[TEASER] WANTED: Dead or Alive

Posted on at 8:47 AM by Moobeat
[UPDATE 3/5 - New image and teaser up!]

A new teaser featuring WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE posters has appeared on the Chinese League of Legends website, featuring Bullet Angel Kai'sa and referencing the recent mysterious PBE file.
Continue reading for more information.

The Chinese LoL site ( lol.qq.com ) has been updated with what appears to be a new teaser!

After following the link in the homepage's header, you'll find yourself on [this page]:
The top of the page has the date (2018/3/02) in the left hand corner and audio controls on the right with an animation playing in the middle.  This animation (in Chinese) is extremely similar to the "KAISA_EXOSUIT_LOADER.log" text seen in a recent PBE update.

The bottom of the page includes a set of dates - 3/2, 3/3, 3/4, 3/5, and 3/7 - and the quote:
(NOTE: The corner of the page on day one reads March, 2nd, 2018. While we've covered the first teaser early on March 3rd Pacific time - timezones can be tricky! Keep this in mind when looking at the dates. )

The assumption is for the next few days, additional pages will unlock.

While the "3/2" entry is the animation mentioned above, the "3/3" and "3/4" buttons can be forced on early to reveal these two "WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE" posters:



The second image, featuring Kai'Sa and referencing her Bullet Angel release skin, is also seen on the lol.qq.com homepage rotator.
A similar teaser has not yet been seen on the English pages or social media. This teaser is very similar to the "KAISA_EXOSUIT_LOADER.log" file discovered in the 8.5 PBE cycle.

Stay tuned for more information as we have it or additional pages unlock!

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