MSI 2018 Hits the Rift!

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While MSI 2018 kicks off May 3rd, the party is already in full swing as MSI 2018 hits the rift! Check the post for details on the new legacy Conqueror Varus skin, Conqueror ward skin, emotes, icons, new missions, Shoutcaster Rift announcers, upcoming MSI capsules, and much more!
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Make History | 2018 Mid-Season Invitational - League of Legends

"In this battle of regions, one will conquer all others to make history. The battle begins on May 3rd. 
Watch at 
Explore the moments from the film at"
The video features a lot of champion cameos, including a mysterious figure seen in the water at around the 0:45 second mark when Janna pops up. The larger static wallpapers of this art do not feature the same mysterious figure.

MSI 2018 Hits the Rift

With MSI 2018 starting May 3rd, the celebration is getting started a little early! Check out MSI 2018 Hits the Rift page for all the details!
Beginning May 3rd, 14 teams from around the world will take to the Rift on behalf of their region. Learn more about MSI in-game content before the battle begins.
Given his undeniable impact on the esports meta during Worlds, resonance with the Conqueror thematic, and overall popularity, for this year’s Mid-Season Invitational - Varus will reign with a hail of arrows. 
Conqueror Varus and the 2018 Conqueror Ward will be available in the store from April 26, 2018 8:00 PT through May 20, 2018 23:59 PT for 975 RP and 640 RP respectively. 25% of the total sales from each will contribute to the MSI 2018 prize pool. Although the Conqueror Ward from MSI 2017 is returning, it will not contribute toward the prize pool. Both wards will not be returning in the future so be sure to pick them up while they are available!
For a limited time only, players can commemorate MSI 2018 by unlocking a special loading screen border and icon through the Conqueror Varus Bundle. Although Conqueror Varus will return every MSI, this bundle will not be coming back to the store. The bundle includes: Conqueror Varus, Conqueror Ward Skin, and an exclusive Conqueror Varus icon and loading screen border. You’ll be able to pick up the MSI 2018 Conqueror Varus Bundle for 1616 RP (2276 RP if you need the champion) from April 26, 2018 8:00 PT through May 20, 2018 23:59 PT.
  • Conqueror Varus
  • Varus (25% off)
  • Conqueror Ward Skin
  • Conqueror Varus Icon (1 RP) 
Players who purchase both Conqueror Varus and the Conqueror ward skin will still receive the icon and border after the event to ensure nobody misses out - but be sure to purchase the bundle to receive the icon and border right away!
From May 1st, 2018 8:00 PT through May 20th, 2018 23:59 PT, players can complete missions to receive blue essence, hextech chests and keys, and more. Additionally, an infinitely repeatable mission will be available for dedicated fans to support their region in the MSI Fandom Battle. Complete them all and receive the MSI 2018 emote!
The teams are not the only regional representatives who will be competing at MSI. Fans will also get a chance to fight for their region by completing MSI missions. Participating fans will receive the MSI mission set and their server region’s MSI summoner icon for free. Completing the infinitely repeatable Fight for Your Region mission with a regional MSI summoner icon equipped will contribute points to that region for the fandom battle. If your allegiance lies elsewhere, you may purchase another region’s icon in the store for 250 RP, with 50% contributing to that team.
Fandom points will be weighted by region population, so every region has a fair shot at winning. 
Players will not need to equip a regional icon to complete missions and earn individual rewards, but will need to for the Fandom Battle. 
Standings updates will be provided throughout the tournament on broadcast, in-client, and on Keep an eye out for them after Play-Ins, Groups, and Finals! 
If you own the summoner icon for the team that wins the Fandom Battle OR MSI, you will receive a three-day XP boost and an extra special mission after the tournament that rewards an exclusive Winner’s icon.
During MSI 2018 you will have the opportunity to express fandom for your favorite team using team emotes, available for 450 RP. 30% of each team emote purchase will go directly to that team. Be sure to pick one up between May 1st, 2018 8:00 PT and May 20th, 2018 23:59 PT - as these limited emotes will not be returning!

During the week of finals, you’ll recognize some notable esports voices on the rift in YOUR games. Shoutcasters from your region will join you to cheer on your best plays and your... less than best plays... in their own unique ways. They will move off the rift on May 20th, 2018, so make sure to check them out while they’re available and let us know if you’d like to see more!

