if need be.

Q - Rootcaller

BUGFIXDashing over walls to jungle monsters now works more consistently

W - Brushmaker

CAST RANGE800  1000

R - Daisy!

DAISY! NOT DAISYDaisy more aggressively acquires enemies to attack
FLOWER POWERDaisy's AoE damage reduction now also protects her from epic monsters


Q base damage increased.
This is a pretty significant power increase for Karthus, but he could use it. He currently gets pushed around in lane, so we're looking to put some strength into his trading.

Q - Lay Waste

BASE DAMAGE40/60/80/100/120  50/70/90/110/130


Passive gains more points early, fewer points later.
Kayn's passive—specifically the way it ramps up over time—means that a lot of Kayn's early actions feel less impactful than they should. First, the low number of points he gets early on makes early ganking and fighting a lot less worthwhile than it should be. Second, the highnumber of points he gets later on means that his later fights matter so much that they too easily outweigh the earlier ones. We're moving around some of that point accrual so that his actions in the early game matter more.

Passive - The Darkin Scythe

HEAD STARTIncreased the amount of points gained from interacting with enemy champions pre-10 minutes
IN THE PAST NOWDecreased the amount of points gained from interacting with enemy champions post-15 minutes

Q - Reaping Slash

ONE TWO SLASHOther abilities can now be queued up while casting Q


Leona's attack reset makes attack damage pretty valuable for her, so we're shifting that to being her default adaptive stat.
ONE SUN TWO STUNLeona defaults to attack damage as her default adaptive stat


R cooldown refund on kill increased at early ranks; also triggers on enemy champions who die shortly after being hit by Final Spark.
When we added the cooldown refund on Lux's ultimate, we wanted to give her a more streamlined path to snowball a lead into a win. At the moment, that takes too long to kick in.

R - Final Spark

COOLDOWN REFUND ON KILL10/30/50%  30/40/50%
THE SPARK THAT LIGHTS THE FIRECooldown refund is granted if one or more enemy champions die to Final Spark  die within 1.75 seconds of being hit by Final Spark


Attack damage growth increased. E ratio increased. R cooldown decreased.
Malphite is definitely a sedimentary rock champion: He has layers. Some players build him tanky, others build ability power, and some even build Trinity Force. At the moment he's underperforming, and we're looking to give him power that suits all of his builds.

Base Stats


E - Ground Slam

RATIO0.20 ability power  0.60 ability power

R - Unstoppable Force

COOLDOWN130/115/100  130/105/80


Bonus attack damage while on Q trail increased.
The Duskblade changes hit Nocturne harder than we expected, so we're giving him some more damage.

Q - Duskbringer

BONUS ATTACK DAMAGE ON TRAIL15/25/35/45/55  20/30/40/50/60


R initial movement speed buff decreased.
As players have started to pick up Predator it's become clear that, in tandem with its active, his R is too consistent an engagement tool.

R - Ragnarok



Fixed several bugs related to R.

R - Behind Enemy Lines/Skystrike

BUGFIXFixed a bug where Quinn's R - Skystrike would fail to activate when cast after respawning
BUGFIXFixed a bug where Quinn's R - Behind Enemy Lines could not be cast until she respawned or returned to the summoning platform if she got interrupted during her E - Vault dash
BUGFIXFixed a bug where Quinn's Q - Blinding Assault would visually pass through targets if cast during R - Behind Enemy Lines


Base attack damage increased. Rengar's Q no longer causes him to sometimes cancel his actions.
We've been tweaking Rengar since the revert of his Q (and the changes to Duskblade). He's almost there, but he still needs a bit more power in his early game.

Base Stats

DISTRACTED CATFixed a number of cases where Rengar would stop attacking and stand still after using Q on an enemy champion


Q damage increased at early ranks; damage to minions adjusted to be roughly unchanged.
Rumble could use more trading strength, but we don't want to give him too much waveclear in return.