[NA Caster Preview] 

Beginning May 1st, 2018 8:00 PT through May 15th 23:59 PT, keep an eye out for the valuable event-exclusive MSI Capsule. For 675 RP, you are guaranteed four 750+ RP skin shards, one of which is guaranteed to be an esports skin shard. Eligible esports skin shards include Fnatic, TPA, SKT, SSW, Challenger, and Conqueror Karma. All non-limited/non-Mythic 750+ RP shards have an equal chance of dropping.
Gemstone and Gemstone Skin drop rates have been multiplied by 1.5. Additionally, with bad luck protection in play, gemstones drop at a rate of 5.4%, and you’ll never go more than 34 “chances” without getting a gemstone. There are three chances to score gemstones per 2018 MSI Capsule. Gemstone Skins have a 1 in 556 chance to drop from each 2018 MSI Capsule.

As a bonus, the four pack of MSI Capsules comes with a Masterwork Chest.
Throughout MSI, you will fight on the same battlefield as the pros. Keep an eye out for MSI banners flying in each base, Conqueror Baron, and the MSI 2018 logo emblazoned in the middle of each lane.
Pentakill and Baron steal promotions are back for MSI 2018. If a player secures a Pentakill or steals Baron, you’ll get double the chance of Legendaries and Esports skins in Mystery Items through the end of that stage. This bonus stacks with each trigger, up to 4x per stage! We will be resetting triggers just once, after the Play-Ins.
For a limited time, Esports Legacy skins will be coming out of the vault so be sure to grab them! 
They will be available individually or in the following discounted bundles:
30% off Championship Team Skins 
  • 2625 RP or 5309 RP (if you need the champions)
  • 2625 RP or 4774 RP (if you need the champions)
  • 3073 RP or 5946 RP (if you need the champions)
  • 2939 RP or 5588 RP (if you need the champions)
  • 2939 RP or 5588 RP (if you need the champions)
  • 6118 RP or 9949 RP (if you need the champions)"

Make History Interactive Page

An interactive MSI history page is also live, featuring several stats, art, and more!
"Each year regional champions from around the world clash at the Mid-Season Invitational. As we approach MSI 2018, let’s look back at the ones who left their mark and those who truly made history."

[Check out the full interactive site here!] 

2018 Mid-Season Invitational Event Overview

Looking for more information on the MSI 2018 event? Check out the event overview on LoL Esports for starting times, qualified teams, and much more. The play-in stage kicks of May 3rd!
"Whether it’s your first time watching an international esports event or you just want a quick overview of what to expect at the 2018 Mid-Season Invitational, here’s your guide to the upcoming tournament:

What is the 2018 Mid-Season Invitational? 
The 2018 Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) is an international League of Legends tournament. 14 regions will participate by sending their most recent split champion (Spring Split or Split 1) to face off against other regional champions in a fight for the title of ‘MSI Champion.’ 
This year MSI will be taking place in Europe (Berlin and Paris specifically). Previous Mid-Season Invitational tournaments have taken place in China, North America, and Brazil."

[Continue to LoLEsports for full article!

New Skin - Conqueror Varus

Conqueror Varus will be available during MSI 2018! Picking him up ion between April 26th and May 20th will also award the special Conqueror loading screen border!

Conqueror Varus

975 RP / Legacy - available through May 20th.

Conqueror Varus Summoner Icon

Purchasing the Conqueror Varus bundle (including champion + skin + ward skin) will grant the Conqueror Varus summoner icon!

MSI 2018 Summoner Icons and Emotes

MSI team emotes are back this year available between May 1st and May 20th! These emotes are limited and will not be returning after they leave the store!


Complete all the new MSI missions and you will also receive the MSI 2018 Emote:

2018 Conqueror Ward Skin

A new ward skin is now available to purchase for 640 RP or in the Conqueror Varus Bundle:

2018 Conqueror Ward

640 RP or in bundle

MSI 2018 Login Theme

A new MSI 2018 login theme will also be featured on the client during the event:

MSI 2018 Rift Decorations

MSI 2018 Rift Decorations will be seen during the event, including a Conqueror Baron skin and MSI 2018 banners:

Returning Legacy Content

All World Championship team skins + Conqueror Karma, Challenger Ahri and Challenger Nidalee have also returned to the shop for a limited time!

SKT T1 2016 Team Skins

SKT T1 2015 Team Skins

Samsung White Team Skins

SKT T1 2013 Team Skins

TPA Team Skins

FNATIC Team Skins

Conqueror Karma

975 RP / Legacy

Challenger Ahri

975 RP / Legacy

Challenger Nidalee

975 RP / Legacy

MSI 2018 Wallpapers

Check out these wallpapers from the interactive Make History site (page XI):

[Mobile Versions: 1 / 2 / 3

(NOTE: these three have big white sections beside them on the wallpaper page)

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