Q - Flamespitter

BASE DAMAGE135/180/225/270/315  175/210/245/280/315
DAMAGE TO MINIONS75%  60/65/70/75/80%


Health growth decreased. E stun duration decreased at later ranks.
Sejuani is supposed to be the tank who excels in skirmishes and is slightly less strong in longer teamfights, but her high crowd control and durability makes her pretty solid at the latter as well.

Base stats


E - Permafrost

STUN DURATION1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds  1/1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4 seconds


Q bonus damage ratio reduced; window to proc bonus damage and cooldown reduction effect reduced.
Last patch gave Deceive a lot more power to compensate for the Duskblade changes. It was a bit much, so this patch we're tightening up the window in which he can use that power.

Q - Deceive

BE SNEAKIERShaco's next basic attack within 2.5 seconds  0.25 seconds of exiting invisibility deals bonus damage and reduces Deceive's cooldown (cooldown reduction on proc still 2.5 seconds)
EMPOWERED ATTACK RATIO0.7 bonus attack damage  0.4 bonus attack damage


Q cooldown increased at early ranks. Q base damage decreased.
Oops. Swain has finally hit the "too strong" point, so it's time to reduce some of his baseline power.

Passive - Ravenous Flock

THE FLOCK GATHERSRavenous Flock's icon can now be pinged to show allies the remaining cooldown on the pull

Q - Death's Hand

COOLDOWN5.5/4.75/4/3.25/2.5 seconds  7.5/6.25/5/3.75/2.5 seconds
BASE DAMAGE65/85/105/125/145  55/75/95/115/135


Warwick's Q no longer sometimes deals damage twice.

Q - Jaws of the Beast

BUGFIXFixed a bug where sometimes Warwick's Q would deal damage twice


Q damage falloff to units beyond first decreased.
The Duskblade update hit Zed harder than expected, so we're giving back some of the strength we took away last patch.

Q - Razor Shuriken



Guinsoo's Rageblade

Costs more.
Guinsoo's Rageblade is pretty overtuned for its price after the update, so we're re-upping the gold cost to make sure it hits the game at a more appropriate time.
COST3000 gold  3300 gold

Locket of the Iron Solari

Shield base and per-level scaling decreased; bonus health ratio increased early, decreased late. Shield cooldown increased; shield stacking penalties are harsher.
Locket is really strong right now, crowding out other options for support or jungle tanks, so we're toning down the strength of the shield significantly.
BONUS HEALTH RATIO2-36% (at levels 1-18)  20%
COOLDOWN90 seconds  120 seconds

Ninja Tabi

Armor decreased. Basic attack damage reduction increased.
Ninja Tabi have become a ubiquitous purchase recently. It's fine when tanks pick up Ninja Tabi—after all, their core job is to tank damage—but when marksmen are buying them, it's probably a bit much. We want Ninja Tabi to remain a core purchase for tanks who need to be able to take punishment from marksmen and other basic-attackers, but less for marksmen who just want some armor to survive against assassins.
ARMOR30  20

Aura Items

Large champions no longer become bigger than their item auras.
Some champions got so big that they covered the whole space of their auras, rendering them pretty pointless to purchase. For those champions, the auras now increase in size alongside the champions. You'll notice that Frozen Heart isn't in here; no champion ever got big enough to invalidate that aura.
SORRY, CHOThe following item auras now increase in size if their users increase in size:
  • Bami's Cinder, Sunfire Cape, Forgefire Cape, and Enchantment: Cinderhulk
  • Abyssal Mask and Infernal Mask
  • Righteous Glory's proximity check

Relic Shield Line

Passive gold generation down.
Relic Shield is still slightly overperforming compared to the other support items.

Relic Shield

GOLD PER 102  1

Targon's Brace

GOLD PER 104  1

Remnant of the Aspect

GOLD PER 104  1


Resolve Tree

Path bonus grants lower health early; more late.
The early burst of tankiness Resolve gives is a bit much early durability. We're taking some of its early game power out and shifting it to late game.
RESOLVE PRIMARY65 health  15-135 (at levels 1-18)
RESOLVE + INSPIRATION130 health  30-270 health (at levels 1-18)
INSPIRATION + RESOLVE140 health  35-300 health (at levels 1-18)

Manaflow Band

Hitting enemy champions with spells grants maximum mana, up to 10 times. Once max stacks have been reached, Manaflow Band restores missing mana every 5 seconds.
Manaflow Band has quietly been one of the strongest runes—on the champions who use it best. To make it more accessible, we're tying its variance to game skill and landing spells, not the cost of those spells.
PRACTICE MAKES PERFECTHitting enemy champions with a spell grants 25 maximum mana, up to 250 mana
COOLDOWN15 seconds
MASTERUpon earning 250 mana, Manaflow Band restores 1% of your missing mana every 5 seconds

Presence of Mind

Enemy takedowns restore 20% of your maximum mana and refund 10% of your ultimate's cooldown.
Presence of Mind is extremely valuable on some champions and barely noticeable on others. Specifically, champions with long cooldowns can't benefit from its current effect, so we're moving it back to a more generic power that is consistent across all champions.
THE ULTIMATE MANA REFUNDEnemy champion takedowns restore 20% of your maximum mana and refund 10% of your ultimate's cooldown

Legend: Tenacity

Underpicked and underperforming.
TENACITY5% + 1.5% per stack  5% + 2.5% per stack
MAX TENACITY20% at 10 stacks  30% at 10 stacks

Cut Down

We're looking to up the damage this brings against full-durability champions.
DAMAGE MULTIPLIER4-10% (at 150-2000 max health difference)  4-12% (at 150-2000 max health difference)

Zombie Ward

Zombie Ward's double vision whammy, providing vision when you've just taken it away, is too good when its users get ahead.
ZOMBIE WARD DURATION60-180 seconds (at levels 1-18)  30 seconds at levels 1-4; 36-120 seconds at levels 5-18

Approach Velocity

Currently being outperformed by other competing runes.

Absolute Focus

BUGFIXNow lists how much it gives in the description at level 1.


Melee minions and cannons worth more gold. Caster minions worth less gold.
Cannons are natural focal points for the game: little mini-objectives to fight over. We're making them worth a bit more gold—and a bit harder to kill—to up the ante.

Melee Minions


Caster Minions


Siege Minions

HEALTH GROWTH EVERY 3 WAVES23, increased to 32 for waves 16 onward  50, increased to 60 for waves 16 onward

Super Minions

Keeping super minion gold equal to siege minions.

Crest of Cinders

The amount of damage red buff adds to a jungler's ability to push a tower after a successful gank is pretty high, and that can make the difference between a tower killed and a tower at half health. There's not much gameplay around this distinction; it was just sometimes escalating how quickly towers fell, so we're removing it.
STONE CAN'T BURNCrest of Cinders' burn effect no longer damages turrets

Attack Move on Cursor

CLOSE ENOUGHThe "Attack Move on Cursor" setting now checks a larger area for a valid target before defaulting to attacking the closest unit to your champion

Voice Chat

With voice chat out in the wild, we’re doing some quality of life buffs based on your feedback. And no, not your mic feedback.
The fixes are: Better audio notifications when players join your party or unmute themselves, decoupled voice controls from the scoreboard, and an auto-mute when you are afk.
BEEP BOOPAudio notifications for when a player joins your party and voice chat now work more consistently across the client
BOOP BEEPAudio notifications now play when a party member reconnects to voice
CONSCIOUS UNCOUPLINGIn settings, you can now separate the in-game voice control panel from the scoreboard
MUTE AFTER 10If you’re away from the client, (that’s 10 minutes without touching anything), your mic will auto-mute. Your mic sparks back up once you’re back.


  • Fixed a bug where Circlet of the Iron Solari (Ornn's Locket of the Iron Solari upgrade) would not grant shields to units affected by a recent cast of Locket or Circlet of the Iron Solari
  • Birdio no longer has redundant white trail VFX after using E- Justice Punch
  • Birdio's Q - Winds of War fade out VFX are no longer misplaced when ability is cast from lower to higher elevation change
  • Cassiopeia now correctly plays the on-hit VFX for her basic attacks
  • Blood Lord Vladimir's idle blood orb VFX have been restored
  • Night Hunter Rengar's player screen once again has a blue overlay when R - Thrill of the Hunt is active
  • SKT Nami's recall signature has been restored
  • Star Guardian Ahri's base joke no longer plays if there's an enemy Ahri on the opposite team
  • DJ Sona's Concussive form VO lines are no longer cut off when played
  • Uncle Ryze's eagle screech can once again be heard when he uses R - Realm Warp
  • Classic, Spellthief, Sorceress, Commando, and Imperial Lux skins once again have their shiny staff VFX!
  • Dreadnova Darius' recall VFX have been restored
  • Gun Goddess Miss Fortune's leg no longer stretches during several animations
  • Gun Goddess Miss Fortune's arms are no longer weighted improperly during her dance animation
  • Pizza Delivery Sivir no longer uses classic VFX and SFX when using her auto attacks
  • Pizza Delivery Sivir's auto attack projectile is no longer misaligned
  • Sweetheart Rakan and base Rakan's R - Grand Entrance has been optimized, which will eliminated reported frame drops
  • The chain anchors in Hextech Alistar's recall animation no longer change positions if Passive - Triumphant Roar is triggered while recalling
  • Lunar Empress Lux once again has her light VFX on death
  • When in a mirror match, the opposing Singed no longer steals Beekeeper Singed's E - Fling VFX
  • Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath's maw is no longer rigged improperly when using his emotes
  • Bard no longer T-poses when laughing
  • Snow Day Bard and Elderwood Bard no longer use base VFX when placing W - Caretaker's Shrine
  • Bard and Bard Bard are no longer missing approach lines when clicking on E - Magical Journey to enter the portal
  • Sir Kled's weapon textures are no longer misaligned on his blade
  • The back side of Wildfire Zyra's Thorn Spitters' leaves are now fully textured
  • Seam lines have been minimized on Cottontail Teemo, Urf Kench, Worldbreaker Nasus, Oktoberfest Gragas, Perseus Pantheon, and Viscero Xin Zhao
  • Weighting has been adjusted on Meowkai's chin to avoid a weird texture break
  • Lord Darius' loincloth texture is now more consistent across various graphics settings
  • Radiant Wukong no longer keeps a stone overlay once reviving
  • Radiant Wukong's homeguard animation has been restored
  • Snow Day Graves' W - Smoke Screen on-ground indicator now properly renders over elevation change
  • Riot Graves’ visor is now fully opaque

Upcoming Skins & Emotes

The following skins will be released in patch 8.7:
The following emotes will be released in patch 8.7:

Hextech Crafting

Masterwork Chest

New "cosmetics only" chests (225 RP each, 1125 RP for a bundle of 5 (plus bonus essence), or 2250 RP for a bundle of 10 (plus bonus essence) will be made available in the store.

Points of Interest from the 8.7 PBE Cycle

Here's a brief look at many of the new things included in patch 8.7. This coverage includes preview screen shots and video taken during the 8.7 PBE cycle and may vary slightly from what is pushed to live.

Irelia Champion Update

"I am both the tranquil sea and the tempest." Following multiple teasers and her champion revealIrelia's champion update will be live with Patch 8.7!

Irelia, the Blade Dancer

4800 BE / 880 RP

Nightblade Irelia

Aviator Irelia

Infiltrator Irelia

Frostblade Irelia

Order of the Lotus Irelia

New Skins

Two new skins will be available this patch - Lancer Stratus Wukong and Badlands Baron Rumble!

Lancer Stratus Wukong

1350 RP

Badlands Baron Rumble

1350 RP

New Summoner Icons

Five new summoner icons will be available sometime this patch:

New Emotes

Three new emotes will be available this patch - "Deal with Grit", "Everything is Okay", and "Little Camper"!

Irelia Update Login Theme

A login themed around Irelia is will be featured this patch:

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